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  1. Anyone with a Steam account - vote this up!: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=165535538 I was the concept artist for it and it would be really cool if it got in-game, every vote is appreciated!

  2. Every day I'm Scorch/Lightning Storm/Scorchin'..

    1. Lord_Rigor_Mortex


      let me guess on your orochi you do this that would deal around 600 damage a turn.

  3. Every day I'm Scorch/Lightning Storm/Scorchin'..

  4. Orochi is the best thing since things.

    1. PrimeSlime26


      I didn't have too much a good time with him. I ended up putting him waya or using him to get someone else. Glad you like him though :)

    2. PrimeSlime26
    3. DJ BlackJack

      DJ BlackJack

      orochi is the lizniz. eats his village people? hides away in a volcano in the back of the village? epicness......

  5. Working on my first post-game project - a Mumboe-Jumboh. Lots of Magmalice scouting.

    1. Dwaine


      Just get dancing flames. Quicker and easier.

    2. Bynine


      I already got all the pieces, but thanks, I'll remember that should I ever need to make another.

    3. Mattcraft


      Don't forget the RP with all your post-gameness!

  6. Ugliest team ever - Droll and TreeFace. No matter, they kick serious tail.

  7. Just got Joker II. My, is this game good.

  8. When posed what he did over his entire summer vacation, a Jeopardy contestent responded that he had spent the whole thing playing Ocarina of Time. Faith in humanity: -32

  9. Right. I'll try something new, then.

  10. derp

    Hmm, think I should just start afresh with a new character or should I keep going with Bhudda?

  11. Dude. Just.. Just stop attacking him and let it go. You're just encouraging him.

  12. Ah, sure. Sorry, your RPG goes a little fast for me.

  13. Bynine

    Really, if someone had watched something that obscure, then I'd think they would remember both. But eh, doesn't matter.

  14. Bynine

    You could've been the Nowhere Man.

  15. Bynine


  16. Bynine

    Why thank you.

  17. Groovytasticular.

    Any suggestions?

  18. Bynine

    Hello, new member!

  19. Howdy, cousin!

  20. Do words in italics mean thoughts?

  21. Greetings and welcome to DA BEST BOARD EVA

  22. No, he's just weird that way

  23. Hey, welcome!

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