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  1. It's likely DQ2 and DQ3. My prediction: DQ 1 won't have a subtitle, DQ2 and DQ3 will. These are for the US release of the iOS / Android ports of DQ1/2/3. That's right, I forgot all about those!
  2. Luminairies of the Legendary Line COULD be a reference to the DQ I-II-III collection for the Wii. Since it's all about the lineage of the hero Loto. Roto. Erdrick. Whatever.
  3. Here's what I'm thinking The equipment Gabriel has now: -Magical Mace -Glombolero -Magic Shield -Thinking Cap -Sorcerer's Ring The spells Gabriel has learned since the fight against Rudimus would be: -Kacrackle -Whoosh -Whack -Kasap -Squelch -Zing -Midheal -Magic Barrier Let me know if any of this is too much!
  4. Nah, but I'm house sitting this week. Poor Gabriel. He's smart, but can be rather dense. I wonder what's in store for him and that staff?
  5. Hmm, if Arjak is guarding Gabriel... does anyone have any magic they're willing to spare? If they do, Gabriel could perform a quick Drain spell to get just enough juice for some buffs and debuffs.
  6. Gabriel might need some protecting. He used up most of his magic and is pretty weak from using such a high level spell that he hasn't actually mastered!
  7. Yup, Gabriel's rather new to Bounce, so the spell doesn't last. He's not quite as skilled as Rudimus is, but he's always striving to become better!
  8. I don't imagine him and Gabriel would get along too well. Gabe IS kind of a wimp lol (but he tries)
  9. Well, I like the idea of us taking turns to "take the lead", as I did for this one, if anyone has any good ideas. You would just have to go over it with Ryu, as we did in the past. At least then we'd get to inspire others for the future, and in my case, be a better lead.
  10. Sorry... I'm still trying to find a happy medium for battle lengths. Back in the last one in the OTHER RP, I was told I made a boss battle drag on, so I tried making this one fast and energetic. Guess I haven't found that sweet spot yet :/
  11. So Valeria is doing the almighty Puff Puff! Who wants to have fun by being under her control for a post or two? lol
  12. And now things are underway. Hehehe, that would be one hell of an answering machine message.
  13. I'll be free on Friday. Mostly house cleaning but I'll be logged in so I can check in regularly. The big showdown with Valeria will be on that day, so don't go wandering around wondering where the icy broad is. She'll make a grand entrance
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