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  1. Right, so as I said in the PM, I haven't done much with sprites for quite some time. Nonetheless, I work with photoshop all the time, and have for years (some of my personal stuff is up on deviantart, if you feel the urge)--it may take a little time to get back into the groove of this style, but I'll be fine. Writing-wise, well, some people say I'm good. Also as noted, RPGMaker XP abruptly seems to be working on my system--fingers crossed, and I'll be able to register it and VX sometime in the next month or so, when cash is less of an immediate issue. I have yet to dive into the scripting language, so we'll see about that once I have time to figure out how tricky it'll be to learn--don't expect me to be much use at that for quite a while, though.


    In other news, I did some searching and found a bunch of icons and sprites from some of the games. All of the equipment images from DQ7 are right here at the Den--plenty of those can be manipulated and sized into whatever is needed, if it's not already available. The Den also has complete equipment set icons from DQ 4 and 5 DS. Found a scan of the DW2 Map, with one of the designs for Erdrick's armour on it. The DQ1 design for Erdrick's sword and armour are readily available, and I found some good reference images for the DQ3 sword design.


    *yawns* Bed time. Oh, and for kicks, I found some neat looking pics of high quality cosplay models of Roto's sword and the Zenithian sword. Let me know if I should post the links.

  2. if youre using xp, you have to change the compatability to windows xp service pack 2. i had the trial and that worked. oh and run as administrator too.


    *shakes his head* I'm running Win XP (SP3). Compatibility modes are for individual operating systems only, not that it matters in this case; I've installed them under both SP2 and SP3, reformatted and reinstalled everything (for other reasons) and tried installing RPGMaker afterwards, while I was at it--no go (install, yes, function, no). I install everything with administrative privileges.


    *smiles wryly* Really, don't worry about it--I've been down this road with folks who know the program well, and they couldn't figure it out--the reformat should have licked the issue. Might be there's a worm on one of my drives that's making the software react as though it's been hacked (can't reformat everything--that defeats the purpose of backups). As well, the system is several years old and some of the parts have been around for a decade--many of the files are substantially older. It's quite possible that my system's pretty much @&%ed in this regard (as it sometimes is in others) and I'll have no RPGMaking access until I replace it (won't happen any time soon).


    As I said, if I manage to find a way to get them working, through finding and fixing problems or just getting lucky, I'll happily put some time in. Realistically though, I have far more experience with graphics and writing--let me know if you need a hand with those.

  3. As for the battle backgrounds I currently don't have any plans to utilize them because of how my tiles are made out. The scripts that involve the battle backgrounds for VX deal with tile set A tiles, my forests, mountains ect tiles are actually tile set E and I don't have the scripting knowledge to change it. Plus after a while I kinda like the blurry swirl, it's almost similar to DW NES small battle window where part of the world map was still visible.


    Darned scripting. I'd happily learn some and help you out, but my computer doesn't like RPGMaker XP/VX (playing games, yes, making them, not so much). The trial versions won't run at all--I just get an error message--which is not a great incentive to buy the thing. Tad frustrating.


    In other news, the DW1 NES overworld battle window looked like this: [right side]




    and the dungeon window like these:



    Overworld window definitely not blurry. Dungeon: pitch black. Of course, with the other NES titles they went with pure black for all battles. I prefer the backgrounds, myself (the blurry swirl is an automatic deduction for any game, by my book). Oh well, if I can figure out how to get it to run, I'll play around with the system and learn a trick or three.

  4. Hiya. New member, here. The game looks great so far.


    A question and some comments:


    Question: ?

    Do you have any plans to adapt the battle backgrounds to those that are seen in DQ6 and 3r?

    If so, and you don't have the backgrounds, there's a post on a thread lower down: Dragon Quest 3 Remake Snes battle BGs. The post by cybersaviour near the bottom has an extremely useful link -- his imageshack section with DQ3r backgrounds and tilesets.




    Comments: !

    As far as sprite size issues are concerned, VX should be just as capable as XP. *searches with google* This looks promising:

    XP to VX Sprite Converter


    RPG Maker XP Character Generator

    [edit] and:

    RPG Maker VX Character Sprite Generator


    I'm not sure how much those will help with the sprites (depends on the size of what you had to work with from the start), or if you're still interested, but I just poked around in the the XP Char Generator, and it seems to be usable. It utilizes it's own database, but you can export, import, replace, and add new to your heart's content. Looks like it enables combining of the parts of different images (head, eyes, ears, hair, pants, shirt, headgear, gloves, boots) to form your final. It's a little slow to use, as you have to do a lot of clicking to get to the higher-numbered appearances in a set. The trick--again--is that you can delete existing entries and/or replace them, or just add new. It's all very compact, so you can just copy/extract the default files into a new folder in your existing project and do a custom set for each one from there.


    On the other hand, having read all those points and taken the app for a test drive, I realize that any layer-based image editor will be friendlier in terms of creating serious custom sprites/sprite sets. The char generator is more for people who have limited access or ability with image editors. Oh well--figured I may as well point it out.



    Looking forward to seeing how it all works out,


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