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  1. First of all, having a Cleric would be really redundant. Its niches have already been filled, so there really wouldn't be any point in that class. Also, Magical Might increases damage you give from spells like Frizz and Zam, while Magical Mending increases healing rates.
  2. Personally, I rather missed a "joke class". I would have loved a class that fooled around just as often as it attacked. Plus, having Chance/Hocus Pocus/Lucky Dip would have been awesome in DQIX(I've always loved that spell for some reason).
  3. Honestly, this is a rather hard choice for me. Especially seeing as how I have this bad tendency with DQ games to not finish them no matter how much I like them, usually due to some sort of saving error(seeing as how I very rarely save) that causes me to lose a bunch of progress. Anyway, my personal saddest moments are... Pretty much everything in DQV. It's just incredibly sad to me. However, it's also my second favorite story in DQ. The whole Eri thing in DQVII. I actually cried when I saw Eri still there, trying to help her "sick" master, when he was actually dead. Trodain in DQVIII. Also, Marta's deadth.
  4. But you don't know how to control yourself and you fly into a mountain. I wish I could control computers with just brain waves.
  5. Granted, but it gives you salmonella because they didn't cook it right. I wish that I had another week off of school.
  6. Ohhai I'm a Pedobear, I noticed you were 14 years old

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