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  1. I never expected this game to reach millions in Japan, since I think Japan ain't all that big on MMO. But I think the game has more subscribers than that of FFXI ever did in japan (Might be wrong, correct me if i'm wrong). I may sound stupid by saying this, but I do kind of think that the WiiU version was more aimed for the English audience. Since it would have been too late to bring DQX on the Wii over here, putting it on the WiiU perhaps gives Nintendo a bit of breathing room to release it over here. Because seriously, I never saw the point of bringing out DQX on the WiiU. I mean, most
  2. Agreed, I'll be waiting a year before I highly consider importing DQX since most DQ games come out over here a year after it's released in Japan. Fingers Crossed!
  3. Hideki Kamiya is now super duper awesome, following him on twitter was the best thing to do.

  4. For people who don't have a Nico account (Or keep getting kicked off) here is another stream. http://www.justin.tv/j_jirou#/w/3535953968
  5. I love it when I see a new game and think it sucks already, I should know I'm a pro at this

  6. Hey just out of curiosity, where would be the best place to be able to obtain the Dragon Quest Collection on the Wii? I tried out play-asia but they are all booked, anywhere else?
  7. The most simple and effective way of looking at this as a timeline is as followed Dragon Quest Dragon Quest II Dragon Quest III Dragon Quest IV Dragon Quest V Dragon Quest VI Dragon Quest VII Dragon Quest VIII Dragon Quest IX I am hoping Dragon Quest X is indeed the sequel to IX, don't want the timeline to go all screwy.
  8. Just play through all the stories in Dragon Quest VII if ya want really sad stories. All the Dragon Quest games have some form of sadness in all of them, that's one of the reasons I love the series. And how Horii brings the stories in the game. It's not all 'in your face' It usually has the happy charming feel yet during times of events becomes very mature for those brief minutes. It's why I think the Dragon Quest series can easily please us older players but also young kids
  9. Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime was the first true dragon quest game I played. After falling in love with it I was on the hunt for Dragon Quest VIII after listening to some of the music on some websites Once I got that I completed the game and went onto playing Dragon Quest I on the SNES with the fan translation. When I finished that Dragon Quest IV finally came out to the DS, so played that, then Dragon Quest V. Then I got into Dragon Quest(Warrior) VII. Still going through Dragon Quest II, III and VI
  10. Persona 3, over 200 hours and I still can't get enough of it >_<
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