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  1. I cant beat final boss in its 2nd form, could someone please help me? Im playing on PS4, and my nickname is kamila-88, im online everyday at evening, timezone is GMT+1
  2. So Switch can barely get to PS3/Vita level in terms of framerate, yes, sorry to say, but we it's Wii U all over again
  3. I finished game, and im about to take on bonus dungeons, but im completely green about monster vocations, i know you get hearts from beaten monsters, but how you get advanced ones? Also, could someone tell me please, how you level up monsters in Monster Meadows? Are they level up as they find tablets? How many tablets you need to find, to get ones with monster hearts as rewards for beating tablet boss?
  4. Hello For those of you who already own game, is there an option to change voices to original Japanese? I've played PS2 version so im familiar with English voices, and would love to hear Japanese ones.
  5. Sorry for late response, i've bought game new, and from shop, it is not pirate cart, we have official distributor of Nintendo games here Im now at E.L.L.I.E parts, and no problems so far
  6. I've downloaded all tablets, but played only 3 of them, and it was one week prior to save damage.
  7. Nope, i always wait until it finish saving, and choose i dont wanna continue game, and wait until message finisz appear, that tell me to close software or turn console off
  8. Saved in present time, after Ygg tree mission, i saved in town in Ygg tree Island
  9. Hello I just started game on, and was greeted by "Your save data is corrupted" type of message, and my both save states are gone Is there any way to get it back? i have 35 hours worth of play time, and i really don;t wanna start again
  10. No, because im a pr.ck (DBZ Abridged reference )
  11. Just beaten boss and women returned to village, i remembered why i adore this series so much, even NPCs are great and i've attached to them, i like Maribel so far
  12. in celebration of 30th series anniversary, live stage show was announced, Shoko Nagakawa is confirmed to play Alena (She voiced character in DQ Heroes 1 and 2) she is very lucky girl, she seem to be genuine otaku, and is able to play so many roles of characters she admire http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2016/02/11/shokotan-cast-as-princess-alena-in-dragon-quest-live-show
  13. Hello I've managed to win Steam code at LordRoto contest, however, since i already got game on PS4, plus my PC is too weak to even play game, i decided to sold it for 25$ Payment by PayPal, if anyone is interested, please PM me
  14. After about 65 hours i platinumed it, what an enjoyable game, i really loved all characters, one of my favorite aspects, is that AI controlled characters actually help you during fights, instead of just running around like headless chickens, im sure im gonna pick up sequel, little worried we might not get it in West, as Heroes 1 apparently bombed in sales,
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