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  1. Yeah, Gaius and Cyril are main characters while the two on the right are minor NPCs (though the female priest one is semi-recurring). Cyril reminds me of Rocky the Flying Squirrel from Rocky and Bullwinkle, which is an odd distinctive thing for Stars, but Gaius has a very nice DQ old-man-hero design.
  2. Hey, I dunno if you're still keeping an eye on this thread, but recently Liquid Metal Slime has been compiling the entire story in youtube form! First you may want to watch the opening intro video, which is on the Dragon's Den channel: And this is a video from another channel of what happens at the very beginning of a new save file (LMS hasn't had a chance to record that yet) Then here's LMS's entire Dragon Quest of the Stars story playlist. This covers chapters 1-32 currently, with plans to record the remaining 3 chapters soon! Sadly, the Global story doesn't wrap up all the loose ends, since there have been two more seasons of story content in Japan (and possibly more to come since the game is still continuing in Japan). But this should give you a pretty thorough idea of what we know about the story so far!
  3. Thank you so much! I remember when ChrisRPG's patch was new when I was a teenager and I was excited, but a little disappointed to see these bugs. After he passed away I thought it would never be fixed, especially since DQVI's patch never got a 100% release either. But after all these years, you've set things right! While I do recommend getting official versions of games when you can afford to and like them enough to support them, I think this could be a big help to newcomers to the series, as the best version to recommend for their first try at I and II. I have some friends who I'll definitely recommend this new fixed patch to! And making a Spanish patch is awesome as well! I don't know Spanish myself but I have a lot of respect for any new language translations. Thanks again.
  4. Nice! Good luck and hope you have fun! I haven't gotten Bluestacks running very well on my computer because mine's a bit old, so I haven't had a chance to try that just yet, but I'm sure having it on a computer screen is generally handy for translation.
  5. Events: --- Dragon Quest IV --- The heroes from IV emerged from a portal while searching for the Chosen Hero, finding that the three siblings have an aura much like the one they seek, before defeating Psaro and other Dragon Quest IV opponents and returning to their world to find the hero. Also Maia briefly wanted to open some kind of tourist attraction I think? --- Dragon Quest V --- Bishop Ladja appears on Brullia, along with Sancho and Papas who is searching for his missing son, before the three defeat Ladja and Sancho and Papas return to their world. Bianca, Nera, and Debora emerge in a similar fashion while searching for the hero (apparently now an adult), and trying to find a way back to their homeworld. After briefly meeting each, the three siblings must choose one of the three to travel with, who gives them a goodbye letter at the end of their adventures. You could also change their costume. --- Stargazer --- Torneko returns, seeking out treasure in mysterious tower dungeons. And yes, they totally drop allusions to Torneko's Mystery Dungeon in his dialogue. Alena, Kiryl, and Borya- primarily Borya- return to battle some monsters in a mysterious underwater dungeon, which Alena is eager to test her might against while the other two struggle to keep up with her (and she's ultimately disappointed that the three siblings defeat the monsters before she can find them). Also, Kiryl blushes about healing Alena's leg. Sancho returns too, apparently getting lost searching for Papas, exploring a tower and fighting a King Sanguini. --- Celestial Tournament --- A boss tournament, sometimes hosted by Morrie, where combatants fight for prizes. --- In the Footsteps of Erdrick --- Rubiss guides the three to relive some of the adventures of Erdrick and his descendants in order to prevent Zoma, the Dragonlord, and Malroth from attacking their planet Brullia, during which the three effectively relive the events of Dragon Quest III, I, and II by taking on the role of the main characters (although Cyril mouths off to the kings about barely giving their chosen heroes any gold, and Rubiss Kazaps him for being rude). Along the way they meet Princess Gwaelin (who can communicate through a glowing projection from the Gwaelin's Love device, very similar to how Gaius projects from the Questocrat's Chronicle; and then in II's events, they also interact with the Prince of Cannock (named "Caradoc") and Princess of Moonbrooke ("Pudding"). This event is permanently available. (There were also early event versions of I, II, and III, but those had no story scenes.) --- Dragon Quest VI --- The heroes of Dragon Quest VI, minus the main character, emerge with amnesia, and the three go with them to their world- maybe it was the dream world?