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  1. The file upload size limit has been increased from 2MB to 20MB on the Dragon Quest Wiki. There are a lot of images hosted on the Dragon's Den, as well as other places on the internet that can now be uploaded to the wiki. I may consider increasing this size even more if there is a need to do so.
  2. There is a discord channel to discuss the Dragon Quest Wiki. Click the link below to join. I've also added this to the wiki homepage. https://discord.gg/CarvsMS
  3. I have no idea why it was locked/restricted. It has been unlocked.
  4. Wow, I need to visit the Den more often. I totally missed this thread from over the summer. After the Nintendo Direct which announced both the Hero being added to Smash, as well as Dragon Quest XI on the Switch, the wiki saw DOUBLE the normal amount of traffic for about the next month. It was not above and beyond what the current server can handle (it was close!) but it mostly caused issues because the site has rarely had to deal with "spikes" in popularity. And just to share some technical info, the wiki runs using a MySQL database. This database is backed up daily on the site, a
  5. Hey all, the wiki issue which was preventing logins has been resolved. Sorry for the downtime. Thanks to those of you who messaged me and posted on here. Please continue to do so in the future, as I don't have eyes on the site at all times.
  6. I should also mention, that while 9.3GB is the current "base" size for the whole wiki, the size on the server will grow to be much larger (probably by 5-6GB). This is because of how MediaWiki does thumbnail images. While migrating the site, I did not port over the current thumbnails, instead the wiki creates them automatically as images are viewed in a context where a thumbnail is needed. So over the next couple months, they will be regenerated and cause the overall size of the site to increase quite a bit.
  7. The wiki does somewhere between 100-200GB of transfer per month. On the new host, we have 1000GB per month, so that will be no problem at all. The bigger concern is disk space. For some reason, this host (Linode) is pretty stingy when it comes to disk space. We are on the cheapest plan, which provides only 20GB of disk space. The total size of the site is currently 9.3GB. If that ever gets too large, I will upgrade to the next tier size. Most of the size is images, which is not suprising. I'm running MediaWiki with a MySQL backend for the database. The database size is around 600MB
  8. The move to a new host has been a success. The wiki also now supports SSL encryption.
  9. I'm planning to move the Dragon Quest wiki to a new host later this month. This should not affect any of the content or users. The site will be unavailable for a day or two during the upgrade, assuming everything goes according to plan.
  10. I was stunned when I watched the Nintendo Direct. I was definitely a naysayer at this point, I didn't think it would happen. There was such a lack of momentum for the series. Seems like this must have been in the works prior to the release of Dragon Quest Heroes? I remember some folks saying they thought it might live or die based on the sales of that game.
  11. Winning an island sounds like something my 3 year old would suggest as a contest reward. I wasn't planning on getting Just Cause 3, but because of the chance of an island...I'll be first in line.
  12. They are also a rare drop from a Blue Beak. I forget how rare, but I don't think it was a very good chance...
  13. I'm happy to announce that after a many year hiatus, I am once again uploading high quality Dragon Quest videos to YouTube. I'm working on 2 projects simultaneously. The first is a continuation of my Dragon Quest IX series of videos. I'm starting right where I left off...at the Tower of Trades and opening up Alltrades Abbey. The first video will be #39 in the series and go from there. Also, I'm uploading high quality re-encodes of my Dragon Quest IV NES videos. My process for creating the videos has improved a lot since I originally uploaded them, PLUS YouTube now supports 60 FPS
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