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  1. Lol I totally forgot I had named my character that! I did it when I was drunk starting a new game at like 11 PM. BTW, Mefista: do you know where I can actually read that entire DQ7 comic series? I looked for it a while back but just couldn't find it online!
  2. Also, apparently when enemies call for help it counts as a spell. I used stopspell on an ozwarg and then this happened: Did anyone else know this?
  3. So, made it the whole game up until Level 30 in Rhone without my team dying once. Then this happens right after I exit the shrine from saving: Literally from a single blizzard. My Hero attacked and left it with 5 HP. It then cast defeat with my full party alive and at max hp and mp.... and I watched in horror as one after another they all DIED! ,...................... $#!&!!!!!!
  4. The memes aren't dank enough! At this rate the meme lord shall never grace us with his presence. We need MORE!!!!!! And then there's this $#!&$#!. I just don't know what to say : http://www.kotaku.com.au/2015/11/man-impersonatesdragon-quest-characters-in-his-underwear/
  5. The Nes mini is sadly a VERY lame attempt by Nintendo to capitalize on the Retro Gamer market. I recommend THIS instead: http://www.fceux.com/web/home.html
  6. You're welcome. Thanks back to you for the shout out Woodus and for hosting it.
  7. This guide can now be found on this site under the NES/DW2 section. It has been formatted and cleaned up a lot to be much more readable. Thanks to Woodus for uploading it onto here! Link: http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dw2nes/pdf/dw2nes_mini_guide.pdf
  8. Oh god. WatchMojo. I'm clicking off right now. BTW, the fact that they mention Hargon, WITHOUT showing his awesome Battle Road Victory incarnation is an unforgivable sin and should be considered a hate crime by all present.
  9. Sounds good Woodus. I PM'ed you about it. I'm almost done. SOME MORE LAST MINUTE TIPS AND MECHANICS *Monster moves each have a different % chance of succeeding on your characters (credit goes to AlexKC on GameFaqs for this info. The thread can be found here: http://www.gamefaqs....ior-ii/67224292 ) 1/4 Chance of Poison Attack Succeeding 1/2 Chance of Call For Help Succeeding 24/32 Chance of Sleep and Stopspell With Gremlin's Tail Succeeding 3/32 Chance of Sleep and Stopspell With Dragon's Bane Succeeding 12/32 Chance of Sleep and Stopspell Without Dragon's Bane Succeeding 3/8 Chance of Faint Attack or Surround or Poison Breath or Sweet Breath Succeeding 1/8 Chance of Heroic Attack or Defeat Succeeding *The Mysterious Hat functions like a regular helmet that all 3 characters can equip (it is NOT just an item and only gives a minor defense boost of +4 to defense though. Much lower than erdricks helm) and lowers the MP cost of all spells by 1; the exceptions are sacrifice (stays the same), plus revive, heallall, explodet and chance (they all decrease by 2). I have confirmed that Bazuzu drops this item; according to the map that comes with the game, Magic Vampirii are supposed to drop it too. But I have never gotten one from them in over 25 years. IN THE ANDROID/IOS VERSION, the hat (called Mad Cap there) is dropped instead by Metal Babbles. Here are 3 pics proving its existence: http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r160/Esco1979/proof%20of%20hat%20DW2_zpsxd0sllnv.png http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r160/Esco1979/proof%20of%20hat3%20DW2_zps5s4s02j8.png http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r160/Esco1979/proof%20of%20hat2%20DW2_zpsenyryhif.png *Metal Babbles COMMONLY drop the Dragon's potion; this item will allow you literally save your games data anywhere and is worth taking the time to try and get. Though if you load a game file you will always be back at the last save point you used in a town/castle/monolith and not start from where the dragon's potion was used. But your stats, exp, items etc. will all be saved perfectly. This item does NOT exist in the Android/IOS versions. *REMEMBER WHEN ITEM FARMING: the LAST monster killed determines what item can drop. So if a group of 7 healers and 1 metal babble show up, this means to have a chance of getting the dragon's potion the metal babble would HAVE to be killed last! *Never equip Cursed items! The gremlin's tail makes you more susceptible to sleep & stopspell. The evil shield is a downgrade shield wise. The sword of destruction does NOT provide enough of a damage boost to offset how often you will freeze up to make it worth having. This weapon will also slow down your overall grinding speed and can and WILL get your team slaughtered because of it. The same goes for the gremlin's armor (which provides a slight defense boost, but NO extra defense against fire, thus making it not nearly as good as Erdrick's Armor or the WFC). None of these items are good for anything except selling them for gold (yes I am aware of the uncursing item glitch; but it only lasts for one level. Pretty pointless). *Here is a link to a pdf file with all of the monsters in Dragon Warrior II's individual spell resistances that I found online some time back: https://www.mediafire.com/?cnw7j3lfrusrq0z *Also here is a quick summary/review on what moves you should use to handle some of the monsters/groups (I didn't include ones that don't pose much of a threat at all) when you initially encounter them. PLEASE NOTE that I rarely suggest surround even when it works because it's not very effective in this game compared to sleep instead. If I don't mention sleep or stopspell, it's because they are not worth using. Defense and increase are also pretty useless until the final bosses or against attackbot early on, so I never recommend them for anything besides those cases. For more details on enemies and strats for in detail for the BOSSES, look in the appropriate section above in the mini guide for where they first appear. Groups of Magicians: stopspell initially; later sleep or infernos Groups of Lizard Flies, Centipods & Megapedes: infernos Baboons: avoid early on before level 13 by staying away from section E in the monster map in the Moonbrooke region and grinding anywhere else. Sleep is your best option against them. Ghost Rats: infernos usually one shots them; sleep works too. Beware the groups of 5 that appear in the tower of wind's upper floors. It may be best to have the prince parry here and let hero attack. Magic Baboons: sleep Demighost: sleep. Then use infernos too if there are multiples. You want these dead asap as they CAN attack twice and their attacls CAN critical. These can quickly end you if you get unlucky. Gremlins: sleep. Infernos after in multiple groups. Don't underestimate them as they can blow fire and heal, not to mention they hit pretty hard. Saber Tigers: Infernos these. They have low HP but can attack twice sometimes and hit VERY hard. Medusa Balls & Carnivogs:Sleep. Groups of Sea Slugs: infernos. Although not a huge threat in big groups early on they CAN catch you off guard and slaughter you thanks to a combo of sweet breath, faint attack and calling for help a lot. Gorgons: attack with hero; staff of thunder with princess. Not hard, just annoying. Be patient and conserve MP. If fighting them early use stopspell to avoid them raising their defense too high. Dragon Flies: Attack with hero & prince, plus infernos in Charlock when dealing with groups of 3 of them. When dealing with groups of 5 in the light house use firebane and infernos both to kill them all, and BE VERY WARY OF THEM IN THIS AMOUNT. They are an EXTREMELY dangerous group. Groups of basilisks: spam infernos and firebane. Sleep works too but is a waste of time. Hunters: Sleep is your best bet. Infernos and firebane combo MAY one shot them sometimes too. Puppet men: AVOID! You should never encounter these outside of the sea cave if you follow my guide above, and you definitely don't want to be dealing with them there if possible. Firebane+infernos or explodet is pretty much all that works. 2 Sorcerers: sleep and stopspell both on the first turn. Ghouls: sleep. NEVER EVER USE STOPSPELL!!!!! Gargoyles, Hawk Men and Vampirii: sleep Evil Clown: sleep. Be wary of one of these with 3 horks. That battle can go VERY wrong, VERY fast. Horks: before Rhone Cave avoid them. By then, they are much weaker and use FOCUS ATTACK. Have their target parry and chop them up. Explodet works on them most of the time too but shouldn't be necessary. Groups of Graboopis: defeat. Firebane and infernos combo works too, but sometimes attack spells like those fail. Groups of Evil Eyes: sleep Mummy: attack. Sleep is useless and attack spells only work once in a while. Same for defeat. Use hero to chop them up. They use FOCUS ATTACK and can cause fainting so have their target parry if it is anyone else. Saber Lions: defeat. They use FOCUS ATTACK. Always have the princess parry if a group of 4 show up early on or she can die in 1 turn if she is the target. Attack spells like explodet sometimes fail. Stick with defeat. Mega Knight: explodet one shots him. Dark eye: defeat.Explodet has only a 3/7 chance of working. Sleep is useless. Ozwargs: sleep or explodet one shots them. Flame: defeat or sleep. They can call for HELP so be aware of this. Hargon's Knight: Explodet. Sleep is useless and stopspell will just make them go nuts attacking. BEWARE they can attack twice and their attacks can critical. They can also use healmore. Magic Vampirus: defeat or explodet. Orc King: sleep Berserkers: explodet can sometimes one shot them. Defeat works ok. I'd just chop them up with hero though. They use FOCUS ATTACK so have their target parry. Metal Babble + ONE HUNDRED err..... several healers: defeat and sleep combo on healers. Hero attack metal babble. Easy kill. Green Dragon: EXPLODET for sure! it can fail but sleep is useless (0/7 chance) as is defeat (1/7 chance). If necessary use it for 2 turns in a row if 4 dragons appears and it doesn't work well enough on the 1st turn. Cyclops: defeat and sleep combo on groups Silver Batboon: explodet and attack. Sleep and stopspell are useless, defeat has a 3/7 chance only. Attackbot: surround + defense with increase. Hero attacks. His attacks can critical BTW. In groups of other enemies, hero attacks him while the prince and princess kill the other enemies with explodet, attacks & defeat. Gold Batboon: stopspell & explodet. Sleep & explodet only have a 1/7 chance and are useless. If you need to ask WHY I recommend stopspell you REALLY shouldn't be playing this game. lol Blizzards: defeat works best; explodet should be used too if more than 2 appear at once. Giants: explodet once and chop them up. Immune to sleep and defeat only has a 1/7 chance. Bullwong: hero attacks, prince attacks princess uses explodet. This can kill him in one turn sometimes. 