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  1. Then who is the Woodus who was asking for my Credit card info? He said "I from Den of Dragon. Need much info on credit card please thank you"
  2. DQM3, Caravan Hearts. It wasn't as good as DWM1 or 2, but I'm a sucker for the Monsters series. I realized while typing that that I also need to add Joker 3 as well
  3. Ok. It should be all set now. --- 11/19/20 Save files are in lists Wes11, Wes12, and Wes13. The List ACTIV is used during gameplay Practically all variables are used in the game, and most Strings are used as well.
  4. Download it here Or visit my new site here This game takes up most of the calculator's memory. Plus some additional memory because of the save files. I've played Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire 2, Pokemon, and other RPGs, so they probably influenced the game. The format is simple, because my programming skills are still pretty limited. I copied the code from the notes I made last year, so it should work, but let me know if there's bugs/errors Hope you enjoy it! Let me know! Also, the second link takes you to my game site, and it has links for a TI-84 e
  5. As of right now I'm playing: Pokemon Black: I just check in once a day to get a Heart Scale. I have 5 or 6 badges, and I'll probably abuse Pickup for awhile when I start actually playing again Ragnarok Online DS: I am addicted to this game. I unlocked the Mirage Tower, which makes me want to play Lufia, and I've been grinding there to get a Limit Break (its sorta like DQIX's revocation) and a ton of overpowered equipment. NeoQuest: I'm level 34, and I'll get a nice little trophy on Neopets when I finish WesGame1: I'm almost done copying my program into a TI-84 calculator, s
  6. But keep in mind what the medals actually do. Bronze 1-155: unlocks section two of bonus dungeon (Section one is from the Divinegon wish) Silver 1-155: unlocks final area of the bonus dungeon. You can now fight GranDragon (You can also trade 2 bronze for a silver to help reach this goal) Gold 1-155: Apparently, GranDragon goes to sleep and will no longer fight you. (I think King Zenith posted a picture of this years ago. So, in essence, you need to collect 2 bronze medals each 1-155. Strangely, medals 156-165 have no effect on unlocking areas two and three. If you have
  7. Rimuldar is probably the best place to grind. The best way is to have at least one character that knows BeDragon. Cast BeDragon with 1 or 2 characters, and the other 2 or 3 cast SpeedUp. The Dragon form gets its agility set to a specific value. I'm not sure what its agility becomes, but its well below 255. So, you're hoping that your character casts BeDragon, then your other characters casts SpeedUp. Otherwise, the LMS are guaranteed to get two turns off before you actually breathe fire. Also, remember that whips and boomerangs don't crit. So make sure you don't have them equipped if
  8. What is he? The right wing Stephen Colbert/Seth Meyers? As a moderate Democrat, I laugh at a lot of stuff Colbert and Meyers do, but I shake my head at some of it. Klavan's Sleepy and Maleficent video makes me think he's does quality satire as a Republican.
  9. Leave it to Woodus to go traveling without any Chimaera Wings. The problems seem to be happening quite a bit lately. I think my issue was when I tried to edit a post, but maybe it was with posting a reply. My memory isn't quite what it used to be
  10. Come to think of it, the GBC games always said Enix, Bird Studio, Armor Project, and I think two more names. Does Toriyama still do a lot of character and monster design?
  11. I've been looking for a new/refurbished 2ds XL before they are completely out of stock everywhere. I found this: https://www.electronicexpress.com/catalog/192170/2ds-xl-mario-kart-7-bundle It appears to be new, but I can't be 100%. I've also never bought anything from them.
  12. I'm just glad they make Dragon Quest games. After the initial transition, we went from DWM, DWM2, DW1&2, and DW3 on the GB/GBC, to nothing on the GBA. Square Enix basically ignored Dragon Quest in the US until the DS came out. I can't really think of any Squaresoft or Enix games besides RPG and Action RPG, so I guess I should experiment more with SE different genres. (Actually, outside Soul Blazer, Final Fantasy, and Super Mario RPG, and Dragon Quest, I can't really think of any Squaresoft/Enix games offhand. Although, I'm sure I have played some, they just don't jump to mind lik
  13. I had a huge crush on Charlie Bradbury. Her first episode said she was gay, but her character was already well written. She loved Hermione, she was a hacker because she skirted the law and wanted to be indispensable (as she said when Dick Roman asked her). It was well written, because they weren't making a gay character, they were making a computer hacker with enough attitude and backstory to bring back. I guess I take it as bad writing because it is bad writing, and as propaganda because it seems like their intent is "We need a gay character," and they didn't work on it enough. Mayb
  14. I'm sick of the propaganda now, but that's more tv shows. I watched DC's Legends of Tomorrow. They had a bisexual woman on the team, and it was fine. It was her character. Then Supergirl's adoptive sister realized at the age of 20-something that she was a lesbian. The Flash has gay characters, and the Huffington Post says "Inclusion of LGBT characters and a diverse cast...". A review of Arrow says "Arrow has revealed the son of main character Oliver Queen is gay". With four DC shows on the CW, this seems more like propaganda. Its like they're having a board meeting where they say "Does th
  15. Wes


    Yep. Whenever a hurricane hits, Amazon donates to Amazing Animals Inc. Your blame is rightly placed
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