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    Watching Anime, (DAI NO DAIBUKEN!!! ;), Sports like Soccer, Attempting and Failing at immitating Yangus "COR BLIMEY!", hanging out with friends, playing music.
  1. yeah sure both would be cool thx woodus.
  2. Could you change my name to Titanium King Slime?
  3. OOH how about this? http://www.youthink.com/photos/avatar-34/2880259avatar-34.jpg
  4. Yeah tht doesnt mean u can post junk all over the forum. and Junk it with ur name everywhere. Oh &(*& too late /:)

  6. I'll think about changing my name...if i were to change it id change it to Yangus....no no dont change it...i like loto
  7. Hey Loto here....i like what you do with the tournaments dude long live DD!!!

  8. I gotta say its like a tie between the 3rd and the 8th. Cuz lets say that Loto is just comepletely awesome. And Dragon Quest 8 was just awesome too. 100 hrs of gameplay great storyline, Dragovian Lord. Awesome DUDE!! COR BLIMEY!!!
  9. ello it be gem slime: Congradulations, you where the onley person to respond to my post

  10. Until now i was clueless as to how you get those slimes under your avatar. Thank you so much woodus. Sry I'm new .
  11. The First Game I have ever played was Dragon Warrior 3 for the GBC. My aunt had purchased it for me for my 6th birthday. I havent played it until now but my account was a lvl 50... O.o Didn't know i was that good of a gamer back then. But definately Dragon Warrior 3 was my first, and favorite game. Other than Dragon Quest VIII. COR BLIMEY!!!
  12. Hey Gem I'm ur friend dude, welcome to the Den.

  13. Woodus! Thank you so much for posting this website. It has helped me so much...from Dragon Warrior 3 to Dragon Quest Monsters Joker, I dont know what i would do without you.You're the best!

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