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  1. is a paradox wrapped around a conundrum.

  2. Right, so as I said in the PM, I haven't done much with sprites for quite some time. Nonetheless, I work with photoshop all the time, and have for years (some of my personal stuff is up on deviantart, if you feel the urge)--it may take a little time to get back into the groove of this style, but I'll be fine. Writing-wise, well, some people say I'm good. Also as noted, RPGMaker XP abruptly seems to be working on my system--fingers crossed, and I'll be able to register it and VX sometime in the next month or so, when cash is less of an immediate issue. I have yet to dive into the scripting lang
  3. *shakes his head* I'm running Win XP (SP3). Compatibility modes are for individual operating systems only, not that it matters in this case; I've installed them under both SP2 and SP3, reformatted and reinstalled everything (for other reasons) and tried installing RPGMaker afterwards, while I was at it--no go (install, yes, function, no). I install everything with administrative privileges. *smiles wryly* Really, don't worry about it--I've been down this road with folks who know the program well, and they couldn't figure it out--the reformat should have licked the issue. Might be there's a
  4. Darned scripting. I'd happily learn some and help you out, but my computer doesn't like RPGMaker XP/VX (playing games, yes, making them, not so much). The trial versions won't run at all--I just get an error message--which is not a great incentive to buy the thing. Tad frustrating. In other news, the DW1 NES overworld battle window looked like this: [right side] and the dungeon window like these: Overworld window definitely not blurry. Dungeon: pitch black. Of course, with the other NES titles they went with pure black for all battles. I prefer the backgrounds, myself (the b
  5. Hiya. New member, here. The game looks great so far. A question and some comments: Question: ? Do you have any plans to adapt the battle backgrounds to those that are seen in DQ6 and 3r? If so, and you don't have the backgrounds, there's a post on a thread lower down: Dragon Quest 3 Remake Snes battle BGs. The post by cybersaviour near the bottom has an extremely useful link -- his imageshack section with DQ3r backgrounds and tilesets. Comments: ! As far as sprite size issues are concerned, VX should be just as capable as XP. *searches with google* This looks promising: X
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