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  1. My favorite on the NES and SNES is Simon's Quest. The RPG elements, like leveling up, and the free roam were what I loved about it. When I visited my cousin, we set aside his new PS2 for a few hours to play FF1 and Simon's Quest on the old NES. The only Castlevania game I've beaten so far is Portrait of Ruin. I probably need to step up my game on this series
  2. Welcome to the Den! When I read your greeting, it reminded me of my DQIX greeting "I rule over someplace nice with an iron fist!"
  3. I didn't start playing two systems at the same time until Pokemon and DWM came out. Full disclosure, I have two GameBoy Advances for the Megaman Battle Network series.
  4. Yeah, its a mess over there. The help board gets several topics a day saying "None of the games work! What do I do?????" I currently have to tell my computer its not January 12th yet, play the Flash games, then change my clock back. They've converted 7 games so far, and they're all buggy. Not sure how many people will actually quit over their debacle. I'm a hoarder, so I hold on to old games long after most people move on. But it gets harder with each passing year. I can run DosBox to play One Must Fall, but I'm not savvy enough to get Castle of the Winds to work, because its a lot more h
  5. Nice to see a retro gamer (I assume retro computing includes gaming). I still play SNES, GBC, GBA, and DS games. I also play Flash games post-Flashpocalypse, and occasionally a Shockwave game on Neopets.
  6. Is this an ET thing? Is he going to track down all copies and bury them in a New Mexico landfill?
  7. A cool thing that most breeding charts missed was that some combos would result in the rare monster, no matter which one was the pedigree. This made link breeding even better. This didn't work for all of them (Lavaman+Iceman does not give you GoldGolem, Phoenix+Blizzardy does not give you RainHawk, and Orochi+SkyDragon does not give you Divinegon). But some of the boss monsters could be bred with either order, meaning a link breed would give both players the rare monster. I wish I could find my notes on this When I bred a Deathmore3, I made a note about what egg the inverse order ga
  8. Wes


    My friend was playing Platinum with a Pokemon randomizer. He encountered an Arceus with an unexpected ability. That led me to create this:
  9. I voted Loto because I got into Dragon Warrior/Quest during the GB/GBC era. Familiarity is literally the only reason I picked Loto. Also, there used to be a user here named RotoLoto. I was going to check if he's still here, but I don't know how to look up users on the new setup. We used to be able to look up all users, but I can only find "Online Users" now.
  10. I've been playing Pokemon Gold and Crystal. A couple days ago, I ran across a guy selling a Slowpoke Tail for 1,000,000 poke before a cave. Inside, there's a hiker who says "I bought a Slowpoke tail. Now I feel bad for the little guy." Which raises the question: Did this random hiker actually pay that outrageous price?! Anyway, I'm working on a poster now
  11. I think you meant "Such is that thing I've been doing for quite a while now." Keep it vague
  12. Wes

    Gaming Goals 2021

    I love GBC and GBA games, so I'll suggest some RPGs. Megaman Battle Network series (GBA) Summon Night (GBA, there's two of these) Magi-Nation (GBC) Lufia: The Legend Returns (GBC, there's also Ruins of Lore on the GBA) Dragon Warrior series (GBC. Two Monsters games, and 1-3 of the main series) Azure Dreams (GBC. This game is rather short, but still a fun play)
  13. I am also playing FFL. I beat it before with a team of Mutants. This time, I have 4 Humans. If you start a new game and explore the first town, I think he's the guy saying "Gen-Bu has hidden the key to the door in the Statue of Hero." Not sure if how long he stays there.
  14. Wes

    Gaming Goals 2021

    Pokemon: Beat Gen 1 through Gen 7 (I beat 1-4 before). I found out my R4 can emulate GameBoy Color games, and it even tracks the RTC in gen 2! WII: My old WII was stolen years ago. I would really like to beat Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World again, because that game was amazing. I might as well beat DQ Swords, too. I never could beat the final final final bonus boss Make a few games. I made an RPG on the calculator, and if I learn a good programming language I could make some better ones (the memory was way too limited on the TI-84). I just got the RPG Maker Fes for my 2ds,
  15. *Looks at SNES collection of 50+ games. Looks at GameBoy and GameBoy Color games, including two copies of DWM, and two Pokemon Crystal carts with working batteries. Digs out Yoshi's Island and Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3, complete with boxes and manuals* We can sell these?
  16. Like Man of Steel? The bullet bounces off of Superman's eyeball, and everyone goes "Yeah, right." We accepted the alien thing, the flying and super strength stuff, but there was no way that would happen in real life How was Cheetah? Did they do a decent job with her?
  17. I started playing Dragon Warrior III on a GBC emulator. I found out that the ? square in Pachisi does a LOT of stuff. But I couldn't find much information on it. I looked here: https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Dragon_Warrior_III/Pachisi_Track But it only said this: "What happens on this tile is random. You may receive money, fight a battle, lose experience, change a character's personality, etc." I downloaded the Prima book at the Den, but the page said something even more vague. So, I decided to look into it and compile data to add to the Den. Before I undertake this eno
  18. I screwed up pretty bad by not having any thieves in my party, so now I have three thieves that used to be 2 clerics and a mage. I made it to Samanao, though, so the equipment is strong enough to level them back up without too much trouble. I skipped a lot in the dungeons and towns, so I'll have to go back through them now that I have Smell and Mapmagic. I'm not sure what I'll change my other two thieves to. As you can probably guess, I like having characters who can do everything, but it takes a lot of grinding when you haven't even reached Baramos. That's what I love so much about this game,
  19. How was your scholl attendance? Did you skip English class a lot? So, next Thanksgiving, even if the pandemic is under control, you'll still wear masks? Not sure I would predict something a year into the future like that. Hopefully the vaccine is effective. Not sure how many people are going to try it, though.
  20. When I think bad, I think Dragonball Evolution, where an 18 year old fights the Martian Manhunter. When I watched the Ghost In The Shell movie, I thought "That was OK." The sad thing is that it should have been great. It was kinda like Eragon. I watched the Eragon movie first and thought "Cool." Then I read the books and realized how much they butchered it, and ruined the chance for the sequels. Maybe it was just a cash grab, because they did manage to cash in with a movie AND a video game. Of course, anything can get a video game, even the 7-UP logo.
  21. I just found out my R4 supports Gameboy Color emulation. I just started Magi-Nation. I had to use cheat codes to transfer my relics (my cartridge has 8 play throughs on it, with 3 End Bringers included). It took two days to fine tune the codes, because this game has such weird coding. I also started Dragon Warrior 3. I set up a smart hero and some allies. Went with 2 Clerics and a Mage. Not sure what I'll change them to later. Probably Thieves and Clerics. The Hero is my heavy hitter, and Clerics have decent strength and weapons, and you can't have too many healers.
  22. Yeah, I just liked how quick the final battle was over. It was like "You dare defy me?" "Yes, I do dare, Tom." "You dare to call me Tom!" "Yes, because this battle is already over. That wand belongs to me." Avada Kedavra<Expelliarmus because of the Elder Wand's true ownership. I forget if they emphasized the disrespect of "You're not Voldemort, your name is Tom Riddle" in the movie. All I remember is that they took the one-two punch of the book's battle and made it a DBZ kamehameha clash. I personally liked the quick version of Harry vs Tom, but maybe that's personal taste
  23. I wonder what brought that line of thinking on. Sorry, I mean I'm curious as to what brought that line of thinking on. Hmmmm
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