- to battle monsters from DQVI, including Murdaw and finally Mortamor, before being able to return to their own world. --- The Heavenly Golden Dragon --- Dr. Agon meeting the three (once again trapped in a looping minecart track) and getting their help to battle Psaro, Nimzo, and Mortamor- regaling them with tales of past Zenithian heroes- in order to restore three pillars to lift a darkness from Zenithia when it appears in the sky over Brullia, where it turns out that his main body, the Golden Dragon, has been corrupted by an evil energy from Psaro, Nimzo, and Mortamor. The three restore Dr. Agon to his proper form and he thanks them, returning to Zenithia. --- Final Fantasy Opera Omnia crossover --- the moogle appears and befriends Cyril, helping the three siblings as they battle an invading army of "Mannekins" of characters featured in FFOO, including Warrior of Light, Yuna, Garland, Jecht, Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Kefka, and monsters called the Planesgorger and the Blackened Will. Mog then returns to the world of Opera Omnia, reunited with the real Warrior of Light, Yuna, Cloud, and Jecht. (It was also possible to randomly obtain the equipment of those first three characters from the Lucky Chest- lot of people running around with Buster Swords afterwards.) --- Giga Portal 1 --- A "giga portal" opens in the sky over Brullia, and a girl with pink hair, introducing herself as the "Cosmocrat", emerges from the Questocrat's Chronicle (...which now has a red cover instead of blue, leading me to think this story was out of order for global). Defeat the monsters to save planet Brullia. --- Dragon Quest VII --- Islands from VII emerge on Brullia. The VII heroes work together with the three to defeat various monsters from VII in order to return the lands to their own world, saying farewell to Kiefer at one point and meeting Aishe (AKA Aira) afterwards. Eventually the three defeat Orgodemir, and the VII gang returns to their world. --- Giga Portal 2 --- An asteroid approaching Brullia covered in more monsters, led by one known as Astrea Xeylon, who has some degree of power over time; the pink haired Cosmocrat once again emerges, explaining that the asteroid's collision with Brullia will destroy not only Brullia, but the entire universe. Astrea Xeylon is not truly destroyed, but is sealed away. Joke's on us though, this was just before the cancellation... --- Stuff we won't get (AKA It's Not Coming) --- There have been many more events in Japan, including events for Dragon Quest VIII, IX, a permanent event connecting VII VIII and IX, as well as events for X, XI, Builders, DQM Joker 3, Dai no Daibouken, other FF crossovers, a Godzilla crossover(!), and more, but we're unlikely to get almost any of that stuff in global now. Supposedly there's plans to release a few more events in Global, but it was always pretty haphazard (overlapping events, then dry spells, occasionally having no free daily draws, etc) so in light of the news, our expectations are low. --- About Equipment --- The costumes of all the heroes were available in the above events (and permanent events). By gathering certain parts, you could also craft costumes of a Golem, an Imp with a big fork, or a Slime stack. Also, the Golden Dragon event gave us a Healie helper you could wear in an accessory slot, where Healie floated next to you and cast Heal occasionally. In scheduled Lucky Chest banners, players had a chance to randomly obtain the Erdrick equipment, Zenithian equipment, Sword of Kings & Light Armor (Dragon Quest III based), Ramias equipment (from Dragon Quest VI), a set of Rubiss equipment (including the Rubiss Sword from DQIII GBC, and Rubiss' staff with Kazap), a new set of Golden Dragon equipment (the boomerang is a tiny Golden Dragon!), and various other sets like the Archangel, Wargod, and Pirate equipment. There were also seasonal costumes like swimsuits, Halloween, Christmas, and recently Spring/Easter. Less useful equipment like Magic Armor or Steel Armor was often found for not-so-lucky rolls, but the game calls every single piece "RARE!" like it's supposed to be super amazing, which is goofy. There was usually a chance to pick up one piece of equipment for free each day- usually it was junk, but sometimes people got something cool, like a Zenithian Sword. There was no story explanation to any of the Lucky Chest stuff, but basically, it's what you tried to collect by playing enough of everything else (events, main story, etc) to gather gems, and thus be able to draw from the Lucky Chest. All chests were free to draw if you collected enough gems, but players were encouraged to pay real money in exchange for extra gems if they wanted to draw even more times (and sometimes there were "step up" options for better draw rates from paid gems). --- Closing thoughts --- I'd say the game's biggest strength is the multiplayer, and the costumes (sorta like DQIX). It's easy to dress up as your favorite characters once their event is out- a shame they didn't get to VIII and beyond. At least I got my II outfits, and more importantly I made some friends at the Dragon's Den Discord, which has been pretty great! Honestly that's better than the game itself. : ) Also, I occasionally saw Woodus in random multiplayer! Lately, some of us started playing the Japanese version. it's fun even though we can't reliably read what's going on- the game still makes enough sense to be able to play, and it's awesome to see all the content they've had over the years that won't be coming out here, almost like playing a sequel. So the adventure continues, sort of!