2nd turn (if needed) Hero attacks and others parry. Bullwong in a group with 2 gold batboons: stopspell the batboons, hero attacks bullwong, princess uses explodet. Spam stopspell until it works and explodet until bullwong dies. MaceMaster: attack, attack, attack! Lol, immune to sleep, stopspell and defeat. Explodet has a 4/7 chance of working and can be useful against groups of 2 of them sometimes. Atlas: surround, increase and defense. Explodet and sleep are useless. Bazuzu: sleep and explodet. Beware his sacrifice and defeat spells. Zarlox: defense, surround and increase. Hargon: stopspell and explodet Malroth: increase, defense and surround. Immune to attack spells like explodet. *SHOPPING GUIDE: here is a quick reference for what order equipment should be purchased in. For more details for each area, see the individual sections in the mini-guide above as needed. NOTE that I do skip buying multiple pieces of equipment that just aren't worth getting. Before Spring of Bravery: leather shield- hero Before Heading to the Moonbrooke Region: leather shield, chain sickle then chain mail - prince. Afterwards chain sickle then chain mail for hero. Moonbrooke Region: wizard's wand via lottery for princess. Broad sword for hero, then iron spear for prince. Full Plate Armor for hero last. SKIP STEEL SHIELD FOR NOW. Lianport Region: clothes hiding for princess, then clothes hiding for prince. 3 dragon's banes: one for hero, then princess, lastly prince. Steel Shield last for hero. Tantegel+: Erdrick's Sword, Armor of Gaia, Staff Of Thunder, Erdrick's Shield then lastly Erdrick's Helm. Get Light Sword for Hero when you have enough gold after all this. Tuhn Region: WFC for princess, then WFC for prince. Falcon Sword then shield of strength; both for prince. Rhone Cave: shield of strength for princess to use as an item, then one for hero. Erdrick's Armor then Thunder Sword ASAP. Your guys should now be FULLY equipped. IF you get a mysterious hat at some point, give it to the princess when grinding and the prince when trying to beat the game (to lower the cost of revive). FINAL EQUIPS: Hero: Thunder Sword, Erdrick's Armor, Shield & Helm + dragon's bane and shield of strength to use for healing Prince: Falcon Sword, WFC, Shield of Strength + dragon's bane & light sword to use as an item to cast surround on bosses Princess; Staff of Thunder, WFC + shield of strength to use for healing & dragon's bane *Just an interesting fact: the max EXP you can get in one battle is 9999: http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r160/Esco1979/MAX%20Exp%20DW2_zpsvoberjoz.png AND WITH THAT I THINK I AM FINALLY DONE WITH THIS GUIDE! I HOPE THAT IT IS OF USE TO THOSE OF YOU OUT THERE WHO ARE AS BIG A FAN OF THIS GAME AS I AM! If anyone has any questions about a particular enemy group or strategies for an area that they feel I missed, feel free to ask and I will be happy to answer.
  10. Level 31+: ENDGAME; mace masters, giants, metal babbles and berserkers. Time to head to the castle. From this point onward, the 3rd floor of hargon's castle will be the best place to grind. BUT YOU WON'T WANT TO TRY AND BEAT THE LAST BOSSES UNTIL AT LEVEL 32; 34 would be even better if you want to face all 5 in a row like a true Dragon Warrior II PRO. Remember what I said at the VERY BEGINNING in GENERAL TIPS: you are either spamming MP to grind, or saving it to survive a trip. Well it's time to save up so your strategies for the enemies in Rhone NEEDS to change. You won't want to use explodet or healall much on the trip to the tower. THE EXCEPTION is if more than 3 blizzards appear: then both explodet and defeat should be used. Otherwise, just defeat cast by the prince with the hero attacking is enough along with the staff of thunder. Blizzards should always be killed first in any enemy encounter group BTW. Next is bullwong: chop him up with the prince and hero. Princess should parry. Giants should get the same treatment plus princess should use the staff of thunder. Gold batboons get stopspell and then the same. Hero shouldn't attack gold batboons before being stopspelled unless you are CERTAIN he will one shot them (If you are wrong, sacrifice is probably coming your way). Killing all these guys should be simple enough. NOW the most important part of this: HEALING! If you get a group with giants or gold batboons, leave one alive: have everyone use the shield of strength as needed to heal then finish it off (BEWARE: giant's attacks can critical; so don't do this for more than 1 turn. A stopspelled batboon, on the other hand, is pretty helpless so do it as many times as needed). If instead a blizzard is left, heal everyone but either hero OR prince and have them kill it immediately. Bullwong is the same scenario. Also, take the RIGHT PATH through the mountains: this will result in you fighting the weaker foes (Cyclops, silver batboon, etc) for a bit of the trip too. That will give you PLENTY of chances to easily heal up with your shields. Using this strategem you should EASILY be able to make it to Rhone, unless you get defeated to hell by blizzards choosing to show up EN MASSE suddenly. If you run into a scenario where somehow everyone is low on HP and could all die next turn, use sacrifice while the others parry to save your team. This should NOT happen if you heal properly, but if you have a leaf of world tree you can always revive prince after. So just remember this emergency strategy. Also, if someone dies ANYWHERE before you reach the mountains I mentioned where weaker enemies are, cast return, heal and try again. It isn't a very long walk to the castle, but you still have 5 bosses ahead of you inside it. So conserving MP before it is VERY important. Now about Hargon's Castle: unlike EVERYWHERE ELSE, here you will actually want to conserve MP even when grinding for healing and reviving as need. You won't need explodet for these groups or even defeat really. Because while the 2nd floor of Hargon's Castle has some enemies from Rhone cave + bullwongs here and there,metal babbles appear on the 3rd floor all over the place which is where you will want to be. The absolute BEST group to look for is a battle with 2 metal babbles and a mace master. You can easily get 3000-9999 (the max you can get; trust me, I have the pic to prove it) exp from one of those battles with some luck. The reason is that the mace master WILL revive the metal babble (or both if you managed to kill them) over and over again periodically, as long as he is alive. However, due to a glitch in the game when the metal babble is revived he will have mace masters HP and defense. Meaning after it is revived, although it won't get one shotted by your hero anymore, it will no longer have it's massive defense either. So just have your whole team attack to kill it. Repeat this 8-9 times (or until the metal babble manages to run away), kill the mace master and behold: 9999 exp. JUST REMEMBER: mace masters can use DEFEAT. So while it may be neat to see that much EXP show up once, usually it's better to only do the trick 3-4 times at most, then kill mace master. Just to ensure that someone doesn't get hit by defeat and miss out on the HUGE EXP boost that is coming. Speaking of mace masters: don't waste your time using spells on them. They are immune to sleep, defeat and stopspell, while attack spells like explodet have a 4/7 chance to work. And while YES we were spamming EXPLODET when near the shrine to heal up, since we are pretty far away now, you want to conserve MP so that you can kill metal babbles for longer here. So just go all out with attacks for the hero and prince and the staff of thunder for the princess. Use your shields of strength to heal during battle whenever possible too. Some info on Mace Masters: When you see two of them appear it is VERY important in that first turn that you kill one of them. In case BOTH use explodet. The last thing you want is for them both to survive and then BOTH cast it again next turn. TAKING 4 EXPLODETS IN A ROW LIKE THIS WOULD BE A DEATH SENTENCE!!! If they both use Explodet on the first turn, you CAN always use the 2nd turn to heal using your shields, and then just bide your time until they stop with the explodet spamming. Which shouldn't take long, but the goal is to finish them BEFORE defeat is cast and actually works on someone.Luckily they tend to waste turns on increase/defense and with the stats of your characters, killing one in your first turn should be pretty simple. You could also chance casting explodet on turn 1, but this may waste 8 MP that