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  1. I've got all accolades except the 'collect all weapons' one. Need to get the dimensional dungeon weapons. I even finished the monster extermination thing! Started just leveling up all the classes the two heroes can be and getting them to master all weapons for kicks while i grind. Also found out that for some reason, I now can do online play without having ps plus (ps4). Not sure what gives but I'll take it all the same. It's been fun playing with random people, though i haven't tried the powered up dragonlord or estark yet. Was tough enough beating normals with AI... And when I faced normals with people, we had an overpowered Psaro in the party while all I did was heal so... yeah unsure about the tougher ones.
  2. Finished my accolade hunting for Wanteds, Mini Medals, Item Drops, and Accessories. I even almost finished my Monster Suppression goals, just two more monsters left! Shame one of them is in a low spawn area but can work on it. Also only need max proficiency from Desdemona, Kiryl, Angelo, and Terry (and Angelo is only a few away). Eventually I'll need to go online, but think i'm making pretty good progress. Just boring stuff left like orbs/weapon grinding.
  3. Already in progress. Just finished my Wanted hunt, monster item drop, and all accessories collected. Working on monster medals now which is pretty easy since now I know where all monsters are haha. Puff puff will come naturally too, i already switch out partymates if I max their proficiency. I think I just have Angel and Terry left since I never use them.
  4. The Great Divide was one of the only two story bosses I had a single fail on, second being an unnoteworthy early mission cause I was dicking around. That said, I had some super close calls. One in fact where I had a subpar team facing the first demon mentioned in post above. Was just training up some proficiency with people, didn't expect him. Jessica was left by herself, chipping away at his health, dodging everything. Thankfully she could heal herself and do damage from a distance. Last night found the locations of several monsters on my wanted list. All i have left now is: MiniDemon, Shadow, Tortured Soul, Gryphon, Hell Gladiator, Low Djinks, and Float o Copier. Monster I know location of, just got to hunt: Blue Dragon, Crimson Killing Machine.
  5. Been working (and streaming) my progress on Wanted huntings. Really the hardest part is just finding where they spawn. 15 left! BTW, anyone know where the following monsters spawn outside story events or 'map boss' spawns (ex: Boss Troll or Antiquitree in the woods)? Minidemon (the green imp), Shadow, Blue Dragon, Tortured Soul, Gryphon, Hell Gladiator (all their damn recolors look the same!), ArchDemon, Goodybag, Cure Slime, Infernal Armor, Tyrantosaurus (not to be confused with rexasaurus), Low Djinks, Float o Copier, and Crimson Killing Machine? I found where Dread Dragon sometimes spawns but damn is it annoying ->
  6. Copying my lightspeed entry here as requested: http://imgur.com/a/wsIWf
  7. In case attachment didnt go through, here: http://imgur.com/a/wsIWf Couldn't get the dang img code to work with it. And if this is fine, hope I can use this for proof of purchase too.
  8. Beat the game, now grinding on achievements. The Wanteds are being particularly annoying.
  9. Just at a big battle now, after getting Maya. Only just got the game Sunday but I cannot stop playing, haha! Also, I really love how they handled Torneko and Meena's skills/weapons. Suits them and makes them so useful! In fact, I don't think any character is 'useless' yet! It's also nice that more than one character can actually have healing now so you don't feel forced to bring Jessica in your party like the first heroes game.
  10. I love the way my badge came out. I honestly didn't expect to win, I just submitted it since someone suggested Ragnar+Healie before me. Wanted to submit at least 1 DQ4 pair and not many others spoke to me. Thought top 3 in contests get badges. Suppose not anymore? Or does it depend on the number of entrants?
  11. Well way back when, we had king slime for slime knights website. Granted that was a title given to the person in charge, but we shall always get slimes for our pr mascot. I'd love to see a slimeborg make a return, though I doubt it.
  12. The iconic Dragon Quest slimes were based on/inspired by Wizardry's slime enemy, if i recall correctly Looks to be true, I searched it. http://www.engadget.com/2010/07/10/yuji-horii-explains-the-dragon-quest-slimes-origin/
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