  6. Hi! I started playing near the beginning last year, so I remember a lot. I've attempted to spitball my own summary from memory... I'm sure there's a better way to summarize it than this, so take this with a grain(truckload) of salt (it might have errors), just a rough first approximation. Maybe other players can correct me on some of the details? Also, I'll admit I didn't find the story in this game as well-polished / well-paced as that of a mainline Dragon Quest game. Also also, this came out SUPER DUPER LONG, so I totally understand if it's too long and you don't read it / just skim! TL;DR is very understandable. In my defense, the game isn't very succinct either. But with all that said, from what I can recall, here's how it goes: --- 1. Innish Isle (Introduction): --- A warrior clad in red and gold Flame Dragon Armor battles a wicked entity, with the help of three youths, siblings. The warrior shields them from a powerful blast, trying to tell them something, but- Next thing they know, the three wash ashore on Innish Isle, along with a mysterious blue book. There they are discovered by a flying pink creature known as a Squirril, named Cyril. The three have lost their memories, experiencing only brief flashes of their battle alongside the man in the red Flame Dragon armor. They do not remember what the blue book is, but it seems to be locked, and to shake mysteriously. Cyril leads them to visit a wise man, and after a brief quest they manage to unlock the book. A glowing projection of a muscular elderly man arises from the book, introducing himself as Gaius the Questocrat, who is said to have saved this planet, Brullia, on various past adventures- and he claims to be the three siblings' grandfather. He is unable to fully physically manifest, and seems to be trapped in the book- the Questocrat's Chronicle-, or perhaps a ghost (though he claims he isn't dead), and is unwilling to reveal exactly how he came to be in this state. Gaius and Cyril quickly begin to bicker and banter about topics ranging from Gaius' legitimacy as a hero, to what the three sibings should do next, where to go, and so on. Cyrus and Gaius also both exhibit a bit if a dirty-minded streak, though more so Gaius. There's a lot of comedy and banter between these two throughout the game, and Cyril is basically scared of everything but tries to help the three siblings on their journey regardless. The siblings defeat a green dragon and other monsters who have taken over a lighthouse, enable ships to safely sail from Innish Isle to the nearby mainland, the continent of Batraccia. --- 2. Batraccia: --- Here my memories begin to get fuzzier with the details of the adventure. At some point, Gaius reveals that an evil entity, the dark lord Dothradeth- the very same from the three siblings' vague memory- is to be revived by a wicked squirril, Fenril, and a cult that he leads. Thus the three siblings must find out what became of their father, Atomos- presumably the warrior in the red Flame Dragon armor- and try to prevent the resurrection of Dothradeth. First the three siblings need the help of a horse to navigate the large landscape of Batraccia, so they obtain a saddle that gains a particular horse's trust. They then seek the help of Batraccia's king, whose crown has been stolen by the thief, Robbin 'ood (Kandar in Japan), defeating him and being begged for mercy (he won't take no for an answer, of course- but thou must). Soon after, they must clear monsters away from trees to help a race of elves. Their adventures around Batraccia involve a great deal of backtracking, and they obtain a set of red warrior garments (very similar to the IX warrior's) along the way- which one of the three siblings were wearing during their memory of their fight alongside Atomos. Ultimately they msut battle against Marquis De Leon (AKA Keeleon), who seeks to pressure a queen into an unwanted marriage with him. They defeat him and restore peace to Batraccia, or so it seems, setting off to continue their quest. (This is also where the introductory content of the game ended, I think, before further updates.) --- Interlude - Sidequests: --- As you progressed in the main story, there were a lot of optional sidequests you could do (or go back and do later), where you did favors for NPCs. Of note, there was a recurring NPC with an afro named Cuthbert who often spoke of a hoard of treasure- which he calls "dosh" and repeatedly says a catchphrase, "sieze your dream"- who would generally lead you on fool's errands where you found something good, but never the gold he kept talking about, but he was always excited to keep looking anyway. --- 3. Tundrica: --- Next the three (and Cyril and Gaius) venture to the frozen land of Tundrica, where an immortal Ice Queen who's said to control the weather to keep it within liveable degrees has suddenly abdicated the throne on what seems to be a suicidal quest. It seems Gaius had an unresolved romantic relationship with this queen, and a long history of romances that abruptly ended with him leaving to pursue more adventures. I can't recall the full story, but essentially the ice queen has been tricked by a usurper, the monster Barbatos(? One of those big bull demon guys) who has taken the form of a girl to trick the ice queen's new fiancee. The Ice Queen believes her fiancee has fallen for this usurper, but he is unerringly loyal and simply forced into a bad situation. The three siblings' adventures clarify this misunderstanding, they defeat Barbatos(?), and the ice queen resumes ruling, presumably marrying her fiancee. She also remarks on being long since over Gaius, to his relief. --- 4. Mahrad: --- Next the three must venture to Mahrad, a land of mages, where they seek the help of Gaius' old adventuring partner, the Supreme sage Griff. However, Griff has recently gon missing, and they meet a girl who knwos about Griff, Paula, who is also suffering from amnesia much like the three. She follows them on their journeys through Mahrad, trying to discover what has happened to Griff and to recall her past. The three learn of a powerful forbidden elixer, the Lahdan Elixer