you could put to much better use healing as needed. You shouldn't use explodet on groups of 2 mace masters, UNLESS your guys are running low on health after turn 1 because you got nuked twice and both mace masters are still alive. But if that's the case, and death looks like it is looming, it may be better to use sacrifice with the prince, and parry with the other 2 characters. This can save your other 2 character's lives and you can then just use your leaf of world tree to revive the prince and keep grinding (ASSUMING you followed my directions to ALWAYS have one on you). You will also encounter mace masters and 2 berserkers; honestly I'd just hack up the mace master, and either use defeat on the berserkers (if grinding) or just kill them next turn with physical attacks. (if trying to get to the bosses and beat the game). Don't waste time with waiting for mace master to revive berserkers; they aren't worth squat. Remember berserkers use FOCUS ATTACK. You will also run into a mace masters and a giant(s?) together. It really isn't worth using the revive trick for these either. You just wouldn't get as much exp per minute as you would just looking for metal babbles to kill here since they are VERY plentiful. SPEAKING OF THE BOSSES, here is how to kill each of them with relatively little effort. PLEASE NOTE, all 5 bosses are immune to Sacrifice. BUT CHANCE'S SORCERER'S CALL WILL WORK ON ALL BUT MALROTH (he simply runs, then the battle starts anew with him at full health. YIKES): Atlas: $#!&ing prick that he is. First move: Hero - attack, The other two: Parry. Yes you read that right: 2 of your characters should parry. Atlas uses FOCUS ATTACK and hits VERY hard. He can easily do 110 points of damage in one turn. That means that on your second turn if you didn't follow my directions above and he targeted anyone other than hero, even parrying will NOT save that character if he attacks before you can heal them. Which is VERY likely to happen. Now after turn 1, you now know who Atlas's target is. If he picked HERO: have Hero parry on turn 2; prince uses increase, princess uses Healall on hero. At this Level, he will have more than enough HP to survive Atlas's 2nd round of attacks if parrying. From then on, the hero will attack every other turn, and parry between those where the princess will use healall on him. The Prince should use increase 4 times on your team to max their defense out; then he should attack too. At this point The Hero should be able to get 2 turns of attacks before parrying again too. When the princess isn't using healall, she should cast surround until it works, then use defense (which also works on Atlas). DON'T BOTHER WITH EXPLODET: he's IMMUNE to it and all other such attack spells. If Atlas picked Prince instead: just have him parry the rest of the time. Hero attacks, princess uses healall as needed on prince, then surround until it works and lastly defense. Easy, easy, easy. If Atlas picks the Princess instead: DO NOT PANIC! Although this is the WORST CASE SCENARIO, it is still survivable. Hero attacks, prince casts healmore just about every turn on the princess, princess parries. All it should take to kill Atlas is 5 turns (6 if he dodges). If at some point healmore works well enough that the princess doesn't need to be healed that round, have the prince use the light sword as an item to attempt to get surrond on atlas. If this was already done, use increase. As long as your MP isn't low, you will still win. IF ATLAS KILLS HERO: it's not a good scenario. But he may still be beatable. Though it can be a VERY slow process. If he targets the princess: have the prince get increase in place until you are maxed. Heal the princess in between as needed. Once done have him attack and just PRAY for criticals. Alternatively, if he attacks prince; heal him as needed and cast Chance. PRAY for the Sorcerer's call. In both cases, use the light sword or surround ASAP if it hasn't been used already. Bazuzu: what a little $#!&@. Compared to Atlas this guy is a clown. 3-4 attacks from the hero alone should do him in. He uses defeat (which REALLY sucks if it hits hero), but the prince can actually do some damage to him and explodet works (3/7 chance) along with sleep. The best strategy is to have the hero & prince attack 2 times each while the princess casts Sleep or heals the two as needed. This should take about 160-180 of Bazuzu's HP. Now if he is NOT asleep at this point STOP attacking; when his health gets low he can cast sacrifice. But right now he is still above that danger zone. While it's true that hitting him again with the hero SHOULD kill him, if you are wrong and instead his health is just close to death YOU DIE! So your goal is to put him to sleep if he is awake. ONCE HE IS ASLEEP, attack with both hero and prince, and cast Explodet. He'll die, and you won't have to worry about sacrifice. Simple boss. If defeat at some point works on hero, or he dies from explodet or a physical attack (which bazuzu rarely uses at all), you'll have to use defense on bazuzu some so that the prince can damage him more combined with explodet to win. Zarlox: dear god, this guy's physical attacks hit harder than Atlas. Thankfully, Zarlox is an idiot. He wastes turns using fire breath (15 points average damage to everyone; OH NO. Lol), healall randomly and increase. Along with sometimes using explodet and rarely using his normal attack. He DOES USE FOCUS ATTACK though. So with that said, take no chances: if he physically attacks someone have them parry next turn and use healall on them. Just in case. Otherwise: hero attacks, prince casts increase 4 times then starts attacking, princess uses surround first (he has no defense against it), then defense over and over. Don't waste time with explodet and sleep; they have only a 2/7 chance of working. Yes, I said Zarlos uses healall, but with his defense at 0, yours maxed and the hero and prince attacking, it will take 3 turns at most to kill him. If he uses increase, just use defense again as needed to counter it. IF HERO DIES, use defeat over and over ( it has a 1/7 chance of working) and/or chance so that you hopefully get the sorcerer's call. Remeber to keep anyone he physically attacks as CLOSE to max health as possible. While he rarely uses his physical attack if he does, if their HP is below 100 it could take them out. Hargon: although there are some RARE cases where this guy can be difficult, he is usually a pretty big pushover. First up, spellwise, only stopspell and attack spells like explodet work. Hero attacks, prince goes right into stopspell, princess uses explodet. He will waste a LOT of turns casting sleep before he is stopspelled (which with Dragons banes on will almost always fail), and will instead spam sweet breath once stopspell is used. Attacking wise, he'll use explodet before being stopspelled and his brutal physical attacks once stopspelled. Luckily he doesn't use focus attack. For this fight, I wouldn't waste time with increase: go right to stopspell. The longer this fight lasts the more likely it is someone will get put to sleep. Have the prince use it until it works. Meanwhile, Hero attacks, and the princess uses explodet. If you get REALLY lucky he can be dead in 2 turns. But generally, 4-7 does him in. He CAN use healall, but thankfully Hargon is an idiot: most of the time he won't get to. ESPECIALLY if you do get stopspell in place. Just make sure to keep EVERYONE'S HEALTH ABOVE 100. Once stopspelled you will see plenty of physical attacks; and while he doesn't hit as hard as even Atlas, they still hurt WAY more than Bazuzu's. If the Hero dies, you'll be explodeting this guy to death. There isn't much more to say about this guy: unlike the absolute AWESOMENESS that accompanies his Character in DW: Battle Road Victory, here he's just lame sauce. Malroth: another boss that loves healall. But it won't matter. The biggest threat with this guy is having enough MP left by now so that you can heal enough until you eventually kill him. Only defense and surround work spellwise; explodet is sadly useless here. As is chance's sorcerors call. Hero attacks, prince uses light sword first turn, princess uses surround. If both fail princess uses surround until it works from then on; otherwise she uses defense. Prince will meanwhile use increase 4 times then start attacking. With his defense at 0 Malroth will die in 3 turns from both the Hero & prince attacking; 4 at most. Keep everyone above 100 HP here; he uses 1 single attack that can cause fainting. If someone faints keep them FULLY HEALED since they can't parry while unconscious! If someone drops below 100, have them parry have the prince/princess heal them as needed. His Fire breath does about 50 points of damage; not a big deal if you follow my HP directions above but remember: PARRYING WILL NOT lower the damage from fire breath. Right now, everyone should have 140-170 HP so fire breath isn't a big deal. Once his defense is at Zero, it is just a matter of time and he will be dead. The problem most people run into is when they try going gung ho and all out attack Malroth; OCASSIONALLY, this does actually work. But most of the time you will just get yourself killed. The bottom line: don't rush and don't take chances with the god of destruction. Or he WILL murder you! Also, NEVER let your hero get weak enough in HP that he can die from physical attacks from Malroth within 2 turns. If Malroth attacks him at the end of turn 1 and then the beginning of turn 2 before you can heal with HP that is too low, he dies and YOU LOSE! The Hero is a MUST to beat Malroth as it appears that criticals are impossible here. Death is all but certain without him.
