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  1. this maybe odd to say do what hope on my minecraft sever

  2. He mentioned infamous internet dweller Christian Weston Chandler, look him up on Google if you want, I'll warn you now, some of the things you'll find, as I previously stated, are not safe for work viewing.
  3. Dude what? Um I'm not Chris Chan and you talk about ME not adding anything relevant to the conversation. You also forget about that guys notorious homophobia and racism, two things that I lack. (Not to mention the myriad of things he's done that are seriously NSFW or really NSFA [Not safe for ANYONE]) Good job making yourself look like a total d-bag but also a troll who clearly hates himself and lashes out by trying to bully people he deems lesser than himself. @Platty: No there aren't any baby slimes in the near future at this time. By the way, I would love to see the end result of your dresser repainting. I'm sure what ever you decide your son will be happy with.
  4. Smart move keeping the fighter, especially when you're hunting for Metal Babbles/Liquid Metal Slimes. Sadly though, you can't get to 80 Medals without defeating Baramos as some areas are inaccessable, you can come pretty close though if you play the Pachisi tracks enough times. (I think the most you can get without beating Baramos is like 77 or something)
  5. @Roger: Baramos doesn't nullify buffs but his Explodet, Blazemost and Fire Breath attacks are really nasty. If I remember right he CAN use Limbo which sends one of your party members back to the Tavern in Aliahan. You are correct in advising to use Increase and Barrier to dampen Comerade Creepazoid's damage output though and yes HealUs is a MUST for surviving this battle. In my last playthroughs of Dragon Quest III I was usually in the high 30s early 40s before going into Baramos's Castle and taking on the Demon Lord/Archfiend himself.
  6. My picks are Milly (Muriel) Angelo and Ragnar! Agreed, for example, I always pegged Ragnar as a Highlander in terms of speech and mannarisms
  7. @Platty: Perhaps the root beer was made using the mythical Bacchus Roots?
  8. Either way, this gives me another reason to get a wii/Wii U at some point in the future, hopefully this will see Earthbound (SNES) and Mother 3 (or Earthbound 2) see a virtual console release, if they haven't already.
  9. When meeting a girl don't go in with the intention of forming a romantic relationship, just shoot for being friends for now, of course having common interests helps with conversation (Which is key to sustaining any form of relationship of course) and of course mutual attraction. If the attraction is there, you both have some common ground and have known one another for awhile then look at going beyond friends. I do understand your frustration regarding this matter though Erdrick, a few years back I was in the same boat as you, I live in a small area filled with folks that have little to nothing in common with me when I started going to conventions that is where I met some of my closest real life friends. Maybe try hitting up a local convention, there you might find someone or at least some friends to talk to (be it in person or even online) Finding out what you want to do in life, that's something I think all 7 Billion of us have struggled with at one point or another in life, me personally, just being a father would be fine for me, if I hit it big with game design, so be it, if not, hey it's a fun little hobby. Platty's advice is pretty good too, if your looking at going to college to study for something, read the information on courses at various colleges and maybe call up a couple of professors if you're confused or unsure about something. You could also look into learning a trade, be it construction, plumbing or even auto repair (There will ALWAYS be a need for this line of work)
  10. teh w00tz!! I R please-ed with this news Seriously though, thanks Platty, and I figured a screencap would have been the best proof of purchase, plus might find something amusing within the game itself
  11. Platty: Fair enough on your part pointing that out, normally I can take some good natured ribbing, I was just feeling crappy this morning, still no excuse for contradicting myself. (By the way I think YOU should have been made a Mod and not Dwaine, just a personal opinion ) ^Quoted for truth, my rantings there were a long time coming. but anywho, Aust: Agreed, I'm more than willing to be done that annoying little tangent, as I said earlier, I stated my thoughts and am MORE than ready to move on to a different tangent. I'm with Yangus, those are indeed some nice looking dressers as for which Super Hero brand to paint, might have to get a six sided die and roll it to help decide, Odds: DC, Even: Marvel.
  12. So it would seem Baramos possesses the Ball of Light Seriously, awesome stuff finding a better deal on Yokai Watch Plat, it's $39.99 everywhere else, I can't wait to read some of your posts showing your thoughts on the game.
  13. Here's my screenshot, since there was a character limit I had to purposely mis spell master and not use proper spacings between both parts of my Den Name.
  14. Awesome stuff man, and thanks for the offer, incedently I have some resources myself if you would like me to pass them on. Some of them are repaints of monsters ripped from Dragon Quest IV-VI DS and Dragon Quest VII :3 (I even have some Torneko Monsters and characters too) Of course the ripping was done by a couple of awesome friends of mine, I only did the colors
  15. You're welcome and I may just take you up on your offer to test out the old version some time, I'm a fairly patient guy though so I'm more than willing to wait for the new version since it looks like it's gonna be amazing and from what you're saying far better than your current work. (I know how that can be, considering I'm working on an RM2K game myself :3 )
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