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  1. I think this statement holds true for every DQ game except DWM 1&2.
  2. Hmmm... I should look into them. I installed Citra for Pokemon Y and Ultra Sun. I'll have to try these as well
  3. I was part of the 40% who voted SNES here: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/poll/8249-which-nintendo-console-is-your-all-time-favorite I voted because of the SNES's RPGs, but also because of DKC, Super Metroid, Mario World, Yoshi's Island, and Megaman X 1&2. But, yeah, SNES has always been my favorite system. A big reason is probably my age, too
  4. So, you have a Thief, Priest, and Mage? Hmmm... personally, I would probably do: Thief->Mage (your offensive spellcaster will be fast. Plus, Mages have poor equipment, so the added defense will help). Make sure your Thief knows Smell and Tiptoe before you do this Mage->Priest (You'll have a good healer with lots of MP. And he'll have a few buff spells) Make sure your Mage learns Increase, Stepguard, Return, TwinHits first. Priest->Warrior (He'll be your third tier healer. The Mage->Priest will be your main healer, and your hero will be second)
  5. Kinda silly, but not ridiculous. You would have a fast priest for awhile, then a thief with healing spells. And some more game time because of grinding. If you reclass a lot, you just have to relevel them again, which is time consuming early game. There is a lot to multiclassing characters. But early game its basically: Change to a class you want, and keep the spells you learned as the previous class. What was your Thief before changing class?
  6. When you reclass, all of your stats are halved. You keep all spells learned so far. So, if you have a Priest with 150MP and knows 12 spells, and you change it to a Warrior, then you will get a lv1 Warrior with 75MP and those 12 spells. It can equip everything a Warrior can until you reclass again. Late game, you want to train a class to a high level so they can learn all of their spells and have better stats. Early game, you should probably reclass a couple characters when they hit level 20. Remember, Fighters and Warriors don't gain MP on level ups, so they will be very limited
  7. On the GBC version, I usually train Thieves as a side party because of their ability to steal items after battle (it basically increases your chances of an item drop). Hero, Priest, Mage is a good trio to have. The great thing about this game is that you can customize your team a lot. Some general recommendations: Don't reclass more than two characters at a time, because it leaves you vulnerable. Its good to reclass Priests to a Warrior, or even to a Mage or Thief. You can never have too many healers. But at least one should be a high level healer. Which version are
  8. It sounds like I should get back into Lufia 2. I stopped pretty early, at some clown duo boss battle. I think I only had two characters, and one spirit creature? I must've gotten sidetracked by Pokemon/DQ/FF/Etrian Odyssey. Have you played all of the Lufia games? Which ones have New Game Plus? Which ones have the Ancient Cave? I played Lufia 3 a LOT, maybe because it was portable.
  9. I didn't realize it was ranked that high. Don't get me wrong, if I added more impromptu tiers, Lufia would outrank Arcana and Secret of the Stars. Maybe I just didn't put enough time into Lufia 2?