  11. Level 25-30: Rhone Cave & Beyond 25: Rhone Cave1; dark eyes, horks, ozwargs, berserkers, orc kings, gargoyles, etc. NOTE: you should have defeat and explodet by now in the game. HOWEVER, if you do not: go grind until you do as to get to some of the chests you will need to go above Floor 3. Don't even THINK of going above Floor 3 without these 2 spells.... unless YOU WANT TO DIE! You have been warned. This cave isn't nearly as bad as people say, it's just a matter of having these 2 spells. Now, when you first enter Rhone Cave you have 2 goals: 1)Get the life crest in the basement and 2)Get all the chests on levels 1-5 EXCEPT the Thunder Sword; Erdrick's Armor being first. I say EXCEPT the Thunder Sword, because with all the battles that will happen from you exploring getting all the other chests, by the time it's the only one left you will be low on MP. Meaning it will be time to cast outside and go back to town. Most of the enemies on Floor 1 are the same as on the bottom floor of the sea cave. EXCEPT that Dark eyes appear now; defeat works better on them than it already did Evil Eyes so use it frequently on them. However, Dark eyes are immune to sleep unlike Evil Eyes so don't try it. They can use strange jig and sweet breath so kill them first whenever they appear. Also Saber Lions and Metal Babbles show up on Floor 1 as well. On Floor 2 the only new enemy is Ozwargs; use explodet on these for easy kills. Although it can fail on them, if even 1-2 die, it is worth using. Sleep also works occasionally. Floor 3 is the LOWEST exp floor in the cave; only small enemy groups show up here. Orc Kings can use healmore, so put them to sleep and hack them up. Unlike Gold Orcs, attack spells like firebane RARELY fail on them at all, so use the staff of thunder. Berserkers use FOCUS ATTACK, so use the parry strategy to easily kill them; defeat works good too as does explodet. Be wary as they hit REALLY hard. As for the basement full of horks: by now they do very klittle damage. Just keep in mind that they use FOCUS ATTACK and have a habit of splitting up their groups (ex. 1 hork and 2 horks appear instead of just 3 together; if you understand how focus attack works then you understand why this matters. If not see my GENERAL NOTES/TIPS SECTION for details) so as long as you keep your hp up and use the PARRY STRATEGY as needed, they are easy EXP. Though they are not worth very much (300+ for 4 of them) compared to other enemy groups that you can find on Floors 1 and 2, which can give 400-500 Exp easily, not even counting metal slimes on Floor 2 and Metal Babbles on Floor 1. By the time you get the crest and all the chests except the Thunder Sword you will either have gained a level from fighting your way through or be close to it. Go get the Charm of Rubiss and another Shield of Strength (which you should have the gold for now) and give it to the princess to use for healing purposes. If more EXP is needed to reach Level 26, grind on Floor 1 of Rhone Cave. 26: Rhone Cave 2; hargon's knight, flame, attackbot Your initial goal is getting the thunder Sword. After which you can grind some on Floor 2 until you get bored (400-600 exp from battles) then move onto floor 4, where you can easily get 500 - 1100+ exp from each fight. However, the trade off is that while the enemies on floor 4 are worth more they also can be far more lethal. Flames are susceptible to sleep and VERY weak to defeat, and are free exp basically. Attackbot, on the other hand, can be like a boss by himself. He is vulnerable to surround though, which is actually worth using here, while Defense will help to kill him in 1 turn less. Other than that, it's best to have the hero attack, while the others parry then heal as needed. He can appear with other enemies too which can get really nasty. Hargon's knights meanwhile hit just about as hard as attackbots and can sometimes hit twice (though rarely do they do it; but when they do, holy $#!& does it hurt). Luckily they are vulnerable to explodet and only have up to 80 HP and a low defense, and will waste turns casting defense too. I don't think I've ever seen more than two appear in any group either. Be aware that they know healmore so use explodet then quickly finish them off (they are immune to sleep and stopspell makes them attack a LOT more). Berserkers appear here too; handle them like before. I grind here until my hero reaches lv 27; this also gives the prince time to learn Revive which can save you on the next floor. You should also get your last SHIELD OF STRENGTH (for the hero to use as an item) here. 27: Rhone Cave 3; green dragons, magic vampirus, silver batboon, healers, metal babbles, etc. Now onto Floors 5 and 6; magic vampirii are fairly weak and vulnerable to explodet which is your best bet against them as it one shots them. However, you will usually want to kill these last in the hopes that they drop a magic hat (which they are SUPPOSED to drop; I've only ever gotten a single one from Bazuzu though in all these years). Silver Batboons basically spam firebane and sweet breath, and use healall when their health is low (which they shouldn't get the chance to do). Just chop these guys up. They aren't a big deal at all. For metal babbles that appear with healers, have your hero attack the babble, then use both defeat AND sleep on the healers. That should handle them and get you some easy exp. Green dragons as we all know, are a nightmare in here. Explodet works (4/7 chance), and is your absolute best bet against groups of them. Up to 4 can appear, so keep EVERYONE's health around 90 and up when walking around. You can even go so far as to have the prince cast firebane too while explodet is cast in the hope of killing one or two, along with the hero. Your best bet is to spend one round attacking, then one healing everyone (using shields of strength for everyone) as needed once you kill one or two of the dragons. If you get surprise attacked by a group of dragons, round one will be all about healing for your team. Otherwise, spamming explodet will help catch you up too. Sadly parrying doesn't reduce the damage from their fire breath, so that won't help much. But in some cases it CAN save you from their physical attack killing you (which does about 30-40+ points of damage; ouch). 28: southern Rhone; cyclops, silver batboon, attackbot, blizzard Quick grinding time; besides blizzards, the worst thing here is attackbot, who tend to appear in a group with other monsters. Handle him the same as before. Blizzards should ALWAYS be killed first! Spam explodet and defeat, and attack them with your hero before ANYTHING ELSE! They are immune to stopspell and sleep sadly, as are silver batboons. Cyclops are VERY weak to sleep and defeat, and are basically free exp here. Every time a group of 3 appear, have the hero attack, prince cast defeat and princess cast sleep; an easy 1100+ exp. 29: nothern Rhone; giants, bullwongs, gold batboons, blizzards In general, I always see people complaining about this section. But there are several facts to consider: Deaths do NOT matter here: that's right! At this point you have no use for gold, and everyone is fully healed and revived when you die. So don't worry about deaths. Die away. Take chances, GO NUTS!!! MP is fully restored whenever you save here: this means spam explodet NON STOP! You have no reason not use it when grinding! Which brings us to point 3: As I said in general tips: you are either trying to get out of an area or grind. Your tactics will change based on which you want to do. But most people seem to try to do both here at once. That is a suicide mission. YOUR GOAL HERE IS GRINDING. Now with those facts out of the way: the hero will be spamming attack, the princess will be spamming explodet every turn. For blizzards, have the prince use defeat (which they are very vulnerable too; sadly they are immune to sleep and stopspell). For Gold Batboons have him use stopspell, then attack (they are immune to sleep). For giants and bullwongs have him attack. This should allow you to destroy all of the enemy groups easily in 2 turns; 3 at most (bullwongs can sometimes be killed in just one with the combo of prince and hero attacking and the princess using explodet, IF the spell hits; if not for round 2 parry with everyone but the hero and have him finish it off). Heal after the battles. Surround works on Giants and Bullwongs, but is a waste of time considering how fast they will die. Sleep also sometimes works on bullwongs but only has a 3/7 chance and just isn't worth the tradeoff of not using explodet. Especially in a battle with 1 bullwong and 2 gold batboons (which can rarely show up). Considering the fact that you can gain a level in about 15-20 battles easily here, this should be a VERY quick session. Don't worry about MP use at all. Grind near the shrine and when MP gets low, go back in and heal up. If you accept this "splurge on MP mentality" you will do MUCH better here. Quick and simple. 30: northern Rhone CONGRATULATIONS! You are now ready to fight the final bosses. Notice I didn't say BEAT the final bosses; but rather fight them. As in fight and LOSE MISERABLY. Yes I know what the guides say, but they are WRONG. At level 30 it will be VERY HARD to get thru all 5 bosses alive. Yes, you can get thru the 3 sub ones, leave, heal and go back.... but not only is that a pain, chances are Hargon and Malroth will still make you their $#!&@es after. The fact is you shouldn't attempt this until AT LEAST Level 32; Level 34 is even better. By then, I rarely if ever lose to any of them. I will explain WHY in more detail below. For now, grind away in Northern Rhone or even in Floors 5/6 of Rhone cave will work too where you can easily get 1000-1800 exp per battle. REMEMBER, SPAM EXPLODET!!!
