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  1. For the Poker, the RNG is definitely unseeded, meaning you get a determined sequence of cards. So you can double up and get to 9'999'999 tokens in maximum 20 rounds starting from an initial bet of 10.
  2. You mean you didn't have sex before marriage? You are all such traditionalists. :lol:
  3. I logged in after years of absence just to see how the DQ community feels about DQIX. When it came out, I decided not to buy it. For me, DQVIII would be my last DQ. DQVIII was great, but I felt I had enough of DQ. All 8 Dragon Quest are really the same, play a couple of them and you've played them all. The only reason I still went for DQVIII was the cell-shading graphics and real 3D environment which made the game gorgeous. So, I expected no less from DQIX, but when I saw they planned it for the Nintendo DS, and that the graphics would go a step down from those of the eight installment to
  4. 18 hours into Dragon Quest VIII. I was also playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Master Quest, but I suspended it in favor of DQVIII. I was at Ganon's dungeon.
  5. Hello, my favorite Dragon Quest is the VIth one!!! Oh... you allready knew...
  6. The tiny medals appeared for the first time in DWIV. But they are present in the DQIII remix also. DQVI(or put your favorite DQ/DW here) rules, will DQVIII dethrone it?
  7. Hello kinsan!!!!! You got back while I was not on the boards. Anyway, I'm back too guys, anything new?
  8. Yeah! you need a lot of dots for prison movies, especially stripes, for the prisoner's clothes.
  9. lol, well I liked my previous avatar (the Spectre) so much, that I hesitated to change at first. But I guess some changement now and then isn't a bad thing.
  10. Finally, thanks to the new sprites of DQIV PSX I could get the avatar I wanted when I joined this boards, almost two years ago. Yes, it's an Ozwarg. That's actually the true appearance of Kilvan in the manga DQ, Dai no daiboken, as you can see on this picture: Thanks Woodus!!
  11. I would agree that three dots looks more easthetical than six or seven, but isn't it a bit exagerated to make such a problem about it? I mean, true, grammatically three dots is the only correct way of doing it, but sometimes you want to express for example that you're very bored, or that you find something utmost silly. Then I think that you have the 'artistic liberty' -let's say- to add more than three. Anyway, I'm sure people are making worse grammatical and spelling mistakes than that, which are worth noticing. (I probably made lots of them now, sigh...)
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