which utilizes powers from a long-lost Lahdan civilization who are said to have once explored the stars; the elixer has been concocted nad stolen. After more adventures they learn that Supreme Sage Griff himself has stolent he elixer and consumed it, driving him mad. I'm pretty sure there was a dramatic reason for this, and also that Paula is his daughter, but sadly I can't quite recall how exactly this went either. However, Griff soon dies, and Paula learns that she is in fact from another continent, in the land of Jungal. She also thinks that perhaps the three siblings are her own sibling, and that Gaius has lied to them about being their grandfather. The three must choose, and Gaius' feelings will be hurt if they say they believe Paula's story rather than his, but he will still help them on their adventures nevertheless. Along the way the three are also given the pieces of a purple mage costume with a pointy hat, which one of the three had worn in their battle alongside Atomos. Gaius also reveals (I think it's at this point?) that his true body is on the Moon, and he is trapped tehre, only able to communicate through the Questocrat's Chronicle. He tells them they need to seek out the godbird, Empyrea, in order to reach the moon if they wish to rescue him, and they agree despite any misgivings about him truly being their grandfather. --- 4. Jungal: --- Paula splits off to seek more answers about her past, as the three help a young boy named Pek(?) who has become seperated from his parents and lost. They must also cure a curse which prevents Pek from being able to speak. However, Pek is a fairly resilient child, and has gone off adventuring on his own before- he wanted to see the godbird, Empyrea, who is said to reveal herself only to those honest and pure of heart. However, Pek becomes wracked with guilt that he lied to someone about having seen Empyrea, believing this will prevent him from ever seeing Empyrea. After some further adventures, the three bring Pek to his home village. There they meet a man who introduces himself as their own father, Atomos. Gaius is skeptical, but the three are happy to see their father and do not trust Gaius (at least in the version I played- the earlier choice about whether to believe his story or Paula's may affect these scenes), going so far as to close the book on him. However, the three and Pek soon find a reason it would be wise to battle some nearby mosnters, and plan to set out. Atomos pleads with them not to go, and to set their adventuring days behind them and enjoy a peaceful life in town, but they insist and embark. Upon returning, the three find that the town is in ruins, the children missing and the adults mortally wounded. "Atomos" reveals that he is not, in fact, the real Atomos, and not their father, and lied to them because a monster, Cobrara, had threatened the town if they did not keep the three there to prevent them from furthering their quest. The man is, in fact, Pek's father, and apologizes as he passes away. Pek is heartbroken and once again wracked with guilt, but follows the three as they save the other children from the ruined villiage. Pek swears to rebuild with the others. The three then defeat the monster directly behind the ambush, Cobrara, but he is part of Dothradeth's larger cult, and one of many who sacrifices himself to ensure the resurrection of Dothradeth (sort of like Hargon sacrificing himself to Malroth with his last breath, but involving many more cultists). The three do meet Empyrea along the way, and must briefly battle her, but they learn that she has been injured by Dothradeth's cultists and cannot fly to the moon without healing. Thus they must obtain a relic called the Stellar Memory from the land of Savalua... --- 5. Savalua: --- Gaius believes this land to be peaceful and prosperous from his prior adventures, but soon learns that the land has been torn in half by a conflict between the Sister- Queen Koral- and Brother- King Yaharulei(?) who were left to rule the land by their father. Much of this land is a desert, and Queen Koral wishes to use the Stellar Memory to restore the land. However, her Brother disagreed, and the land seems to face imminent war. Queen Koral insists on accompanying the three in an attempt to reach out to Yaharulei and come to an agreement. They embark on a very long set of adventures involving sphinxes roaming the desert, several pyramids, and more cultists of Dothradeth who, once defeated, also sacrifice themselves to help ensure his resurrection. It becomes clear that Dothradeth's resurrection is imminent, and Savalua is not in immediate grave danger- Queen Koral agrees to wait before using the STellar Memory, as the three set off into the cultists' territory. They meet an escaped former cultist, who tells them that the three siblings were themselves once cultists- a story which they, Cyril, and Gaius are all hesitant to believe. Nevertheless she is kind and helps them, explaining that Paula was captured and taken to Darkstar Castle. She helps other cultists flee as the three head off for the castle. I'm a bit murky on the order of these events, but, Gaius also begins to act very strangely- his eyes glow red, and he seems temporarily possessed by Dothradeth. This wears off, but is a troubling occurence. Further complicating matters, Cyril protests at one point that they were supposed to be rescuing Gaius on the Moon, but with Dothradeth's resurrection imminent, Gaius tells them to forget about that and focus on the more urgent threat. Reaching Darkstar Castle, the three encounter Atomos himself, clad in the same red Flame Dragon Armor. However, he is not able to fully control himself, as he is possessed by Dothradeth to finalize his resurrection. Using what time he has to speak as himself, Atomos explains that he was indeed an unwilling member of Dothradeth's cult, along with his three children and his late wife. Atomos wanted to flee and get the children to safety, but ultimately discovered that he was the only one who had a chance to seal Dothadeth away, and battled him alongside his children, shortly before they lost their