  12. Level 21-24: Beran/Tuhn/Osterfair region 21: Beran; basilisks, orcs, dragon flies, goopies etc. Stay in the mountains right below the water surrounding the town for the best monster groups (Section 20 in the MONSTER MAP). Dragon flies show up here and there but not in large numbers. You are basically going to use a combo of firebane and the staff of thunder while the hero attacks to kill most of these monster groups in one turn and earn an easy 250-350 exp each time. Basilisks and titans trees CAN be put to sleep, but it's a waste of time. Nuke them with inferno and the staff of thunder as I said. Goopies fall the same way. You can let them keep calling for help to replenish their numbers and earn extra EXP in battle with them, but this get's tedious fast and is actually slower than just walking around and fighting. This will be another easy quick grind session. Titan trees can use strange jig, but overall, they rarely do. And if you use the strategy I mentioned to nuke them, they won't have much time to. 22: Tuhn; hunters, sorcerers, hibabangos, graboopis, metal babble Go back and get the dew's yarn and magic loom to make the water flying clothes (WFC for short) along with the watergate key. First priority: GET TO TOWN AND OPEN THE WATER GATE. Get your FALCON SWORD for the PRINCE, drop off the items for the WFC, then go get another set of yarn and loom, save and reset. Get your first WFC, and repeat the process for your 2nd one. Fight near Tuhn after getting equipped like this (NOT BEFORE; this is section 25 on the MONSTER MAP. Notice that unlike section 24 nearby NO puppet men or horks will appear here). The hunters here can hit hard. And while sleep does work it is only a 4/7 chance. Hibabangos, on the other hand, are more susceptible to sleep. BE AWARE that graboopis use FOCUS ATTACK. This can easily get your princess or even prince killed in large groups. You can still use there firebane/staff of thunder combo here but sadly attack spells don't always work on graboopis and even occassionally fail on hunters. And while this combo can POTENTIALLY kill hibangos and hunters most times because of their HP they WILL survive. This section isn't hard, but the bottom line is in most battles you will just have to take the damage and then heal after. You can also use surround and increase with hunters, but this then makes it so that you will have to spend an extra turn or two fighting them. Not really worth the time versus just healing after instead. When groups of 2 sorcerers appear, have the hero attack to kill one, then cast stopspell and sleep with the others (they are VERY vulnerable to both). This will neuter these bastards and NOT give them both a chance to nuke you. Your hero can then kill the other easily next turn. Stay OUT of section 24 on the MONSTER MAP BTW; while a metal babble can appear in this section, at this point in the game firebane hurts quite a bit, and it will take about 3 turns to kill one. NOT likely to happen at all. Horks also appear there and right now are pretty dangerous with sweet breath and the fact that they use FOCUS ATTACK also. Puppet men just aren't worth killing with the EXP they give vs. how quick they will strange jig your MP straight to hell. Just stick with the mountains below Tuhn instead. It won't take long getting 320-410 exp per battle before you level up. 23: tower of the moon; ghouls, mummies, evil eyes, evil clowns, etc. Clear this stage ASAP and then just grind on the bottom floor. I've seen puppet men and groups of 3 horks and an evil clown appear on the 2nd and 3rd floors, so I wouldn't grind there. I've already said my piece on puppet men above and horks, but an evil clown mixed in is just bad. If those horks put your hero to sleep before he can kill that Evil Clown, you could easily watch your team then get firebaned the next 1-3 turns in a row until you kill him. The whole time the horks will be attacking one character (who will probably die from it) while still using sweet breath here and there. NOT a good scenario. Vampirii appear en masse here too on floors 4-5 of the tower; use sleep or they will tear you to pieces with their high attack power and ability to attack up to 2 times. These guys are worth a lot, but the fact that 3 horks and an evil clown can appear on these floors, coupled with the actual risk of how much damage the Vampirii can do, makes it just not worth grinding, compared to the relative ease of what you run into on floor1 and how you can easily get 400-500 exp per battle there. The top 2 floors of the tower have mostly evil clowns (use sleep; stopspell only has a 1/7 chance of working), gargoyles (use sleep), gold orcs and occasionally a metal babble. But the groups are small and just not worth the exp. The BOTTOM FLOOR is the best place to gain EXP hands down, due to groups of mummies and evil eyes (which can use strange jig; luckily tuhn is a few steps away ). Be aware that mummies can cause fainting with their attacks and that infernos/firebane do fail a bit on them. They are also immune to sleep and use FOCUS ATTACK. Also evil eyes are worth a lot but can use sweet breath and do hit pretty hard to boot. They can be put to sleep (5/7 chance) luckily. Be wary of large groups of them; they will strange jig your MP to hell and then beat you to death. The worst group is one that has 5 of them and one graboopi. Make sure to kill that graboopi first, or it will call for help later in the fight as you kill the eyes off. Cast sleep on the evil eyes themselves and then spam firebane and the staff of thunder until they are ALL dead. Ghouls will show up here too and can be put to sleep. NOTE: NEVER use stopspell on Ghouls or you WILL DIE!! If you have doubts, try it and see what happens. You have been warned. Otherwise, they rarely attack and will just waste time casting week little firebal spells over and over. You should be able to buy your first SHIELD OF STRENGTH while here; get it ASAP and give it to the PRINCE. 24: osterfair/sea cave; evil tree, gas, metal slimes (AGAIN woo hoo!), saber lions, mega knights, metal hunters, etc. Stay near the town; in case evil trees spam that $%^#ing strange jig move on you. While metal slimes appear here, there just isn't much EXP to be had otherwise near osterfair. Hawk men, sorcerers and gases don't give much, while 4 evil trees will give 313 MP but LOVE to use strange jig for HUGE MP draining amounts. Even though killing 3-4 metal slimes when a group appears for 600-800 exp the sea cave is a better option overall. I tend to spend 1/3 of my time near Osterfair and the rest in the cave. On that NOTE, for the Sea Cave (where I spend 2/3 of my time leveling): B3 and B5 are the best places to battle here. There are no MP draining enemies there (B1 has evil eyes, B2 has both $#!&ing puppet men and more of those god forsaken evil trees, B4 has puppet men but they rarely appear. Still, one group of them is all it takes to F you royally so just don't do it). B3 only has Saber Lions (which use FOCUS ATTACK; if 4 appear have the princess parry in case they target her or she will probably die! Otherwise figure out their target and use the PARRY STRATEGY), mummies and gold Orcs. B5 has Mega knights (sleep has a 4/7 chance of working, but you are better off using attack spells and normal attacks then just healing after the battle. Once the princess has EXPLODET at LV 19 you can use it to one shot them), metal hunters (which are pretty much harmless), dragon flies (in small numbers) and evil clowns (use sleep). Humorously enough, while B5 is actually the EASIEST place to grind in the cave (Metal hunters are easy EXP, and everything else isn't really a big deal there), I tend to do it on B3 AS LONG AS I HAVE DEFEAT. Since it works SO well on Saber Lions. As long as you keep everyone around 80 HP, you should be fine, but you choose which you prefer. On B3, while Saber lions give good EXP, the mummies that tend to show up with them CAN cause fainting. Couple that with the fact that attack spells like firebane tend to fail too frequently on mummies and saber lions too and you could have a recipe for disaster on your hands if something goes wrong. Once you have the defeat spell, saber lions are easily taken out with it, but at this point, you MAY not yet have that spell (you should get it mid this level, or early after getting the hero to LV24 the latest. The prince has to reach LV 23 to learn it) and sleep has NO effect on them. This doesn't give you many good options without defeat. Be wary of these when they appear in groups. Once you have defeat, use it on the lions, evil eyes, and graboopis to make life MUCH EASIER! FINAL NOTES: Strange Jig will be a pain in your ass for Level 23-24; thankfully from here on out, with the exception of dark eyes in Rhone Cave, you will NEVER have to worry about it again. Speaking of which, on your way thru the first 2 levels of the Sea Cave is where 90% of the time you will get hit by strange jigs. If you lose a significant amount of MP due to the enemies doing this, cast outside, go to an inn, then come back and try again. Continuing on with low MP this early into the cave will almost definitely end up being a death sentence for you otherwise. At this point, you will only need gold for two more shields of strength, and should in fact, have almost enough for one of them. Your Hero should have Gaia's armor, Light sword, Erdrick's shield and helm; the prince should have the Falcon Sword, WFC, and shield of strength; princess should have the Staff of Thunder, WFC, and you should be saving up for her shield of strength (to use as an item).
