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  1. Thats bullshit. Ive been waiting forever for DQX. I dont see how in this day and age they can get away with not localizing a title like that.
  2. Haven't logged in for 3 years 0.o

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    2. PrimeSlime26


      Well, welcome back! I suppose. XD

    3. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Wow, and I thought my week and a half absence was long.

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      Time sure does fly, eh?

  3. that was a lil disturbing lol LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL wow that had me rolling.
  4. Im about 15 hrs into ffIX now. Ive also been playing a bit of ES3 Morrowind xD
  5. Well, there is a bit of overlap between some of them, but for the most part, you just get a hell of a lot of skills. I don't think they're useless. And some of the most useful ones are monster classes that a lot of people don't even bother with. To make it a little extra complicated, there are hybrid skills you can learn by mastering two classes in a sequence. So for example, if you master the warrior class and then the dancer class, you get the really useful skill "sword dance". Then if you want to get the "Rob Dance" hybrid skill you can master the thief class next! Dang maybe il
  6. Well, there are 54 classes in Dragon Warrior 7, so yeah, that's a few more than DQ9 has . As for other side-quest content you've got: 1) A pioneer town with many intermediate forms to plunder and four different possible "final forms". 2) 3 Casinos with lots of great gear and other prizes 3) Power Contest 4) Intelligence Contest 5) Style Contest 6) More than 110 Tiny Medals and 11 tiers of prizes for collecting them 7) A monster park where you can "recruit" monsters to go and live there. Every monster in the game is recruitable (except for bosses) and you must build the park by fin
  7. Its a tough decision but in my opinion i would have to say either 8, 9, or 5 but those are just my faves lol I see a lot of people saying they like 7 because of the vast number of classes and monsters, does it have more classes then 9? Cause i haven't beaten 7 but its hard to imagine any of the other 8 games having more post game content then 9 there's just so much
  8. Final fantasy IX im about 4 hours in just started today, xD in my opinion is the best final fantasy for the psone EDIT im about 11 hours in now on the 2nd disk, game is getting very interesting story wise. They way the characters are developing is very nice too. Ill explain more the further i get into the game.
  9. I was born in 91 so im only 19. my first dragon quest game was 8 =P but after that i made it my goal to play the rest so that i wasnt a big n00b. So far ive beaten XI, V, VIII, and im currently playing the first one (its got...a $#!& load of grinding ) so yeah surely i will have beaten them all soon. The first one is fun and isnt to hard i just think there is to much grinding.
  10. LMFAO!!!!! i havent laughed that hard in awhile
  11. You're welcome!


  13. Is playing DQ9 For DS


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