memories. Now the seal is broken, and Dothradeth emerges from his body. The three must fight him themselves, even knowing this may kill Atomos; they defeat Dothradeth for now, but he is not destroyed, and Atomos vanishes sealing him away once more. Afterwards, the three find Queen Koral once again, and soon locate her brother, who has made some sort of pact to turn into a monster. The three attempt to cure him, but the initial attempt fails, and they wind up battling him, but he is ultimately cured and makes amends with his sister, who, along with some advice from Gaius about what their father would've wanted, agree to rule the land together once more as equals. They also agree to give the Stellar Memory to the three in order to heal Empyrea, resolving to restore Savalua through other cultivation. Back in Jungal, the three use the Stellar Memory to heal Empyrea, but learn that a grave catastrophe is soon to befall the Moon. Gaius tells them not to go because the risk is too grave, and instead they ultimately agree to investigate what this calamity will be, seeking out an astronomer who may be able to tell them more. --- To be continued? --- ...and that's the part of the game I'm up to. It goes a little further than that before the end of season 1, and as I understand it you go to the moon in season 2 as well as another planet (and then a third planet in Season 3). Maybe someone else can fill in the gaps a bit better on this stuff? I'll let you know what happens in a followup post if I can get more of the story played through in time. Anyway, good luck with your project, and I hope you can find more detailed/accurate information! Maybe someone can record the story segments from the game before it goes down? I searched for something like that on youtube, but it was just a playhthrough of the early chapters ending at Batraccia, and included the gameplay portions. If you want to see that, it's at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLybcln_bMY1CiCc32AH-H-95GcjrY9YRs (It should also be noted that these early chapters don't really showcase the gameplay at it's best, since it doesn't really start to get complex until later chapters and during special events.) I think the post is too long because it's giving me an error, so I'm going to double post with the rest, where I explain the events story- hope that's okay!
  7. Debora's letter is certainly fitting for her character, as expected, what with the "underlings" an all. XD Now if anyone has Bianca's...
  8. Glaceon Mage was able to find some information about what the Legend of Erdrick event seems to be: Notably, this event is from several years later in the original Japanese schedule than the other events we've had so far (which have been a little out of order, but not that far out of order). I suspect they might've meant this to be the event run for DQ Day before the Covid-19 delays resulted in the reruns of the DQ1-4 (and Estark attacks and Star Spirits Attack) events.
  9. I'm not sure if this is a weird thing to have a thread about, but I'm curious. In the Part 2 DQV event, the questocrats choose one of the three girls (Biana, Nera, or Debora) to accompany them on adventures, then at the end, they get a farewell letter. I'm certain this letter would be different depending on the character, so- what do the other two letters look like? Here's Nera's: You can read the letter again after the event by going to the main character page, tapping the Item Bag, clicking on the Key button, and it will probably be at the bottom of the key item list. To take a screenshot, on my phone what you do is press the Power Button and Volume Down Button at the same time and it saves a screenshot. (If you're wondering why I chose Nera, I do actually fall into the Bianca-makes-the-most-sense camp for DQV, but I figured I'd want to actually wear the Nera outfit/hair the most of the three, plus Nera is kinda cool in her own way. Plus Nera looks almost perfect in the DQIII priest outfit, sorta, except her pose clips her hand through the surplice a little.) Does anyone have screenshots of the other two letters?
  10. I've never really done it. The only games I've been willing to do this in are IX- where I didn't actually revocate so really it's not "max", because going through that in IX sounded miserable- and DQOTS, where I haven't reached it yet (I think max for the advanced classes is 3-times revocated 99 from what I've seen on multiplayer). I may or may not do it. My problem with it in DQ1 and 2 is that there's no real reason to do it- the games are designed where you can finish them in your early 20s for DQ1 and around 30 for DQ2, respectively, so getting extra levels just makes the game easier. There's no real incentive. For later games it's mostly the same problem, except even worse in terms of how much sheer leveling is possible. It's a form of completionism that doesn't appeal to me; instead of maxing out numbers, I'd rather just make sure I see as much of the unique content as possible, like dungeons, bosses, characters, costumes, etc. (Though if something is too RNG-based I may have to draw the line somewhere, too, as I did with some of DQIX's postgame stuff. HowLongToBeat's Completionist average perfectly demonstrates why: https://howlongtobeat.com/game?id=2817 ). That said, I did recently max-evolve the event equipment from DQ1 and 2 in DQOTS, but that was a bit silly, and probably doesn't count since that's items, not characters. It was still pretty-grindy and I probably fought Legendary Malroth at least a hunded times in those two weeks. I also got some characters to 9999HP in Final Fantasy VI, but that wasn't by max levelling, they were only 50-something I think; I just made sure to equip the Bahamut magicite on people before their levelups so they'd always get the big HP bonus at levelup. As a kid, playing Dragon Warrior 1 on the NES taught me patience, but it also maybe made me TOO patient and I seem a bit slow about a lot of things these days. It's a fine line to balance XD (But I do wish the remakes had an option about how long you want the grinding to be, instead of just speeding it up.)
