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  1. hi guys! i apologize, i completely forgot about this - but i'm glad it sparked discussion! i really only made mine as a fun dive into romhacking, so it definitely was shoddy on the code side, but i figured i'd post it anyway. it looks like TheCowness has created a version superior in every way, so i'll put that in the OP.
  2. hey folks, long time no see! on a whim over these past couple of days i wrote up a little program that can create a randomized version of Dragon Warrior Monsters 2. it can change where monsters spawn/you get in events (for example, you could start off with any monster) and it can even change the characteristics of the monsters themselves. it's pretty simple to use, just check the README if you have any difficulties. enjoy and please let me know if you have any feedback! (note that it requires you already own a ROM file of either DWM2 game.) link to download the program: https://www
  3. Please don't turn this topic into a discussion about racism! As important as it is, it doesn't have a place here. the second dragon is a work in progress Tell you what, you guys can come up with names for the new ones. And as always, C+C is appreciated!
  4. Cesar, you probably haven't seen blackface before, because it's mostly an American/Japanese thing. Here's an example: http://japansociology.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/img_0402.jpg And yes, there'll be more fake monsters. I'll probably fill up that chart. (It just yells loudly at people, Dwaine.)
  5. Oh God it looks like blackface doesn't it
  6. Done in a retro style. I tried my best to do them like Toriyama. Free to use with credit! Criticism is always appreciated.
  7. I have to say that I enjoy your avatar enormously.
  8. They might be adding monsters from DQX, judging by the hat-wearing pig in the promo picture.
  9. You guys really need to stop milking these puns...
  10. Anyone with a Steam account - vote this up!: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=165535538 I was the concept artist for it and it would be really cool if it got in-game, every vote is appreciated!

  11. The mantis is - WarMantis. That pig is super freaking cute, is it from anything?
  12. MY DREAM HAS COME PRAISE ALLAH i'll genuinely hurt someone if it doesn't get translated
  13. Actually, for whatever reason, they look like DrakSlimes instead of DarkDriums. Don't ask me why!
  14. This is great to see! I'd love to assist in making new monsters/tilesets in this style for you.
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