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  1. I've also recently gotten this game, and I'd love to get the DLC wad if anyone happens to have it... I've sent a PM to the topic creator in hopes that he still has it somewhere!
  2. I saw Arrietty on Tuesday! It was great, I highly recommend it ^_^
  3. Thems fighting words! Agreed! > I tend to pick Japanese voices whenever given the option in RPGs, although there are some dubs I enjoy. I just dislike certain English VAs (Yuri Lowenthal, Johnny Yong Bosch) seemingly appearing in EVERY RPG I play, it really clouds my perception of those characters On the other hand, incredibly bad English dubs (Star Ocean 2, Chaos Wars) are hilarious to me, so I don't mind those, oddly enough xD
  4. So many on my plate right now! I'm trying to finish my European copy of Xenoblade before it comes out here in the U.S., and I'm also playing through SaGa 3 on DS~ (sadly, I'm further than the recent English has progressed, but I can manage xD)
  5. I loved kicking people! Seriously the best thing xD Loved the music, too. A change of pace from Sakuraba's usual fare. I adore him, but it was nice to have this game feel different! I really DO hate how in the end you get one depressing ending or another, that makes me not want to replay it that much >_>
  6. Finally unlocked everything in Fortune Street *_*

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    2. Ruesen


      Fortune Street: Where the computers actually cheat! ;D

    3. Moonbrooke


      I will have my revenge, Luigi! You will land on my nail salon space and PAY UP, DEARLY >:D

    4. Ruesen


      Luigi always seemed to be the nice guy in my games. mario, Peach, Jessica, and Alena were the real jerks.

  7. Not to be a bother but I didn't get my name change yet, I promise I'll keep it forever and ever! ^_^;
  8. Oh, okay, I think I'd like my name changed to "Moonbrooke" now, if that's all right! Thank you! edit: You can change both the display and login name to that
  9. If you want to know how bad I feel for forgetting this one, it's "really bad"! Valkyrie Profile 2 also has a female lead! Interested in both of these games, but haven't played either. Mind giving me some quick highlights and maybe a rating out of 10? The original Valkyrie Profile is simply a classic. I'd recommend everyone and their dog play it! It's difficult to describe the combat system, kind of strategic yet action oriented. You can chain combos with your characters and unleash super moves, it's really fun. Most of the game revolves around recruiting characters (there's a ton, you get 4 to your party) and the plotline slowly develops throughout. You have a bit of a time limit working against you, but it's not really that restricting, especially on easy. There are multiple endings and paths to go through, so it has a lot of replay value! Graphics and music are top-notch for a PS1 game. (There's also a PSP port) VP2 isn't quite as stunning, I'd really only play it if you enjoyed the first a lot. Way different in a lot of aspects.
  10. Are you familiar with torrenting files at all? I'm not sure if we're allowed to share it here, but I know of a few sites that host the torrent file for this. If you search for the name of the anime + torrent on Google, it should show up
  11. Update on DQ1: rescued the princess! Now, to decide whether to beat the whole game holding her or not this time around, tough decision... I decided to take a bit of a break from that and pop in DQV for PS2, since it's been updated since I last played! I forgot how gorgeous it looks. Just got the Zoom spell~
  12. Just got to Rimuldar in my playthrough of the Famicom version of DQ1. As derpy as some of the sprites in this version can be, they're kind of charming, in a weird way XD I also love the Japanese spell names. Laliho = sleep? Sure, okay. As usual in DQ1, some grinding is in order. Just bought the Broadsword, so I'm a bit broke!
  13. Dragon Warrior was my first DQ game and my first RPG! The obsession has been going strong ever since then...
  14. I have absolutely loved every single DQ game I've played, so choosing is really hard for me... DQVIII had a lot of hype building up to its release and it completely delivered for me, and it's also what re-ignited my love of DQ all over again. So I'll go with that one.
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