  11. When I was a little kid in the early 90s we had a NES with Dragon Warrior I and II from my cousin (who was into all sorts of RPG stuff, D&D, computer games, etc). I think we got I slightly earlier but I have very strong memories of II from early on, I think while I was still learning to read, even. They still hold a special nostalgic place for me because of that. I was super excited when the RPGOne SNES translations came out in 2002, too. Flash forward to the late 90s, I was figuring out emulation on the early internet and got ahold of Dragon Warrior III and IV. Those were great as well. I don't think V had a finished translation until the mid 00s so I didn't play it until then; I didn't play VI until I got the DS version in 2011 or so (which is the newest game I've bought because I've been a bit poor in the past decade). I did get to play VII on PSX in the late 00s, and VIII, which was awesome. The only onIy played brand-new was IX in 2010, and I even preordered it. As for spinoffs, they're something I've meant to get into but not gotten around to for the most part (didn't get far in Monsters 1)- I should, though. One day I definitely need to play XI, preferably for Switch. But from the main line, aside from X and XI that I've yet to play, the only one I haven't finished at least once is VI (and that was more to do with with real-life distractions stalling me out- the game is pretty great and I need to go back to it). Lately I've mostly played Of The Stars, which I started in March during the Baramos event, and have played at least a little each day since (at the very least to pick up the daily stuff). As you can imagine, I was really happy to get the DQII costumes during the DQ Day reruns. Sometimes I'll also play the randomizers for I and II on NES, those are great! It's nice to be able to come back to something so familiar in a new way now and then.
  12. I'm curious, have you extracted any models from the game with these techniques? If so, i'm curious if the "Puff" dragon is just a green version of the Dragonlord model.
  13. What strategies, such as food and moves, are best for each Legendary boss? What prerequisites do they need, such as player levels and equipment/recommended stats? For multiplayer, I've generally seen the combo meal for the event used. For single player, I'm not as sure which food to use. (Hot Dogs and Bread Loaves give nice HP boosts, but that might not be the best option for some bosses.) Currently my party is a Level 96 Battlemaster, a level 90 Superstar, and a once-revocated+19 Sage. I have a few really good pulls- a Rubiss staff, a Light Armor, a Sun Crown, and some other good stuff- max-evolved Battle God armor for example. I've been able to defeat some of the legendaries, but they get tougher as they go, and I've had mixed results. Legendaries also come with some fights before the boss, but they're nowhere near as strong as the final boss generally. Just make sure to heal, and pay attention to which ones do reaction attacks, like Aamon doing Kaswoosh whenever he loses a bar of health, and you should be fine on those. Below are my notes on what I've learned by just stumbling blind into fighting these bosses. Not really a good guide or anything, just some first approximation notes on strategy- if anyone else has advice to handle these better, I'd love to hear more! ---------------------------------------------- Dragonlord: No legendary fight exists AFAIK. : ( There's a Hero-class fight, but he's not so strong. Just make sure to defend as soon as he goes to his second form if you're a weaker character, because he does Dark Breath right away; then deal damage as often as you can as quick as you can. Maybe defend right before his Scorch meter fills (about the 3/4 mark is good), because when his anger is high that can do a lot of damage. Pretty easy though. ---------------------------------------------- Hargon/Malroth: The big threat here is mostly his reaction attack when his HP meter is empty, "Dark God's Howl" which usually stuns everyone followed by "Dark God's Bolt" which does a good chunk of Zap damage to the party. This is fairly manageable to heal, and if you understand reaction attacks you can plan around it. A character with an advanced vocation in the 50s has some chance of surviving this with adequate healing and preparation. Also, if you have a spell-blocking shield such as the Metal Slime Shield or Rubiss Shield, it blocks Dark God's Bolt entirely. The other thing that's nasty about Malroth is that when he's nearly defeated, he may try to cast Fullheal, so finish off his final bar of health as quickly as you can. I found him pretty easy with my party, who were in the 80s when I first fought him a couple weeks ago. ---------------------------------------------- Baramonster: Baramonster has two helpers, a Gate Guardian and a Phoenix. Target the Phoenix first- it casts Kabuff and Multiheal and some other bad stuff. fortunately these helpers don't seem to come back when killed. Baramonster himself does Confuse and Devour the Confused, similar to Baramos' Soul (AKA Baramos Bomus from DWIII). It might help to bring Angel Bells so you can cure party members of confusion, but I haven't really found this necessary. Mostly, I just stay healed up and do as much damage as possible. Baramonster doesn't have any reaction attacks, so if you're high enough level you can really cut loose on this fight, and it's pretty easy-ish. Make sure to heal whenever you think you need to, but he isn't going to