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  1. I liked the class system in 6 quite a bit. It made my characters feel a lot more flexible than they were in 5 (this is something I like all the more in 7). However, I'm an absolute sucker for a good story, and while 6 was pretty good, 5 had me in tears at some points. I was much more emotionally invested in my playthrough of it than I was in 6. Edit: In fact- after having played at least one version of all of the main series installments, 5 may be my favorite
  2. I gave up like an hour after my last post. I don't have the patience to do it indefinitely >< Need. Moar. Critz.
  3. Meh ><. It's a darkonium slime and a white king (?) in super scout. Yeah, they have magic regenerator. Waiting on my Dracolord to crit again -.- My Dhuran runs oomple......which he never uses. That'd help a *LOT* right now Edit: It's 1:37 and this battle hasn't ended yet. I believe I started around 10 or so. Tempted to quit out being subjected to the sheer stupidity of this team
  4. Has anyone else ever had a wifi cup battle that never seemed to end between themselves, a healer with a heavy support spellset, and a healing metal slime that just. won't. stay. dead? My monsters are being stupid (auto attack the slime regardless of what abilities we have, and what tactics we're assigned to use). My team has killed it a few times, but then it just re-zings or is kazinged by the other healer. I've been in this match for about two hours now and just want it to end, but don't want to forfeit. >< Is there any way out of this loop?
  5. Including Spin-Offs: Dragon Warrior I (GBC remake) Dragon Warrior II (GBC remake) Dragon Warrior Monsters (GBC) Dragon Warrior III (GBC) Dragon Warrior Monsters II (Cobi's) (GBC) Dragon Warrior VII (I rented it from Blockbuster years ago, but could never find Kiefer the first time, so I just kept playing Digimon World 3. I'm going to beat it now that I've gotten hold of it again). Dragon Quest VIII Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime Dragon Quest IV Dragon Quest V (This and the Roto series are my favorites in terms of storyline [i'm growing fond of DWVII too]) I can't wait for the VI remake to hit the states ><.
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