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  1. Debora's letter is certainly fitting for her character, as expected, what with the "underlings" an all. XD Now if anyone has Bianca's...
  2. Glaceon Mage was able to find some information about what the Legend of Erdrick event seems to be: Notably, this event is from several years later in the original Japanese schedule than the other events we've had so far (which have been a little out of order, but not that far out of order). I suspect they might've meant this to be the event run for DQ Day before the Covid-19 delays resulted in the reruns of the DQ1-4 (and Estark attacks and Star Spirits Attack) events.
  3. I'm not sure if this is a weird thing to have a thread about, but I'm curious. In the Part 2 DQV event, the questocrats choose one of the three girls (Biana, Nera, or Debora) to accompany them on adventures, then at the end, they get a farewell letter. I'm certain this letter would be different depending on the character, so- what do the other two letters look like? Here's Nera's: You can read the letter again after the event by going to the main character page, tapping the Item Bag, clicking on the Key button, and it will probably be at the bottom of the key item list. To take a scr
  4. I've never really done it. The only games I've been willing to do this in are IX- where I didn't actually revocate so really it's not "max", because going through that in IX sounded miserable- and DQOTS, where I haven't reached it yet (I think max for the advanced classes is 3-times revocated 99 from what I've seen on multiplayer). I may or may not do it. My problem with it in DQ1 and 2 is that there's no real reason to do it- the games are designed where you can finish them in your early 20s for DQ1 and around 30 for DQ2, respectively, so getting extra levels just makes the game easier. Th
  5. When I was a little kid in the early 90s we had a NES with Dragon Warrior I and II from my cousin (who was into all sorts of RPG stuff, D&D, computer games, etc). I think we got I slightly earlier but I have very strong memories of II from early on, I think while I was still learning to read, even. They still hold a special nostalgic place for me because of that. I was super excited when the RPGOne SNES translations came out in 2002, too. Flash forward to the late 90s, I was figuring out emulation on the early internet and got ahold of Dragon Warrior III and IV. Those were great as
  6. I'm curious, have you extracted any models from the game with these techniques? If so, i'm curious if the "Puff" dragon is just a green version of the Dragonlord model.
  7. What strategies, such as food and moves, are best for each Legendary boss? What prerequisites do they need, such as player levels and equipment/recommended stats? For multiplayer, I've generally seen the combo meal for the event used. For single player, I'm not as sure which food to use. (Hot Dogs and Bread Loaves give nice HP boosts, but that might not be the best option for some bosses.) Currently my party is a Level 96 Battlemaster, a level 90 Superstar, and a once-revocated+19 Sage. I have a few really good pulls- a Rubiss staff, a Light Armor, a Sun Crown, and some other good stuff-
  8. Sorry if there was a topic for this somewhere else that I missed (feel free to point me at it if so), but has anyone else tried out Dragon Quest / Dragon Warrior randomizers? There are very complete ones for Dragon Warrior 1 and II NES, which can change what equipment does, where you find equipment, what enemies appear where, and even rearrange the entire world map. They're awesome! A few people on Youtube do races of them sometimes. but I've just played casually on my own a few times. I'm curious what all the Dragon Quest randomizers that currently exist are. I know of: Dragon Warrior ran
  9. Ah, good to know, thanks! Sounds like that's where leveling up other classes to get the crossover skills comes in handy, too, since you can get a few stat boosts from those.
  10. The only translation for i and II I've seen is the old RPGone translation ( http://www.romhacking.net/translations/337/ ), which is alright-ish (certainly fully playable, and I don't think it's wildly inaccurate) but has a major bug in the (optional) Prince of Cannock/Sumaltria inn scene in the town of Beran where the text gets stuck in a loop, so you have to be careful never to sleep in that inn, or you'll have to reset/load a state to escape (or abandon the prince for the rest of the game). There's some other minor errors, but nothing else game-breaking that I know of. For III, though,
  11. I wasn't aware of the game until the Dragon Quest III events were already underway, but I love Dragon Quest I and II, so I was actually really happy to see these rerun. Plus the the Rubiss chest has fantastic stuff (probably the best chest in the game so far that I know of), so it's good to know it wasn't a one-time-only thing. So I'm happy with it, at least. Plus it gave me a chance to beat the legendary Baramonster and Zoma that I wasn't ready for the first time around, and even got a fiend-class Zoma key.
  12. Puff is a pretty good move, as it's a strong attack, and is dependant on breath weakness instead of spell weakness, which can make it useful in different situations. It can still be a little slow at max level, but it seems worth it out of what I've found so far.
  13. I just got one of my characters up to level 99, and have the option to revocate. However, this is right in the middle of all the Dragon Quest Day event repeats (Dragon Quest I and II's repeats are ending in 1 day), so I want to make sure how revocating works before I try it, in case it makes me too weak to take on the Legendary bosses. Do you lose anything when revocating?
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