suddenly spring anything super deadly on you as far as I can tell. ---------------------------------------------- Zoma: This is where reaction attacks really become no joke. You generally DO NOT want to deal multiple bars of health worth of damage to him or you will probably get killed. He does Kacrack fairly often on a gauge, so if you have any spell-blocking shields those are a big help here; but every reaction attack he also does C-C-Cold Breath, which does a ton of damage if you're not defending. Make sure to heal up after this before he loses another bar. However, he will also heal a little bit as he fights you, so you can't take too long fighting him either (plus you don't want to take too many turns if you're trying to get all three goals met). Zoma will also periodically use a move that targets a single party member with Ruin, which causes them to periodically lose HP (sort of a reverse Reheal). That party Member should probably try to work in an extra Defend action (just don't waste your chance to defend before he loses his next bar of Health. It's a really, really good idea to level a nice shield up to level 10 Defend with armor skill orbs if you can afford to.) Someone should also try to heal this party member after the Ruin damages them a couple times. On his last round, Zoma will seriously mess you up because he inflicts Ruin on the whole party. You probably cannot heal fast enough to keep up with this, and he's still going to whip out a Kacrack soon, so if at all possible, just unleash with a combo attack of everything your party's got to kill him as quickly as possible. A heal can be worth it if someone is too close to dying and you haven't got your attacks ready, but try to be quick about finishing him off if you want to survive. Remember you can also whip out an item, such as a Special Medicine, to heal more quickly than a spell and without draining any gauges- that's probably the best way to heal during this round. You're probably going to have a bad time with Zoma if you aren't level 70 or above, I'd think, but you might get away with a weaker character in multiplayer if there's also a good healer in the party. Zoma and his underlings have a low chance of dropping a fiend-class Zoma key. I think this is the only way to get his fiend-class key, and the first fiend-class battle in the game. I haven't been brave enough to take on any Fiend Class fights yet. Fiend Class fights drop cool boss-themed equipment, like if you've ever seen somebody in multiplayer with one of those Zoma shields or Estark armor (although it's brown, so really I'd say it's more like Psaro the Manslayer's first form, even though I'm pretty sure it's dropped by Fiend Class Estark. Then again, DQV has a brown Estark instead of blue anyway, so who even knows). ---------------------------------------------- Estark: Hoo boy. This one feels like they deliberately dropped in a stronger boss from later on, but he does have the virtue of being predictable once you've seen the fight a few times. Basically, Estark will change how he attacks whenever he loses a bar of health (in addition to a reaction attack, so like Zoma, you want to defend before he goes down a bar). I can't remember his moves quite as well, but basically, you want to get through the bar of health where he uses Armor-Smashing Light and Weapon-Smashing Light pretty quickly if you can, because he whips out those two gauge attacks over and over pretty quickly during that bar. He also gets pretty nasty in his final bar though. I think I managed to beat him, but I'm honestly a little fuzzy on how I did it. Lots of healing and defending. Estark will give you a fiend class key for a perfect clear, which is easier done in multiplayer where you can have a proper combo meal and whatnot. ---------------------------------------------- Psaro Banesword: He isn't as strong, but he has a weird bag of tricks to mess with you. He'll periodically prevent you from using any items for a while, he has reaction attacks, and he has a move that seems to hit everybody with some different effects. Unlike Baramonster, you need to worry about his reaction attacks much like Zoma and Malroth. Unlike Zoma, he isn't super duper strong though, so you might be able to take him on with weaker characters if you're careful. I haven't figured out a reliable strategy on him and all of his moves as clearly yet, but I've gotten by okay on just healing and watching out for the reaction attacks. Just make sure you're not relying solely on items to heal. Generously, the event treasure maps give you fiend class keys for both Psaro forms for beating the legendaries (so you don't have to perfect clear them, or luck into drops). ---------------------------------------------- Psaro the Manslayer: This is where I fall apart (even at my current levels). His first form's not so bad- he doesn't have any reaction attacks until the last bar of health, so if you do enough damage to him in a combo you can actually avoid that reaction attack, which is Hellslash (hits the whole party for a bunch of damage). He targets a single party member to hit them a bit more. Just get through the first form quickly with attack spells and stuff, try to do a strong combo attack (all at once, as quick as possible so he can't squeeze an attack in) when going down to the last bar to skip Hellslash if you can, and heal up. But his second form... yeesh. He casts Bounce, meaning that you can't hit him with attack spells (except Puff, that one deals Breath Damage