  13. Level 13-15: Lianport region 13: journey to lianport; megapedes, ghost rats, baboons zombies, etc. Head DIRECTLY to the town. Fight any battles you run into (keep your eyes open for a metal slime which can appear), but don't run around looking for them. Use infernos on megapedes; a group of 4 gives an easy 172 exp and is easily killed with one spell. By now, hero should be one shotting most baboons too. Beware of groups of 4, if your hp is not full they can be LETHAL! Keep everyone's HP near max at all times for this trip; 40 and up is best (which will be the most the princess has). Medusa Balls and Carnivores are very vulnerable to sleep and infernos. Be wary that although medusa balls don't hit hard, they can hit twice and use sleep. With your current equips, this can lead to disastrous results. Carnivores love to use sweat breath; when they show up prioritize killing them. Solo they aren't much but they tend to show up with 1-3 baboons; put those to sleep while you hack the weed up first. By the time you get to town, because of the distance you should easily reach another level. But you will probably be VERY low on MP too. Make sure to bring medical herbs ESPECIALLY in case you run into mud men after jumping off of the south tower. Trust me when I say you do NOT want to run into 4 magic baboons without enough MP to cast sleep just a few steps away from the town. Go to the inn, go buy 2 CLOAKS OF EVASION and as many of the 3 DRAGONS BANES (which protect against stopspell and sleep; but NOT sweet breath) as you can afford. Kill the gremlins, get the echoing flute and sell it for another easy 300 gold, along with the cloak of wind for some more gold (you will NEVER need it again). Go to Tantegel to save then head back to this area. 14: Dragon's horn tower; Medusa Balls, carnivores, etc. Grind some here. Should be fast and much easier with your new equips. The desert south of it works too since you basically rushed thru it last time. You should easily get enough to buy your hero a nice new steel shield too. 15: Lianport; enchanters, mud man, magic baboons, etc. Now fight around the town. Stay close to town in case those stupid $&%*ing puppets spam $%^&ing strange jig. Nuke them with infernos; though it will fail on them sometimes it's still worth using. Use sleep on magic baboons. Don't bother stop spelling enchanters UNLESS more than one appears; they usually waste turns casting stop spell and sleep (which will rarely work thanks to your dragons banes) and attacking instead of using firebal. Just chop them up. FINAL NOTES: Not much to say here; infernos will be your best friend when sleep isn't needed. It makes quick work of ghost rats & megapedes. Carnivores can be one shotted by it, but don't bet on it; they usually will have some HP left. While groups of 4 medusa eyes can be killed in 2 turns using it once, then just attacking. Magic baboons fall prey to sleep and are pretty much just like baboons except they can call for help. The rest of the enemies are nothing worth talking about really. Level 16-20: Tantegal Region PLUS 16: Tantegel; Demighosts, gremlins, magic baboons, poison lillies, etc. Stay in region 19 or 1A on the MONSTER MAP. This is the southwest portion of tantegal in the hauksness/cantlin region. As always, spam spells and refill MP when needed for quick grinding. Put gremlins and demighosts to sleep; infernos works well too BUT CAN sometimes fail, so play defensive with these guys. Gremlins can blow flame, know heal and hit decent, but waste lots of turns trying to cast sleep. While demighosts can attack 2 times sometimes and attacks can critical. IN FACT, the worst possible group here is 4 demighosts and a mud man. Poison lillies can show up too and are REALLY annoying, but not much of a threat at all. Sleep is pretty ineffective with them, so use infernos and attack. You can even see mixed groups of several of these enemies; prioritize killing gremlins first, then demighosts, then magic baboons and lastly mud men (since the castle will be close their strange jig is annoying.... but not really dangerous). 17: Tantegel; SOUTHEAST region now. LOTS of Poison lillies, and saber tigers, orcs and Metal Slimes. Before starting to fight enemies run into Charlock castle and get the sword of Erdrick. With it, you should be able to one shot metal slimes with the hero or leave them with 1 hp. This will also give your princess time to hopefully learn antidote too which will help with the poison lillies VERY ANNOYING poison breath attack. (NOTE: IN the castle the only enemy that will require much strategy right now is gorgons. Use stopspell and defense, along with the wizard's wand. Infernos rarely works, so only your hero will be able to do much damage to them. Sleeps works too, but they aren't a threat; just annoying because of their high defense). Saber tigers can attack up to 2 times (though rarely do) and hit very hard but have VERY low health. Infernos them to death for easy kills. Sleep will work on orcs too. This should be a very quick leveling session. YOUR GOAL IS THE HUGE HERDS of 8 metal slimes. Just watch everyone's health; don't get so busy trying to hit them that you get fireballed to death. Keep everyone's HP around 50 here. 18: the ocean; man o wars, sea slugs, etc. etc. Get the gold key, then jailor's key. Get leaf of world tree. FROM HERE ON OUT UNTIL THE END OF THE GAME, ALWAYS CARRY ONE WITH YOU. Get the staff of thunder, armor of gaia, erdricks shield and erdricks helmet. Get the sun crest, moon crest (osterfair) & water crest (from killing 2 ozwargs). Beware of vampiruses near zahn; they hit hard and can attack twice. Use sleep on them. Sleep also works on hawk men and gargoyles. DO NOT GET COCKY WITH SEA SLUGS! While by now their damage is pretty low (if you are equipped as I recommended), big groups of them can put you to sleep over and over. They also call for help and can critical along with having the ability to make you faint with normal attacks. Be aware of this. NOTE too that while you CAN choose a faster land route once you get the staff of thunder to get the shield, then water crest, THEN helm, the goal is to be on the sea fighting to gain EXP/gold. So stick to that. 19: Charlock castle; mummy men, gorgons, dragon flies, etc. Come back to the castle and walk around fighting some. Get the chests in the basement too (by now the prince should have reached Level 17 and thus will have stepguard). Have the princess use the staff of thunder over and over and use her MP to heal. OR you can have the prince use the staff and the princess cast infernos to REALLY nuke stuff. You choose. BE WARY of three dragon flies, which can appear and have a NASTY habit of blowing flames. Keep everyone above 50 HP to be safe. They are immune to sleep so infernos is the way to go. If you get bored here (as the enemies can give 150-250 exp only; the hero needs 8000 exp more to go from lv19-20) go fight metal slimes on the island with the monolith again. You should also have enough gold by now to buy a light sword at Wellgarth so do that next. This will ensure that your hero will be one shotting almost EVERYTHING from here until Rhone Cave. 20: lighthouse; same stuff from Charlock castle, but also undead and gold orcs NOTE: DO NOT ENTER HERE WITHOUT THE PRINCE REACHING LV 18 AND HAVING FIREBANE! Up to 5 dragon flies can show up, and if they do your best chance of survival is firebane and infernos both being used by your team on the first turn. This should kill all of them. Without it, this enemy group can be a death sentence. Giving the prince the staff of thunder and using infernos with the princess will work too, but having firebane for this stage is helpful for MANY other groups of enemies here considering how they can be broken up too compared to the stages you just beat. These guys are also why you will want to keep EVERYONE'S HP up to at least 70 (which sucks, since the prince's and princess's max HP will be around 72-75 each here). They are worth a lot of EXP (414) but the bad news is that if they ambush you and all blow flames (their most common attack) unless you get away next turn it is all but CERTAIN that you will die. This group is one of the worst in the game for when you encounter it, and sadly I can offer no other viable strategy for them than the one above. The good news is, as long as one person gets away, the castle is a VERY close trip and exiting is as simple as walking off a ledge. So there is a chance of getting back to save alive. There is a lot of easy exp here too and a free 300 gold from getting chain sickles from a chest. ALSO BE AWARE, that Undead use FOCUS ATTACK, but otherwise can be put to sleep and infernos works great on them. You will also see lots of gorgons here; keep in mind that while they are annoying they are very little of a threat. Deal with them last. Gold orcs can be put to sleep, but they aren't much of a threat. FINAL NOTES: Save up your gold here until you get 16000 to get the light sword for the hero (the other weapons aren't worth the cost), and then 25000 for a falcon sword next for the prince. You won't need magic armor either as you will be getting both water flying clothes VERY soon. Also, I am aware that YES you can go and get the staff of thunder sooner, and of the gold tricks with it..... but I choose not to use this exploit and keep the game challenging. THROUGHOUT this region be wary of Saber Tigers. Yes, they have low hp, but their attack power is HUGE and they sometimes CAN ATTACK TWICE! These guys can easily turn a battle around against you, so in almost all cases you will want to kill them FIRST!
