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  1. There are 14 pages in total that I scanned that has art like this. If they do not exist on this site, i'll happily upload the rest so they can be added to this site.
  2. Hey guys, been a while~ Anyways, I found this old 1989 Nintendo power that had an article of Dragon Warrior with old Nintendo Power art. I looked on the main site, but didn't see the pages anywhere. I already have all of the pages scanned if you need all of the images. Here's two images as an example, the cover of the nintendo power, and one of the pages with the art.
  3. Now whats hilarious, is that the same plush is going on Ebay for like, 30 bucks right now. Quite a steal And yeah, that guy irritates me whenever he pops up. Especially considering that two of em are going for about 50 bucks, while Zoma is ~100. Its pathetic when people try to spike the price up that much.
  4. I finally received this adorable guy in the mail
  5. Is it just me or did they increase the drop rate for monster hearts in the remake?

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      They did indeed. But I don't think you'll find anyone complaining about that change.

    2. jay


      It's just one of the many things they did to make the game easier

    3. Plattym3


      Yeah, I got 2 Slime and 2 ______ those eggplants? pretty quickly

  6. Decided to start streaming games on twitch playing some .hack//infection. Good times~

    1. jay


      I loved that game! Mon amie!

  7. Managed to find a copy of Dragon Quest 1 for the Famicom at a store yesterday. So happy

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Kalmana


      Well, i never actually got the copy of nintendo power with DW1. Wish i did though~


    3. Bururian


      The trending online price for the game CIB is around $10 :P

    4. Ljink


      Cool! Probably one of the most Archaic games though.

  8. used to play. but my decks were too mean so i kinda lost people to play against.
  9. He wont sell items to you until either late or post game. It's scripted.
  10. Rocket knight adventures is a good time
  11. Well. I beat White and i'm kinda...underwhelmed. I donno. Everything just kinda felt a bit too easy, especially the Elite four and the stuff that happened after that. I'm gonna do some of the post game catching, like grabbing legendaries then be done with pokemon for a while. Honestly, I can't really see myself picking up white 2. But who knows, I may change my mind, much like I did about white. And Stepchan. I highly...HIGHLY recommend Meinshao I ran one with Regenerator with U-turn, drain punch, Hi jump kick, and Arieal ace and he basically sweeped through most of the Elite Four.
  12. been playing a lot of stardew valley. First time playing a game like this...and i'm addicted.
  13. I'm sad that for my final team i'm not gonna end up with a Zoroark, I wanted one, but dont have the right events on my Platinum and i don't have HG SS so i'm outta luck. I'm at the E4 right now, with the team Mienshao Minccino (because chinchillas are adorable) Serperior Cofagrigus Reuniclus and Zweilous (dont care enough to do the grinding for Hydreigon) It's a shame that I can't get the hidden ability for Minccino, which makes him very useful. I could always cheat it in with a AR...but meh.
  14. Man. it seems my shiny hunting luck is finally changing. Playing White for the first time, since I avoided that gen...didn't like the majority of the pokemon. Still don't actually... Avoided a trainer on a platform that made me fall into some tall grass, happened to be a double battle, and came across a shiny Watchog. No shiny charm, no hunting for one. just completely random. I'm ok with this.
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