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  1. If I play the remake, it'll be on DS so I can test strats easier. I would add Party Chat in, of course!
  2. As an aside, I love Final Fantasy VII! It has my favorite soundtrack of all time, I love the pre-rendered backgrounds, and the story holds the same place in my heart as Princess Bride. Something I could quote for days ! Only thing wrong with it is the translation (which there's a patch for), and the game being much too easy.
  3. They fixed that in the iOS version, though! I can always add those in to whatever Recaps I do (which'll hopefully be simpler than the Recaps I write for DQVI).
  4. ...Crud. Good question. That whole thing was the most miserable experience I've ever had with an RPG. I mean, I know how to do it "fast", but... Dang, that's a toughie.
  5. I'm not immediately making another DQ LP, but I want to know what you guys want when I do. The NES versions are obviously harder, so there's more strategy there... But the presentation is also dated in both, so I'm not sure what'd make a better LP. What do you guys think? The post-game of both will be covered no matter what, so that needn't be a factor. EDIT: Also, I'm equally familiar with all versions, so that won't be a problem, either.
  6. Oh I figured, lol. You're like, half the reason we have proper documentation on the DQ games, so I don't mind !
  7. Awesome! Yeah, I was worried I was putting too much info on there at once, but it sounds like it was all good! Glad you enjoyed !
  8. Now, in the meantime, what're the things I did best, and what're the opportunities for improvement? This could be for both me and Skaizo, and it's super important for future projects!
  9. It's finally here! The end of our journey! The Recaps will still be coming, but the videos are at an end! Please let me know everything you thought, and also feel free to request any game you feel like. I won't guarantee that I'll play it, but I WILL have it in mind! Thank you so much, stay safe, and God bless you all!
  10. Sorry for the wait, guys. I lost Skaizo's audio again, and the finale is too important for him to miss. We're gonna re-record, and then hopefully get it out tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!
  11. Here we explore the Fungeon! But, before we do, be warned; My Mini Medal count has been off since Part 21. You get a medal from the Gallows Giant and Belleau & Cabot fights, and I forgot to include them. They're not found like every other Mini Medal; instead, you get them automatically by beating their respective mini-bosses. The lists for all videos have been corrected! We've gotten all 106 Mini Medals! Nokturnus is all that's left!
  12. Here's the Part 10 Recap; Took longer than expected, but it's got five different fight scenes, from Arkbolt to Jamirus. Plus, you've got some hidden dialogue, like how Brutus' son reacts if Brutus is beaten one-on-one. Hope you enjoy! https://lpbeach.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=99&p=2456#p2456
  13. We did it at last! We cleared out the Best-Dressed Contest & the Slimopolis! We have completed one of the three requirements of 100% (as defined by me)!!
  14. The post-game has begun! Here we condense most of the grinding down into 26 & a half minutes! See what tips I have for getting strong as soon as possible! ...Also, that is TOTALLY not Trunks cutting Freeza in half. No siree.
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