  14. Well, seeing as all I ever see anywhere I look is how IMPOSSIBLE this game is, coupled with the fact that these are the BIGGEST dragon quest forums around, I figured I'd put a mini guide up that I wrote for myself here. I recently beat the nes version again after beating the Android version, and I've found that while the Android one is baby level easy, the nes one is still VERY beatable with no party deaths up until maybe Rhone (thanks to defeat and enemies doing critical hits). I will admit that it is a challenging game, but that's my favorite part about it. Sadly, I seem to be in a very rare minority and most think this game is just too much. Well, I'm here to help change that fact. This guide has some notes and tactics to make gaining levels faster and survival easier, as well as a lot of info I have yet to see anywhere else. It shows level by level the different areas I use to fight monsters and gain exp/gold so that I'm not stuck in any one particular area for long at all, and get to see every enemy in the game. It doesn't talk about common knowledge things like what each chest has, equipment costs, getting 2 water flying cloths, etc. and assumes the person reading it has played the game at least a little. THIS GUIDE IS FOR THE NES VERSION OF THE GAME!!!!!! Though quite a few tricks here will work on SNES/MOBILE version a lot has been changed in them to make the game just way WAY easier compared to the original NES version. Hopefully, this thing doesn't just end up getting lost in a sea of posts and fade into obscurity within a week. I hope that this is at least of some use to a few hardcore fans still having issues with this old game. A FEW GENERAL NOTES/TIPS: * I tend to play this game using FCEUX emulator; this is so that I can overclock it to 150% by hitting the + key once. This makes the game MUCH more fast paced and saves time for those of use who like me have a busy schedule. Also I don't use savestates to cheese thru the game. F that. *Decide whether your goal in the area is to get thru a stage or grind. Don't try and do both at once. The reason is, to save time on grinding you should spam spells to murder enemies in vast numbers as quickly as possibly. Then just go back to the inn, heal up and repeat. Don't conserve MP to save gold from avoiding going to the inn; the fact is you will actually LOSE more gold per second doing that since you can easily gain the gold cost back for an inn stay in one battle. ALSO, when grinding, you should be able to kill the enemies in 1-2 turns; 3 at EXTREME most. The exception will be late game, where you MAY want to leave one enemy alive long enough to use shields of strength to heal everyone a bit after killing the rest. Inversely, wasting MP when your goal is to get thru a stage alive instead and collect items in it is a bad idea and a quick way to find yourself in a situation where you have no options left but to die. *Status spells wise, sleep is your best friend, and stopspell has a few mid to late game DEFINITE uses. Surround is really not that effective in this game, but it DOES work on 2 of the end game bosses and attackbots. But otherwise I RARELY use it. Increase doesn't give much of a boost so it is only useful against the endgame bosses too where you will use it several times in one fight; same for defense (though both increase and defense are helpful against attackbots, but that's about it). This was fixed in the updated versions to be MUCH more effective, but again: this guide is for the NES VERSION. So we won't go there. *When grinding in towers, do it near a ledge where you can quickly jump off the edge to exit. This can and WILL save your life. *SOME AREAS ARE JUST LOUSY FOR GRINDING! This could be for a number of reasons, but they all basically can be summed up like this: too much risk of dying. These are noted below. In areas like that where I will say GET IN AND GET OUT, this means get in, get all the treasure, kill what you run into, then exit the stage ASAP. Don't stand around after picking extra fights though.... LEAVE! *Don't grab the dew's yarn, magic loom or watergate key until RIGHT BEFORE you head directly to Tuhn. That's 3 items slots you would waste for while and that you could instead put to good use meanwhile, considering how limited inventory space is. Also, once you get the staff of thunder, you can throw away the silver key. You will NOT have any use for it EVER again. *ALWAYS have a wing of wyvern on you from the Lake Cave and onward (where you find your first one and the silver key). Earlier than this they are just too expensive to pay for IMHO. But for the REST of the game, you should always have one. It can be a life saver. THE ONLY EXCEPTION TO THIS IS IF you get a dragon's potion. Then they become redundant as you can just use the potion to save, reset and end up back in town just like that. *Once you first get a leaf of world tree, always keep one on you. If you use it, get another before making any perilous treks. NO EXCEPTIONS. *Carry spare herbs when permissible: another very important time saving strategy. ESPECIALLY if you run into a bunch of monsters who strange jig your MP away leaving you unable to heal or are low/out of MP and near your next goal (this tends to happen on long trips like the initial one to Lianport). *Running from strong enemies is prone to failing and can, in fact, be a DEATH sentence when it fails; an example is against 4 green dragons, who will either kill someone or bring everyone close to death. If your MP is low enough that you think you will have to start fleeing LEAVE THE STAGE IMMEDIATELY! Don't take chances with it or you will die. *Strange jig is a $#!&@ of a whore of a filthy mother#%^&ing pain in the #@&; we all know it. I've actually seen this move take 30+ to 40 MP from one use just 2 days ago. Thankfully it will only be something you really have to worry about for a small section of the game. I will have strategies in place to help you avoid this but just remember: if you lose significant MP when just entering a stage because of it, leave the stage, go to an inn, and then start the stage over. That's a better idea than trying to press on with limited MP (which 9 times out of 10 will lead to a death sentence. Be smart). *Your princess is a glass cannon for most of the game; until around when you hit Rhone cave, you will want to keep her HP at 80% and above ALWAYS. Annoying, yes I know, but HUGELY improves survivability. Around Rhone Cave and after, 60% will do. The prince various a bit more and the hero is a tank. They will both really depend on what area you are in. *FOCUS ATTACK: some enemy GROUPS (keyword there) will pick one character to target and will then all attack that same character until he/she dies. Ex. 3 saber lions will all pick either the hero, prince or princess. All 3 will attack over and over until that character is killed. Then they pick another target and do the same. BUT if you were to run into 2 saber lions and one saber lion in a battle, the group of 2 may attack the prince over and over, while the one may attack the princess over and over. That is because since they are split up, they are counted as TWO groups, not one. Make note of this as it is VERY important. When dealing with enemies like this who hit really hard, it is best to have the targeted character