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  1. It's likely DQ2 and DQ3. My prediction: DQ 1 won't have a subtitle, DQ2 and DQ3 will. These are for the US release of the iOS / Android ports of DQ1/2/3. That's right, I forgot all about those!
  2. Luminairies of the Legendary Line COULD be a reference to the DQ I-II-III collection for the Wii. Since it's all about the lineage of the hero Loto. Roto. Erdrick. Whatever.
  3. I'm still here as well. Just... you know... waiting for my turn again lol
  4. Everything had happened so fast, it had left Gabriel's head spinning! First they were heading to council room for, followed by gasps and shouting! And then losing his balance after a rush of people charged past him (Wolfgang, of course...), and Brangwen helping him regain his footing. THEN he saw the body. A little morbid fascination overtook him. "I know what little magic I have can't help here..." Brangwen began, "But---" she turned to Gabriel. "How about you talk with him, see if your magic can't be of aid here in some way, before we call for the priest?" "What? Oh, yes," he responded, a bit distracted. He knew the correct spell for raising those killed by outside forces, but there is a very short window of opportunity to do so. And that particular spell... (zeeng? he couldn't remember the name for it at the moment. That was definitely not it. what a strange name to enter his head...) was only sporadically successful. It might even be too late now. Quickly he made his way to Elijah, but before he could say anything, he had ordered the body taken away by a medical crew, and Elijah ordered everyone to the throne room with stern intensity, turned, and was out the door. Damn, he thought to himself. He quickly followed, but the crowd was too much and hindered him reaching Elijah. By the time he was able to catch up, they were already at the throne room. "Elijah, wait," Gabriel said, approaching the throne. "Shouldn't we try reviving the poor fellow? Even if he's too far gone, we may be able to revive him just long enough to get some answers out of him so we'd have an idea of who his killer is."
  5. Melrath! You jinxed yourself by saying that! lol
  6. Cleaning his hands, Gabriel made sure that his clothing was free of crumbs, and stood from the table, joining the others silently as they made their way to the council room. Hopefully this meeting would prove informative. He wasn't too anxious for the group to make their next move, but it was something that needed to be done. Along the way, Brangwen had chatted up Wolfgang, who seemed to appear out of thin air. Wolfgang, who just shows up whenever he saw fit. Gabriel didn't know what to make of him, but currently, didn't care too much for him. Maybe that'll change on their journeys, or maybe not. Wordlessly, he continued past Brangwen and the mercenary.
  7. Gabriel's eyes widened in near horror as this strange girl grabbed Melrath into a hug, as though he were a stuffed animal! Brangwen let out the loudest laugh that came straight from her belly! He turned to face her, his face frozen in shock still. These people are insane, he thought to himself. Ah, so her name is Rosa, he thought, as she declared her name and her place of origin. "My name is Brangwen, and this is Gabriel," said Brangwen, and the sound of his name jolted him out of his thoughts and brought him back down to earth. He bowed his head slightly towards Rosa respectfully. Rhone, huh? Things just keep getting more and more interesting.
  8. "A-aah!" Gabriel let out, as he was stood up by Brangwen, and walked over to the end of the table where the majority of the group had congregated. Sitting down, he rubbed his arm; Brangwen's hand was nearly a vice grip! "If anyone said your hands weren't deadly weapons, they'd be lying through their teeth!" he said in good humor. He saw Arjak grinning, perhaps even holding back laughter from that little scene. "You can wipe that grin off your face," he said halfheartedly, spreading butter on a slice of bread. Glancing back at Arjak, he seemed to be frozen, staring at something, or someone. Following his gaze, he saw a beautiful girl he'd never seen before, with piercing red eyes, sitting at the table with them. Next thing he knew, Melrath had flown over to her side! "Don't think I've seen you around here before. I'm Melrath! And who might you be?" he asked happily. Bold as brass, Gabriel thought to himself. He himself had never been one to chat up strange people that seemingly materialize out of the blue.
  9. Ah, gotcha. Sorry, it's been so long that I've forgotten some details x_x
  10. Gabriel ate in silence. There was an awkwardness in the air over the table, the only sounds heard from the most part was the low murmuring of conversation, goblets being set down, and forks clinking against plates. He paid no mind to Lukas, who had joined them at the breakfast table, not out of disrespect, but he knew when to keep his distance. At last, Lukas had left the room wordlessly, and the tension in the air seemed to dissipate. He was tempted to take another light nap before the meeting, but ultimately decided against it. He needed to keep his mind sharp today.
  11. Gabriel sat at the window in his room, the shutters open, letting in a cool breeze. He had dozed off into a very light nap, relaxed by the fresh air. The Book of Zen rested on the window sill before him, the page he was on long lost as the breeze gently blew the pages back to the beginning. After everything they'd been through, all he wanted was to relax and take it easy, but he knew that that wasn't really an option now. The world was in peril, and he, Elijah, and Brangwen, the descendants of the great Hero, along with their companions, were the only ones capable of bringing back peace. His hungry stomach finally aroused him from his sleep, and, with Book in hand, left his quarters to get some breakfast. Today was going to be interesting.
  12. GBC and PSOne spell names... *makes a note of that*
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