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  1. Blackrazor is new. I think he's going through the entire server! You can also thank Platty The Den has been pretty dead lately, so I'm cool with it, too.
  2. Technically an action cartoon movie, but I'm totally counting this
  3. We hold it on February 29th... but only on odd years
  4. *Paraphrased from the second Rambo movie* Do you know how Major Murdock said he beat Fire Emblem Fates on the Gamecube? Yeah. Fates was never on the Game Cube... You're the only one I trust.
  5. And another thing! Why should I put a calendar reminder in my phone for next year, when I'm going to have a different phone by then! (That was the angriest emoji I could find)
  6. It ruined parts of the Pokemon series. In gen 1&2, I used the game corner a lot. When Heart Gold and Soul Silver came out for the DS, Goldenrod City had card flipping instead of slots. You could no longer buy tokens. Then Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby came out. The slot machines were closed. Apparently, gambling would've pushed the UK version's rating to Teen, and America would have to follow suit or something. They cut out mild, simulated gambling because it would've cut out too much of their target audience. As someone who has never used a real slot machine, but uses them a lot in games (Pokemon, Dragon Warrior 2, 4, 5, 6, etc, Golden Sun), I just don't understand why the rating is pushed so high. I was 10 when I started gambling IN video games, but have never really had the urge to bet real money.
  7. I started with an Atari on a black and white tv. I liked Pitfall and Frogger. Soon after, we got an NES, and played a lot of Mystery Quest, and Turtles (not the arcade one, the one where you disarm the bombs in the lake early on). My older brother visited us, and brought a Super Nintendo. He had a carrying case for it, and we played Super Mario World like crazy. My Dad and I rented Donkey Kong Country 2 for two days, but we ended up keeping it a full week, and had to pay late fees. Then I started renting Breath of Fire 2. I played it like crazy, and I read Ben Siron's manual on Gamefaqs (about 6000 lines of text). So, I'd say DKC 2 and BoF2 were the point where I was a true gamer. I played those games for days at a time, and that's the point where I started looking up help so I could learn everything about certain games.
  8. My SNES library includes MK1 and 3. I don't play 3 much, because its way too hard. I also have Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers. And I had Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival for the GBA, but I lost it a long time ago. The only Smash Bros game I had was the 64 version, which got as much play time as Goldeneye and Perfect Day. I started playing Melee and Smash 4 a few years ago. I just got a WII U last year, and it came with Smash 4. Sooo.... right now I play Smash 4 and a slew of RPGs for GBA, DS, and WII Even Elizabeth Warren likes Street Fighter
  9. Well......... I was locked up for four years. We'd all got Christmas bags from the PBF, and we'd trade stuff that was in it. I also sang for the talent show, and we got extra bags for participating. This year I get a real Christmas tree again. I'll probably watch Miracle On 34th Street, (1947 and 1994 versions). I sometimes watch Home Alone 1 & 2. Part of that tradition is telling everybody "It is Christmas day, exactly one year later, but Kevin is 10 now and was 8 last year!" The Holiday Heist is the only other Home Alone movie worth watching. Maybe I'll find some Christmas episodes of tv shows and cartoons I like. But I'll avoid the Gumball one, because it was terrible. The Sluzzle Tag episode was much funnier, and that was a pretty average episode. Maybe I could watch the Billy and Mandy special where Gilbert Gotfried voices Santa Claus. Or the SAO episode where Kirito is looking for the resurrection item.
  10. Same for me. I got decent at softball and basketball. Enough to get play time in pick-up games, or if there were two or three local leagues. I took gymnastics when I was little. Roller bladed ALL the time in my school days, and I learned I could break dance in 9th grade. The thing that stuck for me was martial arts. The early gymnastics, constant roller blading (we had a limbo contest every week at the roller rink, where I would warm up by doing the splits), and the breakdancing all kept me flexible. The first thing I learned was how to fall, which is important for acrobatics. I'll be 33 in November, and I can still do the splits. My strength and stamina still need work, though. Sometimes its not traditional sports that people excel at. I'm good at badminton, and I suck at frisbee. You never really know exactly what skill set people might have a knack for, or a dedication to. You never know who a good coach will be either. Chad Curtis was helping me with softball. I got decent playing outfield and infield, but my swing was terrible. It was some random guy who helped me with my swing (the power comes from the hips, which I should have realized after Tae Kwon Do).
  11. For the record, I never beat Jurassic Park on the Super Nintendo. I tried a lot, but always got stuck at "You need Dennis Nedry's key card" I hate him almost as much as Jerry does
  12. I usually have about 5 or 6 games on hand. Usually, there's one or two I play every day, and the other 4 get played every week. It really started becoming a bigger list when Pokemon started introducing time based events. I'd play MMBN for awhile, but I'd have to switch carts to check on my berries in Pokemon. Currently, I'm playing Etrian Odyssey 2, and I have 3 WII games on standby (2 RPGs, and Smash IV). I'm also playing Castle of the Winds. Of those five games, I've only actually touched two of them today. My strategy is probably a bad one. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do next in about 50 games I have because I put them on the back burner for weeks or months.
  13. I'm downloading Black Clover, One Punch Man, DB Super, and FMA Brotherhood. I also found out that Pokemon is listed on the anime site I used. And Toonami ran some anime style Batman recently (maybe that's why I'm watching TMNT vs Batman later). I mostly watch the stuff on Toonami, except for Food Wars, Jojo, and a few others that my friends think I'm crazy for not watching.
  14. I've only played the SNES and DS versions. For the most part, I prefer the DS version. I like that the bonus dungeons are on the side, so you can choose to ignore them completely if you want. The built in maps and monsterpedia (I think every version but the SNES has the bestiary). I first played the SNES version by renting it at the local grocery store. I also got stuck in the factory in the future my first time.
  15. Newman? Let's not forget the time he ruined Jurassic Park!
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