parry over and over, then keep them healed, while the other 2 characters easily slaughter those enemies. UNLESS they pick the hero. Then in most cases, it's best to keep healing him and have him keep attacking, as he does one shot enemies for most of the game. Which brings us to: *THE PARRY STRATEGY: early on in the game, there will actually be a number of times when it is best to have the prince and/or princess just parry while the hero kills everything. Since he can one shot the enemies, and has a solid defense, this actually makes a number of battles MUCH easier. You then just heal afterward and repeat the process with little risk. A slower method of battle, so it's not good for quick grinding (except when you first find the prince and then again when you first find the princess). But it increases your chances of survivability greatly when making long treks and is VERY helpful in that aspect. This is also VERY useful against enemies who use FOCUS ATTACK as mentioned above. *THE ENEMY/MONSTER MAP: you will hear me reference this in the guide below several times. It comes from this very site. Make a note of this: http://www.woodus.com/den/gallery/graphics/dw2nes/maps_overworld/dw2nes_monster_map.pdf Level 1-8: Midenhall/Cannock Region STARTING OFF NOTES: always have a medical herb on you as the hero here. While you should use the inn when possible instead since it is much cheaper right now, these can and WILL save you from ambushes and the unexpected while exploring. Once you get the prince, it still is a good idea to have 1 herb for each of them, in addition to 1 antidote herb each. If you get a lottery ticket here from buying items SELL IT for an easy 50+ gold (a huge amount right now). This area is overall very easy with the huge # of medical herb drops and how basic combat it. QUICK GOLD TRICK: start game, buy antidote herbs over and over to get lottery tickets. Sell the tickets and herbs back, save, repeat. If at any point you start to lose gold, reset. This is an easy way for beginners to give themselves a quick edge here. 1: mountains right above midenhall (don't go too far north here) Buy a medical herb at the game's start; fight slimes and big slugs here 2: head to leftwyne More big slugs and slimes 3: leftwyne; iron ants Beware drakees; they can hit for 3 points of damage and can take 2 hits to kill. Get the LEATHER SHIELD ASAP 4: cannock; drakees Walk to the castle. Save. Wild mice are a good find but 3 can be dangerous right now 5: head to spring of bravery; wild mouse Buy an antidote herb or 2 in case you get poisoned by a babble near the cave or in it by a big cobra. Stockpile medical herbs from enemies/chests. Don't grind in the spring; GET IN AND GET OUT. BEWARE groups of 3 babbles outside the spring when heading to it or leaving it. They are nasty right now and can easily poison you. 6: get the prince; fight near the monolith leading to hamlin; new enemies like babbles, healers, etc. Buy the prince a LEATHER SHIELD immediately. Use the PARRY STRATEGY until the prince reaches Level 3. Then have him use firebal for quick kills over and over. When his MP runs out go to an inn. This is easily affordable and saves MUCH more time than trying to conserve MP. BE AWARE: babbles use FOCUS ATTACK! 7: fight around the area OUTSIDE lake cave; new enemies like big rats, big cobras etc. More SPECIFICALLY: there is a range mountains to the left and downward of where the monolith to hamlin is. It is neaxt to the water's edge. FIGHT HERE. Buy the PRINCE (yes prince; NOT HERO) a chain sickle first. This way if he runs low on MP he still does decent damage. The hero will still be one shotting everything and won't need a weapon upgrade yet anyway. If you run out of antidote herbs, head back to town IMMEDIATELY unless you know the antidote spell. Babbles and Big Cobras both can poison you. BE AWARE: Big rats use FOCUS ATTACK! 8: lake cave; magicians show up in mass on the bottom floor. Buy the Prince (NOT the hero) the Chain Mail first; he should be around Level 7. Don't grind in this cave; GET IN AND GET OUT. Grind instead in the Monolith leading to Hamlin, which has about the same enemies as the bottom floor in the Lake Cave and is much easier to get out of and much closer to an inn too. BTW, you will get your 1st Wyvern wing in the lake cave in a chest. Be wary of Magicians in the cave before you get stopspell (Lv 8 prince). They CAN appear en masse on the bottom floor of the lake cave and in the monolith. Enemies should be killed in this order when they appear based on threat level: Magic ant (sleep is very dangerous right now if these appear with other enemies ESPECIALLY magicians), Magician, Big Cobra, Babble, Big Rat, Ghouse Mouse. FINAL NOTES: After coming out of the lake cave you should have enough gold to buy the hero a chain mail and close to enough for a chain sickle for him as well. If needed grind a little in the monolith for what you need before leaving this region. Big rats can drop wyvern wings which can be sold for extra gold. Remember that you can sell your old equipment to make a chunk of what you need too. The hero and prince should both have a leather shield, chain sickle and chain mail now. Level 9-12: hamlin/moonbrooke region 9:Go thru the monolith to hamlin; Magicians, centipods, etc Get the princess ASAP. Heal up, then fight NORTH of hamlin until she reaches Level 4 and has sleep and inferno too (VERY important). Take the time to get a wizards wand from the lottery; have the princess equip it and use it as an item as needed. She will have this for a LONG time. You can also take the time to do the same for a wizard's ring (though I never do anymore since you rarely need it with the strats here.) 10 (princess MUST be at Lv4 or up): fight south of hamlin; centipods, magic ants, lizard flyies, zombiess, healers etc. STAY OUT OF SECTIONS MARKED WITH E on the MONSTER MAP to avoid Baboons. This is easily done and these are the most dangerous thing here. Grind in section F regions instead, or even region 10. If you do choose to fight baboons now, put them to sleep ASAP and keep everyone's HP around at least 40. But honestly, they aren't really worth fighting considering the exp you get for the effort and threat. Instead, infernos groups of lizard flies and centipods to death for quick easy exp. If you run into a megapede use firebal or infernos too. BE AWARE: ZOMBIES USE FOCUS ATTACK! 11: moonbrooke castle; fight groups of zombies, smokes, etc. and hopefully kill a metal slime or two. Get the broad sword before coming here. Using the funds from selling the hero's and the prince's chain sickles to buy the prince an iron spear, which he will use for a LONG time. Zombies are easy but have high HP and are common here. 12: tower of the wind; ghost rats are new Zombies can appear en masse here; easy exp just watch who they target. Be wary of ghost rats. They hit REALLY hard right now and can call for help. Up to FIVE of them can appear at once on the higher floors of the tower. In fact, let's specifically discuss that group: With infernos, several of them will die. Along with attacking with your hero and prince, this can quickly cut their numbers down. Sleep works on them quite well too. Since they can call for help the PARRY STRATEGY will NOT work at all here. The bottom line is, expect to nuke these with infernos and attack with the other 2 characters or expect to die. This is one of the most UNFAIR enemy groups in the game if you get unlucky fighting them and 3 of them target the princess. WHICH WILL KILL HER! Thankfully I've only seen the group of 5 ghost rats appear on the topmost 2 floors of the tower (not counting the absolute top level floor with an empty chest that actually has no enemy encounters). Grind near an area where you can easily jump off the tower as needed in case something goes wrong and stay off the highest floors to avoid this group. It's that simple. FINAL NOTES: Before leaving this region, Hero should have the broad sword, full plate armor and leather shield; the prince should have the iron spear, chain mail and leather shield; the princess should have clothes and the wizard's wind. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you skip buying the steel shield for now for the hero and put that 2000 gold instead towards 2 cloaks of evasions in the next region as soon as you get there and 3 dragon's banes. This makes the next few areas MUCH MUCH easier.
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