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  1. A little over 210 hours to complete my first run through the game. Pure enjoyment all the way through. Still short a few accolades for the casino ( pure luck ) and horse racing ( bloody hard! ) and a few other random ones. One thing I particularly enjoyed was how the most useful battle party rotated throughout the game, bringing almost everyone into the main party as they attained skills or weapons that made them invaluable. Will certainly be playing this one again in the future, and will likely finish off those missing accolades in my current game eventually. I enjoyed this one enough to possibly have the definitive version sell me a Switch when it comes out.
  2. Got my new PC Tuesday, and it took all day to get it mostly set up. Still a few things like my GOG and Origin stuff to get moved over from the backup drive. I was moving a lot of big downloaded games/programs, and having to do some rejiggering to avoid having to re-download any of the stuff. Switching from Win7 to 10 presented some challenges. Then I purchased and started downloading DQXI yesterday morning. It finally finished about 10 PM. I'm getting the same "holy crap this is beautiful!" feeling I had when playing DQ8 for the first time. Only about 7 hours in, but enjoying the music/story/characters and the mini forge already. Just finished restoring the woodcutter. I can only manage to read perhaps a few words of the tips during loading screens ( and I'm not a slow reader ) which pleases me greatly. The new system is obviously outperforming the expectation of the game. The one thing that annoys me is not being able to change the main four buttons beyond choosing whether A or B is Confirm/Cancel, when my normal setup uses X to confirm. It's requiring a lot of overcoming decades of muscle memory. Once I finish 7 on the 3DS, it will be easier, because I'll only be using the DQXI setup continuously enough to get used to it. I'm still working on 7 when I need the computer doing other things or I'm away from it. Enjoyed 7 much more than the original PSX, and still am. Been a good month for me after 100%ing DQ8 3DS.
  3. Well, now that I'm financially stable, with a solid cushion, and my car payment going away next month, that could very well be what sells me a Switch, then. I noticed 11 coming out on it, but I'm going with the PC release there, because I can afford to build a system that will handle AAA games for several years. The one I've got now struggled with Dragon Age: Origins, so I knew it wouldn't handle DQ11. Of course, I bought it a decade ago on a severely restricted budget.
  4. Only purple sparkles left now that Dhoulmagus and Estark have fallen. Wonder how many resets I'll have to do tomorrow to get her in the purple? I've been lucky so far and only had to do a max of 3 to get the red today, and which point I used the double bubble on Howlwind Hill to max out everybody's levels before going after the final two super bosses. Jessica required a few more slain metal critters after the double bubble to max out. Easily tops my previous #1 remake experience, which was ( blasphemy, I know ) Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls. Playing all the dead characters in the post-game of 2 was a real treat. DQ5s remake on the DS was my previous #2, because it was the first time I played it with an engaging translation. DQ1&2 on the SFC was my previous #3 because of the enhanced music and graphics being such a treat on top of beloved, oft replayed games back in the day. First time putting points into Fisticuffs. Never really needed the super evasion or Magic Burst in the original, but it's absolutely critical on Angelo and Jessica in Memories Lane. Red with whips or Morrie with boomerangs makes for an excellent addition for travelling through low-level enemy areas after blue chests, Stella, etc. The whole travelling party can now have all-enemy hitting, zero mp attacks with just rapid a-button taps when you accidentally run into a critter. The uptick in magic damage made Jess much more useful in large enemy party encounters. Bang-family saved my butt more than once. Poor Yangus, though. He gets relegated to the metal-killing squad and sometimes the travelling squad with the Flail of Destruction once you pick up Red/Morrie. He will be coming with me for the final smackdown on Rhapthorne, because nostalgia, and I won't nee the better abilities to utterly devastate Rhapthorne at level-99 anyway. First time really using cheeses as well — specifically angel and highly-strung in Memories Lane. Multi-revive and 1 more rapid super high tension buildup was key to defeating some of the later enemies. DQ8 was already my most enjoyable gaming experience overall ( several years late to the party then as well ) and the remake has only reinforced that. DQ is the only remaining series of my original three ( DQ, Castlevania, and FF ) that can still guaranteed sell me on a new gaming system, and DQ8 was responsible for two of those system purchases now. Here's hoping 9 comes out on the 3ds so I can finally participate with active players and get DLC stuff for once. LOL
  5. Way behind the times, but I finally picked this up a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely brilliant remake. Having the voices is what sold me where the other remakes didn't. ( and sold me a 3ds as well ) New content just outside the door at Farebury in the form of a blue chest. DQ knows how to do a remake Still have the second Dhoulmagus in Mem and Estark to take out, two more Stella pics, and then I'm off to annihilate Rhapthorne again with extreme overkill and get the good ending. Should have my new PC in about a month ( tax return ) and then it will be XI time. Also ordered VII 3DS to carry me through the intervening time.
  6. Looks like I'm going to have to wait until I finally buy a new computer at tax time. ( Or perhaps, a bit sooner if my hours at work stay as ridiculous as they are ) I've had this dinosaur on life-support for the longest time, but DQXI and Bloodstained are what's finally going to make me put it out to pasture.
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