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  1. I vote 4 cuz it was the first ive ever played, it was like being in a whole new world
  2. i'm kool(with a k(artificel cool(im not cool at all(to many parenthises(help they got me(aaaaaaaahhhhhh))))))

  3. I remeber the first one I playd was the origanal DQM for game boy. I couldent find out how to save but when i (acidently) figured it out, it overwrit my sisters saved fiel. she was so mad
  4. Best website ever

  5. ello it be gem slime: Congradulations, you where the onley person to respond to my post

  6. Hey Gem I'm ur friend dude, welcome to the Den.

  7. Do you use AIM or MSN Messenger?

  8. helo its gem slime. Just felt like saying something to someone

  9. woot! I comented on myself (I need Freinds)

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