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  1. Hey all....Been away for a while. Used to have a web page with scans of all of these cards (including all promos and secret-rares). Translated ~200 of them and the rules. This was circa 2012-2014... before we had phone apps that could insta-translate. Should be a lot easier now! (wow, I feel old). Web page and domain are long gone... but I still have everything saved off on my old computer from back then. If there was significant interest, I can dust it off sometime.
  2. Yea... Gem slime. Supposed to use 10% of mp to do 10xmp used damage. So, starting with 350mp, the spell would do 350 damage, and use 35mp. Next time, it would do 315 dmg, etc. Instead, the calculations are all messed up, and it uses all mp (350) and does 10x that 3500!!! damage, and then does not actually consume any mp. It makes Ovo road trivial. REALLY sad and that they haven't fixed this (or any other) bugs....
  3. /\. Accepted . Your in game name is Ady, right?
  4. Hey Kronk, I just set my leader back to Nimzo/Mildrath form you. Send me a friend request 366 627 487 -Flora
  5. My only objection to this event is that it was at the same time as Ovo road, so that was taking all my time. Not every event needs an uber new S, nor does it need to stop tons of xp or gold. I for one really liked this one... The monsters are cute, and the maps were neat.
  6. SWEET - So glad to hear it King Z. My luck also seems different this time...3 runs this far, and I got one of each egg. Terry and Andrew, I should be on your list now.
  7. Just set Gem Slime (Gemmy) as my leader, and cleaned out my friends list. 366 627 487 -Flora Good luck everyone!!
  8. At SS his abilities are Kasizz and Kaboom.
  9. And, just for the record, Nimzo / Mildrath's Black Blight 32 mp, also seems to be guaranteed insta-kill of ALL Metals in the group... Yea...
  10. Swift, White, Shav, Mystic - added you guys Hope I show on your pals list, and Happy Hunting.
  11. OK ..... I didn't realize how broken Gem Slime was. Her Magic burst spell 1) Uses NO MP 2) Is a guaranteed hit AND kill on Liquid Metals and King Metals. Thus, use it EVERY round when doing shock and ore. To hopefully help anyone who gets a Nimzo tomorrow, I just made Gem Slime (going to name her Gemmy) my leader. If you need her, sent me a friend request 366 627 487 -- Flora
  12. /\. No, I remember it not counting scrapyard. At least, it said it didn't....maybe it was bugged and actually did....
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