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  1. Very nice drawings, man. Love the Rydia pic (one of my favorite characters from FF4), and that pic of YJ-era Bart having fun on the with his teammates is awesome.
  2. is alive and well (but busy :P)

  3. is in the Christmas spirit

  4. Started a new game on Final Fantasy II (the GBA version, to be specific). I find the skill leveling system to be a little weird, but I still enjoy playing it nonetheless. I've also been playing some old-school Castlevania (I recently snagged a copy of the Classic NES version that was released for the GBA). Currently I suck big-time at it (only managed to get as far as what I believe to be the third boss before dying), but I'm sure I'll get better at it with a little practice.
  5. Cool, I'll be looking forward to seeing what ideas you've come up with for your game (when you get your laptop back, that is).
  6. is just treading on with life ATM

  7. Got it yesterday, and really enjoying it so far. Hope you all can see my username all right; I used my cellphone's camera to take this photo.
  8. is now busy playing Dragon Quest IX

  9. Heh heh, that is great, man! I love Jami's comments in those screenshots. XD
  10. Hmm, I wonder who (or what) this surprise boss might be? Guess I'll wait 'til the game's finished to find out. Keep up the good work, man!
  11. Wow, those battle sprites look nice. A lot better than what I could possibly do, anyway. Shame about you having to drop the new game slime quest, though. Sounded pretty interesting, though I figured that would've taken a lot of time to make events and such work with 2 separate sets of conditions, so I understand you having enough with it. Good to hear the postgame stuff and Slib haven't been dropped. On an unrelated note, I thought I had posted about this before (but apparently haven't ><), but I wanted to wish you the best of luck with your new job as a combat medic.
  12. That's a relief. I always found those dark dungeons in the both the NES and GBC remake annoying, due to you either needing an empty slot for spare torches, or using your MP for the Radiant spell. The addition of monsters in Loto's Cave (I'm assuming that's what you're talking about, anyway; feel free to correct me if I'm wrong ; ) should might things a little interesting. Nice! I sometimes wondered what might've became of that shrine Loto went to in DQ3, since all that was there was the Loto seal. Anyhow, as King Zenith said, thanks for keeping us updated.
  13. Finished the main game of DW3 GBC awhile back, and now Chrono Trigger DS has been taking up my time, after a long hiatus. Have all 7 playable characters (who are averaging around level 50), and cleared most of the sidequests, save for the DS exclusive ones. My party's currently at the Black Omen, just about ready to confront Queen Zeal.
  14. Awesome! That does look better. Didn't realize that there was no sprite limit in RPGMVX.
  15. And soon after is when things start getting interesting I know, that was one of my favorite things about this game - you think you were done after beating Baramos, but then the real main villain appears, and you realize that your quest is far from over. I love it! XD Also enjoyed seeing what Alefgard was like during its pre-DW1 days. DW3 GBC progress - Getting pretty close to the end of the main game. Haven't beaten Zoma or his three henchmen (King Hydra, Baramos Bomus and Baramos Gonus) yet, but my party's averaging at around 40-41, with the best equipment I can find and afford (including those I've won from the 4 normally available parchisi boards and giving Mini Medals to the guy at the house in the well at Aliahan), so hopefully I should be able to take them down. Already got for the Light Orb, for when I get around to confronting the final boss.
  16. DW3 GBC - Have five of the orbs, and threw the Gaia sword into the volcano. Just need to level up some, so my party (hero, warrior, sage and mage) can survive the trek through the Gondo cave and get that last orb.
  17. Sweet! The Parchesi boards were a nice distraction from the main quest on DW3 GBC. Sucks about accidentally losing the menu script, though.
  18. Cool title screen there, GrandAlchemist. (Though jamiras843's wasn't too bad, either ) I also like the idea about having a minimap as an option while exploring dungeons.
  19. While I had heard about Dragon Warrior during my younger days, I never really got into it - I was more into Mario, Zelda, and Mega Man during those days. I wouldn't get into RPGs until I was in high school. I finally decided to take a look at the Dragon Quest series after my younger brother decided to get Dragon Quest VIII for the PS2 a couple years ago, starting with the original Dragon Warrior NES (though it was via an emulator). Found it to be quite enjoyable, and wanted to track down a legit copy of either was the NES or GBC version. A few months ago, I found and bought a used copy of Dragon Warrior I&II GBC, at a used videogame store in my hometown. DW/DQ games I've played so far: -Dragon Warrior NES (using an emulator) -Dragon Quest Swords -Dragon Warrior I&II GBC -Dragon Warrior II NES (again with an emulator, but never got around to finishing) -Dragon Warrior III GBC (got this at the same time I got DW I&II GBC - same game store, too ) -Dragon Quest IV DS -Dragon Quest V DS (haven't beaten it yet) I hope to get around to playing Dragon Quest VIII someday, since it's among the collection of PS2 games I have here at home.
  20. I know others have said it, but I'll say it anyway; this is looking very nice. Best of luck to you on this project!
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