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  1. I should also mention, that while 9.3GB is the current "base" size for the whole wiki, the size on the server will grow to be much larger (probably by 5-6GB). This is because of how MediaWiki does thumbnail images. While migrating the site, I did not port over the current thumbnails, instead the wiki creates them automatically as images are viewed in a context where a thumbnail is needed. So over the next couple months, they will be regenerated and cause the overall size of the site to increase quite a bit.
  2. The wiki does somewhere between 100-200GB of transfer per month. On the new host, we have 1000GB per month, so that will be no problem at all. The bigger concern is disk space. For some reason, this host (Linode) is pretty stingy when it comes to disk space. We are on the cheapest plan, which provides only 20GB of disk space. The total size of the site is currently 9.3GB. If that ever gets too large, I will upgrade to the next tier size. Most of the size is images, which is not suprising. I'm running MediaWiki with a MySQL backend for the database. The database size is around 600MB. I'm doing a much better jobs with backups this time around. I'm paying for the host to do routine backups (nightly, weekly, monthly). I've also setup the database to export a backup every night to a file. This is a big improvement over the previous host where backups were not done on a routine basis. It comes out to about $7 per month, which is pretty comparable to what I was paying on the previous host. However, I now have full control over the server to do upgrades, installs, etc.
  3. The move to a new host has been a success. The wiki also now supports SSL encryption.
  4. I'm planning to move the Dragon Quest wiki to a new host later this month. This should not affect any of the content or users. The site will be unavailable for a day or two during the upgrade, assuming everything goes according to plan.
  5. Check it out. The author does some pretty crazy glitching.
  6. I was stunned when I watched the Nintendo Direct. I was definitely a naysayer at this point, I didn't think it would happen. There was such a lack of momentum for the series. Seems like this must have been in the works prior to the release of Dragon Quest Heroes? I remember some folks saying they thought it might live or die based on the sales of that game.
  7. Winning an island sounds like something my 3 year old would suggest as a contest reward. I wasn't planning on getting Just Cause 3, but because of the chance of an island...I'll be first in line.
  8. Yet another Square Enix anticipointment day.
  9. They are also a rare drop from a Blue Beak. I forget how rare, but I don't think it was a very good chance...
  10. I'm happy to announce that after a many year hiatus, I am once again uploading high quality Dragon Quest videos to YouTube. I'm working on 2 projects simultaneously. The first is a continuation of my Dragon Quest IX series of videos. I'm starting right where I left off...at the Tower of Trades and opening up Alltrades Abbey. The first video will be #39 in the series and go from there. Also, I'm uploading high quality re-encodes of my Dragon Quest IV NES videos. My process for creating the videos has improved a lot since I originally uploaded them, PLUS YouTube now supports 60 FPS videos. This is significant for the NES Dragon Quest games because they all originally displayed in 60 FPS. By only using 30 FPS, spell animations and other "flashing" type visualizations look bad. The new Dragon Quest IX videos will also support 60 FPS for 720p and 1080p playback.
  11. ...and now we can wait years and years until the VII remake gets released.
  12. I wish it was a remake of VI instead of VII, or at least do VI first, then VII.
  13. Silly accents seem to be a standard now. They've even added them to DQIII mobile. Much like everybody else, I find them incredibly distracting and annoying (especially in DQIV). But since I'm playing through DQIII on the iPad right now, I find that regional accents are one of the few things that really take my mind away from what's happening in the game (to have to decipher what's being said) and they remind me that I'd rather just play the original to avoid silly phonetic spelling, Earth-based stereotypes (in a medieval fantasy setting) and the addition of personalities that can have adverse affects on your character stat development. It's different when voice acting comes into play, because after awhile I really did enjoy the accents in DQVIII and even in Swords, Fluerette had her moments. I just still find it really annoying when the accents are clumsily forced with phonetic text. Very well said. I agree completely with these thoughts. I wouldn't mind the accents at all, if they used voice acting instead of dialect spelling. In the above screenshots, I feel like the NES translation leaves you focused on the quest of finding missing children, while the DS translation leaves you trying to figure out what the heck is going on and what you should be doing. If I had played the DS version when I was kid, I wouldn't have had a clue what was going on...especially because the accents and phonetic spellings change with different locations.
  14. I agree. I have no issue with the puns/names if they are not overdone. I don't want to be expecting everything in the game to have an unrealistic name. The two from Dragon Quest III mentioned earlier I have a problem with. Drac the Vlad? I'm supposed to believe there is a species of monster called Drac the Vlad? Robbin' 'ood? How is any name with two apostrophes a real name? One is for a pun and one for pronunciation reasons only. This case is particularly bad, because Kandar is more than just a one-time boss enemy. He is fought twice in the story of Dragon Quest III and then shows up late in the story to give important info. This name makes him a shallow character, nothing more than a "robbing hood" even though that isn't the case by the end of the game.
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