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  1. I know I'm the only one here excited about the STEAM release- but if you pre-order it through steam you get a Steam wallpaper set for your profile, 15x seed of skills, wings of serendipity.
  2. This is exciting to see! I hope it does well over here.
  3. I don't believe sapphire ore veins can be built, see here: https://www.chaoshour.com/games/guides/dragon-quest-builders-building-blocks-and-how-to-craft/
  4. Yep, I do the same thing. I got DQ Builders (and a PS4) just a few months ago. It stinks when there is DLC that expires at a certain point though :/
  5. Sorry to be a priest and revive this, but I'll have to try that tomorrow, do you want images from DQ Builders for PS4? I think I've unlocked everything on there.
  6. Feel free to call me out on that any time. I've been all over the place the past year with the quests. Hopefully after I finish my masters degree this summer and a year long extra duty thing due to construction at work ends (I hope), after August I can get back to doing some more regularly. Those two things alone have added 5+ hours to my work weeks this year. What's your degree in Platty? I'm amazed you're doing all of that plus remaining active, good for you man!
  7. Lol good to see some familiar names! The spambot must have awoken me from my slumber
  8. I was catching up on posts last night and saw it's been 20 years since the founding of Dragon's Den, Woodus! Congratulations man, when I was a kid and looking for information on (I believe) a dungeon in DWIV I stumbled upon here and was so happy to find a center for a bunch of resources regarding the game - it was shortly after where I discovered the true gem of the website and that was the forums or community. I grew up in a town of whopping 6,000 people and didn't know anyone else who enjoyed playing the game so being able to talk with others that loved it as much as myself was groundbreaking. Thank you Woodus!
  9. Hey everyone, How many old geezers are still around here? It's been a long time, but glad to see this community is still active! Life has been busy as always but every time I pick-up a DQ game I get the urge to come back and see how the community has grown.
  10. I got the STEAM version, wasn't back on the Den before today but pre-ordered it as well. Have the DQI skin which shows proof of that, if it'll count for the first trophy, if not that's fine :3
  11. Cesar, your art has always been amazing. Thank you.
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