  10. Yes. Its a game by Tecmo. I refer to it as "The most average RPG ever made." After SNES RPGs like Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire 2, and Final Fantasy 3, you have cult classics like Earthbound. Then, you have the average RPGs, like Lufia 1 and 2, Arcana, and Secret of the Stars. They're worth playing, but probably not top priority. Secret of the Stars had some cool mechanics. It even had two parties, but the secondary party was more of a support role. They are required, but they don't get to fight the bosses. The game itself just didn't rise to the level of the well kno
  11. The cast of the RPGamer weekly podcast are insane cat people and all played through 1 and 2 this year, so I've heard about a ton. Heard what? It's fine. It's got cat puns. That's about all I know. There's nothing deep to it. They probably played Secret of the Stars just to fight Cat Boo
  12. Primary: Pokemon Black. I just beat Clay and got my fifth badge. I have a Karrablast with False Swipe, and 6 Lillipups that are level 21 and 31. I can't evolve them because they'll lose Pickup. Using a Pignite, Conkeldurr, and Palpitoad. Pignite and Palpitoad should evolve soon. I think they'll be my main three until I beat the Elite 4. Secondary: Final Fantasy 1 (GBA version). Apparently, you're supposed to gain Agility on most level ups, because it boosts Accuracy and Evasion more than if you use the Agility Boost items? My fourth run on this save file. I arch
  13. Ah yes, good old Magna! Fun fact, that's only his name when he's underground. Later on he epurts out into the overworld and his name turns into Lavna! So, if he blasted K.O. underground, he would make him "Magma-Butt", but if he blasted him above ground, then "Lava-butt would be the correct term"
  14. Random NPC that somehow gets far too much face time in these books. I knew the name sounded familiar. I just knew it wasn't DQ In DWM, he would know Blaze, Fireball, and BigBang. He usually appears with MadKnight
  15. I'll be 33 in about a month. I was 11 when Red came to America. Mewtwo held that title for a long time because of his unrivaled power. Later replaced by Kyogre when Sapphire came out. Because Water moves were based on Special, and Kyogre's special was through the roof, Drizzle made him ridiculously strong. My favorite types are probably Fire, Psychic, and Dark. I love Charizard, Houndoom, and Espeon. I've only beaten gen 1-4 so far, and I'm currently playing Black. Favorite game so far... ... Sapphire or Platinum.
  16. I got into DQ when DWM came out for the GBC. We were all playing Pokemon Red, and Blue at that time (middle school), and one of my friends got a copy of DWM. Two of us played it like crazy. I still remember being at the park, having a 2v2 battle, GoldGolem+Zoma vs GoldGolem+Baramos. He beat me because of EvilSlash. I also have a vague memory from when I was around 8. I rented some NES game, and I remember the Traveler's Gate. Pretty sure I was playing the NES version of DW2, but I didn't give it much thought at the time. Anyway, DW/DQ is probably my second favorite RPG series of all
  17. I notice that the JP carts show a lot more monsters than the US version. Watabou, Kingslime, Arcdemon, and Dragon, to name a few. The US cart only has four monsters on it. Including a Dracky from the first gate, and a strangely out of place Coatal. I say out of place because its a rare monster, but not a demon lord. I never realized that the US cart was missing Watabou and Slime until I saw the JP version, where they're front and center. Iirc, Watabou is prominent in the US game manual, but I haven't seen one in a loooong time
  18. You thought wrong! *Uses Master Stroke from DQ: Swords* I've played 1-6, and 9. I've also played DWM1 and 2, and Joker 1 and 2. Lastly, I've played Swords, and I've played Rocket Slime. Favorite two mainline games are 3 and 9. If you like 3, then you will probably enjoy 9. Its very similar, because you have a hero and 3 allies. However, all characters (including the hero) pick a class, and have options to train in other classes. So, you have a highly customizable team. It also features a lot of Legacy bosses, including Dragonlord and Malroth. I also recommend the Mons
  19. I clicked the topic thinking: "I love Dragon Warrior Monsters... but who is Magna?"
  20. I don't trust that guy. He's clearly a Democrat pretending to be a Republican. But that sanguine paint doesn't cover the blue
  21. So, I'm playing Pokemon Black, and I just had to use PKHeX to evolve my Gurdurr, since I can't trade with anyone. The game apparently tracks your total number of trades, and I was wondering if that could be altered using PKHeX. Its not under Trainer Info...
  22. Do you scan them... manually. Hmmm... I can't seem to find the dislike button...
  23. Finished Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. I had to do all those sidequests first, so I could get that Magus Ring. I got the ultimate dual skill awhile ago. That combo is ridiculously broken. I also picked up two Gold Rings before saving for the last time. Beat Dracula awhile ago, and farmed a few Super Potions and Super Tonics. I unlocked Sisters mode, Richiter mode, and Axe Armor mode. When I come back to it I'll try one of those, or a NG+ for Jonathan. Playing Pokemon Black right now. Got 6 Lillipups at level 21 for Pickup grinding. Training a Pignite and looking at a wat
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