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  1. I never expected this game to reach millions in Japan, since I think Japan ain't all that big on MMO. But I think the game has more subscribers than that of FFXI ever did in japan (Might be wrong, correct me if i'm wrong). I may sound stupid by saying this, but I do kind of think that the WiiU version was more aimed for the English audience. Since it would have been too late to bring DQX on the Wii over here, putting it on the WiiU perhaps gives Nintendo a bit of breathing room to release it over here. Because seriously, I never saw the point of bringing out DQX on the WiiU. I mean, most jap players of FFXI still play it on their PS2 and nothing else. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Street pass is a lot easier now than once on DS, DS required you to put the game on sleep while playing the game and set it up for street pass, 3DS though makes life easier as passing anyone allows for street pass for every game they played. It's fantastic to get street pass from one person who gives me content for NSMB2, MK7 and Kid Icarus all at the same time. Besides, it's up to the developers to utilize street pass, not Nintendo's, it's there if they want to use it.
  3. If Iwata had his way he would do it in an instant, same with Monster Hunter. I find it more amusing when people complain about how it's not on a sony system for both DQ and MH yet most times Nintendo are giving a big hand out to push both games out in the west, if they ever went onto a sony system again who knows how thing would turn out.
  4. Yet funny enough those websites are more tolerable to read compared to neogaf.
  5. It's the main reason why I laugh at people who continue to call the Dragon Quest the same game since DQ on the NES. It keeps to it's roots yet continues to branch out and add new features that become a common thing for many other series outside of DQ. I mean DQIX tag feature, I think it was in a couple of other DS games before but it didn't spark until DQIX came out and now look at it, 3DS is built upon street pass with most games having the feature one way or another.
  6. Agreed, I'll be waiting a year before I highly consider importing DQX since most DQ games come out over here a year after it's released in Japan. Fingers Crossed!
  7. Hideki Kamiya is now super duper awesome, following him on twitter was the best thing to do.

  8. Ok lets jut say this game DOES come out over here, because of the IP lock does that mean I won't be able to play with people in Japan? Cause that was my biggest issue with MH3 over here, I have friends in both Europe and America and I could only play with half of them :/
  9. For people who don't have a Nico account (Or keep getting kicked off) here is another stream. http://www.justin.tv/j_jirou#/w/3535953968
  10. I'll wait for the WiiU version, hopefully by then we will know more on if we are getting anything over here.
  11. Don't know why, but this comment gives me hope of this game coming out overseas, him talking about having fun from people from other countries.
  12. I think the fact that Nintendo has published DQIX, DQVI and DQMonsters 2 after S-E failed hard at something simple has something to do with it and their huge interest in DQ still to this day as well
  13. Not to mention he pisses off most gaming communities (Most notably NeoGaf) so that also make me like him more as well.
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