and isn't affected by Bounce). Maybe if you use the Zenithian Wave from the Zenithian Sword to remove his Bounce you can get away with it, if you have time for that sorta move (and have the sword). He has C-C-Cold Breath reaction attacks just like Zoma. He uses Inferno on a gauge to hit the whole party with some Fire breath, which wouldn't be so bad. This stuff is all workable if you understand it. But what makes this guy a nightmare is his "Shining Darkness" attack. This isn't on a gauge and isn't a reaction attack- I can't figure out what determines when he'll use it. Maybe it's always right after Inferno, or maybe I just have bad luck. It deals about 180 damage to everybody. Healing quickly enough from this, especially before he attacks again, especially while doing enough damage to kill him and being prepared for the reaction attacks there... it's too much for me unless I just get lucky. Does anyone know a good strategy for this? Some foods reduce Darkness damage, like Hot Crisps or Tropical Soda, but I'm pretty sure I only have those from randomly finding them in the Food key dungeon. They might be a good trick to surviving Shining Darkness. ---------------------------------------------- Spirit Dragon: He does full-party paralysis attacks really often, meaning you won't get to move. The event description recommended bringing Spaghetti, which reduces the chance of getting paralysed, but this seemed to have so-so results from what I saw. Tomato Spaghetti is a bit better if you get a great success crafting that, but it only helps so much. Basically, this fight seems to be more about whipping out your best attacks or healing whenever you can in brief bursts of getting to move. I think he does the paralysis attacks again as a reaction attack when he loses a bar of health, too, so if you have enough people free at once to do a combo attack, try to go for that. Other than that I didn't figure out a great strategy for this battle. I haven't gotten one, but I think there's a chance of the Spirit Dragon dropping a fiend-class key for the Xenlon dragon (from Dragon Ball the DQIII remakes). I suspect it works like Zoma, where you just need to get a lucky drop from the legendary fight. ---------------------------------------------- Ladja: I can't remember what he did very well, sorry. I do remember that like Psaro Banesword and Baramonster, he wasn't as tough as the real final bosses. ---------------------------------------------- Nimzo: Arrrrrrgh. This guy does Bounce (and keeps raising it again almost as soon as it wears off). He does Inferno on a gauge. He does "Death Tail" not on a gauge, similar to Shining Darkness where it just hits everybody with no clearly-telegraphed warning, although it does seem to happen at regular intervals (which Shining Darkness might, too); Death Tail is straight up physical attack. He does lots of damage to you very quickly and isn't putting up with any of your spell attacks. But worst of all, he heals himself, for a LOT of HP- like 999 HP. Really often. So you HAVE to be killing him quickly. And yes, he has reaction attacks like everybody else, of course. I had no hope against this guy and have no clue what to do. If this is how legendary bosses from now on are gonna be, I'm in trouble, and have much to learn XD ---------------------------------------------- So, does anyone know more about this topic?
  14. Sorry if there was a topic for this somewhere else that I missed (feel free to point me at it if so), but has anyone else tried out Dragon Quest / Dragon Warrior randomizers? There are very complete ones for Dragon Warrior 1 and II NES, which can change what equipment does, where you find equipment, what enemies appear where, and even rearrange the entire world map. They're awesome! A few people on Youtube do races of them sometimes. but I've just played casually on my own a few times. I'm curious what all the Dragon Quest randomizers that currently exist are. I know of: Dragon Warrior randomizer, by mcgrew - Randomize chest and store contents - Randomize character stats and spell-learning order - Randomize enemy zones and stats - Randomly generated world maps - Change EXP / gold amounts and encounter rate - Character costumes Dragon Warrior II randomizer, by Gaemboy9 - Randomize chest and store contents - Randomize character stats, equipable equipment, and weapon/armor stats - Randomize enemy zones and stats - Randomly generated world map - Change EXP / gold amounts and encounter rate Dragon Warrior III randomizer, by Gameboy9 - Randomize chest and store contents - Randomize character stats, equipable equipment, and spell-learning order - Randomize enemy zones and stats - Change EXP / gold amounts and encounter rate Dragon Warrior IV randohacker, by Gameboy9 - Change EXP / gold amounts and encounter rate - Randomize enemy zones and stats - Randomize character stats and equipable equipment - Randomize what characters appear in what chapters, and where they are found in chapter 5 - "Solo Hero challenge" mode - Rename characters There may be randomizers for newer games, but I'm not sure. I love that these exist, though, since I was the type to replay the games from time to time already, and it can be a fresh experience not knowing where things are or how they'll work.
  15. Ah, good to know, thanks! Sounds like that's where leveling up other classes to get the crossover skills comes in handy, too, since you can get a few stat boosts from those.
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