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  1. That's an addiction you'll want to kick fast because that is a real addiction people in the gaming community have. A desire to just keep earning trophies and achievements with arbitrary goals. It used to be we set our own personal goals (like, say, Iggy and his DQ playthroughs he chronicles here), now companies are doing it for us in a sense. But that's neither here nor there, trophy unlocking can give you that little rush that makes you want to earn more and more. Some people even "hoard" them, as if you could hoard something that's unlockable for everyone. It'a interesting what people can get hooked on. Is there a way to post a YouTube video at 5min, 10sec? https://youtu.be/Bu-PAzuvWrI?t=5m10s I can get it to show up as a link 5 minutes in, but can I make the embedded video start at 5 minutes?
  2. You'll have to skip some episodes during the arc. Right after a major battle for Ichigo, it goes to a completely different plot. The Hueco Mundo arc has some awesome stuff in it, including my favorite fight The season that interupts the Hueco Mundo arc is cool, too. It was just weird that they put off the Hueco Mundo story for a full season
  3. My Milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard

  4. Don't forget Final Fantasy IX $#!&. Now you've reminded me I still have to take care of Fantasy Life, Tales of the Abyss, The Dark Spire, and Radiant Historia. Honestly though, replays aren't on my priority list outside of Untold 1 since I want to 100% the entire game. But why on earth do I leave these RPGs in limbo?!? It's ridiculous. You left Radiant Historia in limbo? Shame on you How far are you?
  5. I love that he basically destroys a major criminal organization in every episode. Imagine if the Turtles cartoon did that. Episode 1: Turtles meet and destroy the Foot Clan, along with Shredder Episode 2: Turtles meet and destroy the Purple Dragons Episode 3: Turtles meet and destroy the Kraang Episode 4: Turtles meet and destroy the Triceratons Episode 5: uh.... that sewer rat guy, I guess?
  6. Hmmm... and he lives in Chattanooga? Interesting...
  7. My niece is about 10. But she watches the Rifleman with my Dad on the weekends. So she's exposed to shows that even I'm too young to have grown up on. The same happens with music. Whether its on the radio, or on CDs, mp3s, etc... I remember having an audio cassette called Freedom Rock, and a similar one with music from shortly before my time. And since I feel like ranting, I hate the content of a lot of newer country music. Far too many popular country songs are about sex and drinking. On a side note: Who else was annoyed by Shania Twain's attempts to be funny in her songs? eg "Cmon, Eddy, get it together." It kinda took away from her songs. *EDIT* It looks like those remarks are removed from all of her music videos.
  8. I've been trying to play a couple of old computer games that require Shockwave. I've tried IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, but I can't get any of them to run Shockwave. Any ideas? I've been using this as a guide, but still can't get it to work: http://www.interguild.org/blogs/?id=5464
  9. Cool! There's some wild Stantlers in our yard, but they're the non-Pokemon kind

    1. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      Could be worse, could be Sevipers in your yard.

    2. Wes


      Occasionally we get an unevolved one. Its like Ekans, but its not a poison type. I don't think it even knows Bite

  10. Its like when I listened to Jurassic Park a couple dozen times. Then I heard Macarthur Park on the radio. It nearly blew my mind
  11. Wait, Weird Al's Bob video was based on an actual music video?
  12. Those copyright claims, man. I feel you. I had to buy Silver Spoon's second season opening off iTunes just to hear it, ad most recently the Flying Witch one too. At the very least the OST is on YouTube intact. I was even listening to it on the way home from work tonight. Yep. I can't post a clip 30 second clip because of copyright. And I can't watch NTSF:SD:SUV unless I pay $1 per episode. I think I'll just let them rotate for free on my On Demand. It would also explain why I find videos where 2/3 of the screen are someone's desk, and the other 1/3 is the actual footage.
  13. I have a flip phone. It only plays java games, like Ninja Prophecy 0 for 3 with Andy. Pocket Mortys is super slow, Pokemon Go is a no-go, and it probably won't play this
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