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  1. Nice list, though I see some unused monsters in the mix, especially that weird looking flamethrower recolor. Edit: By the way, could I use the sprites for the articles i'm editing on the Dragon Quest Wikia? The unused monsters will go good with the unused and beta page i'm planning to make for the site.
  2. What does "IT" stand for, the world may never know.
  3. Hey guys, it's been awhile since I posted anything on this forum. Anyways, while I was away from the forum i've been editing the dragon quest wiki by adding so many info and monster images, I also got Dragon Quest Heroes which I was hooked on. And the best part of all, I went to Japan and got a lot of dragon quest related merchandise. Hopefully I'll be posting a pic of my stash soon if I could find that topic about showing off your dragon quest stash. So that's what I've been doing while I'm away from this forum, hopefully I'll post more soon enough.
  4. When I checked the 'what's new' section for 3ds in the nintendo website, it still says summer 2016, so we might get it on july or august? Then again, I'm pissed and depressed that its delayed.
  5. Just posted another dragon quest themed level, it's called "More Slimes!?" Code: 5F30-000-0067-A89B
  6. I just got Super Mario Maker and had the opportunity to make levels based off Dragon Quest, but they're mostly monsters made out of special blocks. If you have the game, use these codes to play them: A Slime Draws Near: BECF-0000-0019-9C7B Another Slime Draws Near: F3B9-0000-003A-982F Hope you guys enjoy it. Sorry I didn't post photos of the levels, I just don't know how to post pics from a wii u game on the internet.
  7. Maybe this game would contain all the assets from dragon quest 10 in which america didn't see yet aside from the online mode.
  8. I heard this won't be an online game like dragon quest x was because it's too late for us to get it now. If dragon quest 11 were to come to the west would it be called "dragon quest 10" here instead of eleven?
  9. I have a question, I heard on tumblr and the site and the distributer that it will release in parts of asia and austrailia, could you get this on an american platform?
  10. Guys, I got some news, apparently square enix presents on youtube did a segment about dragon quest heroes today around 5:30 pm or 6:00 pm eastern time. It's just 4 people talking about it and trying out 2 demo levels, and the healslime's name is "Healix." So square enix didn't forget about the game for e3, it's just that it wasn't spotlighted that much in the presentation.
  11. You forgot to put "Darth Voodoo" behind Voodoo Warlock, VoodooWiz.
  12. I just made a quickee here just for halloween. Oh, and happy halloween.
  13. My badge isn't showing up on my status, are you planning to implement that later?
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