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  1. Great to hear progress is being made! I heard today there is already a Chinese fan translation of the game, too! http://bbs.tgbus.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=5894519&extra=page%3D2%26filter%3Dtypeid%26typeid%3D3058%26typeid%3D3058 It's neat that so many of the text files are such a basic format.
  2. Any update? I love the Itadaki Street series, and am super glad we got them in English starting with Fortune Street. The basic translations for the PS2 and PSP versions are also helpful. Your work will help polish up one of these
  3. Have you asked if anyone's interestedn in helping with the patch at other sites, like GBAtemp or romhacking dot net? Sadly, we don't have a huge fan-translation site like we used to (The Whirlpool was pretty amazing), so it's harder to look for some help on projects... but sometimes, you get lucky and find a wandering, friendly person who wants to help out Thanks for the reply! (and I'd be more active here, but it actually seems a little dead here--I registered a while ago, all ready to jump in, but then I found, there was nothing to jump into! )
  4. I've been around romhacking scenes for a while, and I've enough experience to know that if an author vanishes, so does their work. SOuimet hasn't been on for a month, and if this forum doesn't send an email when a PM is sent, then the next time the patch will be available is dependent on whether SOuimet checks back in on the forums--and if no email prods him, that could be a long while. Most of the time, if someone's been gone for more than a couple weeks, their absence tends to be for good few months (again, from my experience across several different scene forums over the past six years). I didn't see an email for him on his profile--does he maybe have a youtube channel I could contact him on? Those seem to be as active as someone's facebook nowadays It's already strange enough that the initial patch that I have hasn't been reupped on the wiki, where the actual source is supposed to come from (let alone this update patch). I'm not saying that SOuimet isn't coming back and the patches are gone for good, but I am cautious about whether new players will get a chance to use the patch, simply because there's no access to it. I've seen tons of cool projects just up and dissipate because the author didn't leave an active download around, and while I completely respect the author's intents, I also believe in sharing the fun while we still have a chance to enjoy it (within the respectable bounds of the author!). So if someone here does have a copy of the patch, it'd be a nice alternative if SOuimet does turn out to have vanished for a spell
  5. That was my first step, but he hasn't been on in almost a month. That's why I wanted to ask fellow fans for a helping hand. Knowing from prior experience, by the time SOuimet probably logs in, I would've forgot about asking or lost interest (e.g. months later).
  6. Sorry for the bump, but does anyone know how to get in contact with SOuimet, or have the latest patch? I recently started playing the Pro version again and found that I had the older translation, and looking in the recent posts, there appears to have been an updated version that's being given out! Anyone able to help a DQ-fan out? I'll repay you in slime cookies
  7. I don't think it's actually that simple. During localizations, text routines are often modified or even rewritten to accommodate for the English language and it's ways of writing. A real basic example is in a lot of Japanese games just ten years ago, you didn't really need more than eight characters for a name. But in English, you can easily use more than just eight letters to describe the same concept/word as its Japanese counter-part. Stuff like that is done all throughout the game--sometimes the changes aren't easily able to fit into the original text code, and the code has to be further adjusted to allow the new code to work properly. This makes porting the U.S. stuff into the Pro version a bit troubling, because if there's been enough changes like that, it's like trying to stick a round peg into a square hole--you can't just bluntly copy/paste anymore. I'm pretty sure SOuimet would have noticed relocating text was all that had to be done if it were that simple. But if not, it doesn't hurt to know it now...
  8. That's the trick! For some reason I was a little cautious that the patch did more than just edit that small bit of data (I'm so used to DS edits to shift files all around...). Thanks for the suggestion--I wouldn't have tried it otherwise :3 Looks to be working so far.
  9. Ah, now I did find a copy of your patch hidden in the older corners of the internet! But I seem to be having difficulty getting it to run alongside the anti-piracy patch. I can't get the AP patch applied when your translation is already applied because the AP tool no longer recognizes the game's checksum or whatever. If I put the patch on first then your translation, one of the crew members is missing in the beginning (the anti-piracy measure is in effect). It looks like your patch ends up reversing the AP patch change. Any suggestion on how I can get the two working together? I think before people started physically patching out the AP in the ROMs, they would just use cheat codes. But I can't find an AP bypass code anywhere other than the patch...
  10. I wish I could help your project out some--I've been interested in the romhacking stuff for some years now, but I only really liked messing around with the NES, since it's my favorite system. If I had the experience with the DS I'd look into helping you. I'm of agreeance with leaving out the story bits. I've followed a bunch of different translation projects for games, and most of them die due to a lack of interest. The shame is these projects lose the work done too--because the authors want to not release anything until a certain standard is crossed. I've seen and personally think that there's two stages in a fan translation of a game--what's necessary to play it, and what's everything else. The DQMonster games are really low on story, and most of us play the games because of how much fun it is to get to use all those monsters and make the next cooler thing. The story is really the weaker point of these games... For people afraid of moonspeak, having a gameplay patch to get all the utility features straightened out is an awesome help. Especially when you can use a walkthrough to find out what to do to proceed with a story--but it's not so easy to remember all those skills and traits the monsters have. Getting a basic utility patch out helps players get into the game and enjoy its gameplay. Now that the English version of the game is out, it's even easier to figure out what to do in the pro version (excepting the new content). But still figuring out traits and skills and weapons might be confusing. Translations which release these partial translation patches generally generate a good amount of interest for the game and the translation project in general. It keeps people coming back looking for the next part. Most projects I've seen that don't like to release anything until it's basically all 100% done and editing lose people who are interested, and the authors themselves end up losing interest as well. There's tons of games that ultimately have no patch because there was never one released in the first place and there's no one around to release the work's that been done--it's all lost. Lots of hacks have disappeared from the internet this way... which is a shame. I've seem some cool stuff over the years I'm all for waiting for a patch. But if you think you might lose interest again for a good chunk of time, it might not be a bad idea just to drop a little teaser patch somewhere. It's too bad about the patch... Squeeeeenix seems to be more interested in protecting their property than other developers lately :/ Maybe you could offer a torrent version of the patch?
  11. Hi! I've been following this thread for a while, but I didn't feel like giving the patch a try until I saw what version was being localized. Now that the English version is out, I was looking for the patch--but it's vanished! Can anyone PM or email me a copy of the patch? It seems everytime it gets uploaded it's removed... which shouldn't normally happen for just a translation patch I've been looking for a few days now and it'd be nice to see all the extras pro added! I finished the original version about a month before pro came out a year ago, but I was monster'd out and wanted to wait a bit
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