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  1. For GBC I recommend Lufia: The Legend Returns, and Magi-Nation. For GBA I recommend the two Golden Sun games. I prefer The Lost Age, but you should probably play part 1 first. I also like Lufia: The Ruins of Lore, although I haven't beaten it. Oh, and Breath of Fire 2, which is a port of the SNES version. If you also like action style RPGs for the GBA, I like the Mega Man Battle Network series, and the Summon Night Swordcraft games. Assuming, of course, that you haven't beaten these games already. Makes sense. Larger game, more characters, more djinn, more side bosses, more summons, new game plus, a hard mode, more character classes. Ten years ago, it was slightly more than the original. *Checks Amazon* What is this? Jhana Golden Sun The Lost Age 32 Bit Game For Nintendo GBA Console US Version (Reproduction) Where are the original cartridges? Amazon is filled with "Jhana GSATLA Reproduction"
  2. Wes


    I wonder if you can use a Focus Sash or the move Endure for it. Or even walk around poisoned until its weak, then use an Antidote?
  3. Wes


    Youngster Ben likes shorts, because they're comfy and easy to wear. I made him into a Planeswalker for MTG:
  4. SpongeBob: Hi. By proclamation of the Royal Ministry, the king is entitled to get whatever he wants.
  5. I'm planning to watch tv, play video games, and clean a few things around the house and yard. Maybe I'll play Pokemon and annihilate every Ekans, Arbok, and other snake Pokemon I see! Let's get rid of those snakes, Saint Patrick!
  6. Wishing you many happy Returns... or Zooms.
  7. I have one for Dragon Warrior 3 that's practically impossible to know without an emulator. Even the wiki doesn't know about it.
  8. Nice! I love ANW. I usually try to watch the specials, too, like the skills challenge and the team invitational (where teams from about four countries compete). I still mostly watch comedy cartoons. I just found Eek! The Cat on Youtube, which is amazing. But I also watch stuff like Forged In Fire, and I'm going to give Assembly Required a shot now.
  9. I would breed it. The offspring will be stronger than the JewelBag once its leveled up enough. Make sure you breed it with a monster that either has good skills or high stats. For example, if you tamed a Lionex in Reflection, then breeding it with JewelBag would give you HealUs and good level 1 stats (Pixy would learn TwinHits, too). Also, you will inevitably have to grind at this point in the game, since the Starry Night Tournament is coming up. I would be careful about making another high tier monster right now. They're rare and powerful, but they are a pain to level up. I say this because you already have GoldSlime and Divinegon already. Monsters like GreatDrak and GoldGolem are fine, but I would avoid anything else that needs 100exp at level 1. To be perfectly clear, KEEP the GoldSlime and Divinegon. Don't breed them until they reach a high level, since certain skills require levels in the 30s (36 for BigBang, 38 for MegaMagic, and Chance is 40).
  10. This thread inspired me to start a new game in DWM 2: Cobi's Journey. I am currently in the Ice World. I have two RogueNites and a Beavern. All three know Heal, and one will be learning TwinHits soon. I also prepared three monsters that will know Vivify (two Mudrons and an Orc). So, I should have a great team of brute force healers when I take on Sky World. Definitely not trying a single segment run, though. I've already turned the game off about 10 times. I wonder if Platty picked up the game again? Also, here's my two SPs! One of them has the enhanced backlight!
  11. Well, they certainly are everywhere! Wolverine was a Vampire, Megaman fought Shademan, Django fought vampires. I didn't even post any Castlevania pics, because I don't even know where to begin. Vampires have taught us to count (I get it now! Sesame Street with the puns :P), and sold us their chocolate flavored cereal. They are also the number 1 prey of the Winchesters in Supernatural. All in all, I think Twilight is the only vampire that doesn't deserve being mentioned.
  12. Well, at least my ADHD is still in full swing. @Yangus, he did great by beating the game at all. @VentionsX, great job and nice video. I'm gonna go check myself for a concussion now.
  13. Good work beating it at all! I beat DW1 and 3 several times on the GB/C ports, but I never beat #2. Until I saw your video, I didn't really think it was possible to beat it solo. Gratz!
  14. I love GS and TLA! I haven't played much of Dark Dawn, though. I have legit copies of all three games, too. I actually had a two page sheet so I could quickly beat the game on New Game +. It told me exactly where to go and what to get, including the stat boost items. It was especially helpful for the trident pieces, because they were a nightmare to track down. I actually beat TLA about a dozen times. I beat it repeatedly just to grab all of the stat boost items. Felix is a total beast on my cartridge now! Felix: Lv: 99 HP: 1222 PP: 408 Attack: 600 Defense: 268 Agility: 576 Luck: 76 That's with no equipment OR Djinn equipped. I hoped for a few things in Dark Dawn. One was that Eoleo would be in it (apparently he's a playable character). The other was to fight Alex (apparently not). Actually, is Alex even IN Dark Dawn?
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