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  1. Mechanics wise Nera, but story and personality wise, I go bianca all day
  2. I’m sure in Japan certain cards are worth more than others and certain packs but I’ve found almost no market or community for it here in the states. There are certain cards that are rarer than others but I don’t know about packs or anything
  3. Nice! I’m supposed to be getting some in the mail too but they haven’t come yet. I actually have extra boxes of dragon warrior 7 cards (not the same back as the heroes ones) and an extra box of the ones I think they call it the help box?) in case anyone is interested. Just looking to make some of the money back on them and then we might be able to trade if we have cards from those sets the other needs.
  4. I got the DQ HEROES and Dq help icon one for 70 each. The others were more expensive like 100 each
  5. I bought a box of DQV, DQVI, DQJEROES, one of the main sets, (a white box I think it’s called helper?), and a starter for DQX. I’ll have tons to trade from all those except DQX
  6. Make sure you don’t buy starter packs buy the boxes of boosters if you’re going to. Starter packs give loke 30-40 cards are pretty expensive and you’ll get a ton of doubles
  7. I’ve been going on eBay honestly. No idea if I’m getting ripped off or not . I’ve been buying boxes from Japan. From what I’ve gathered between here and other places there’s about 7 expansions or so. Since I’m not really playing the game, cause it’s all in Japanese I’m mostly buying for the pictures
  8. Hey thanks man! I write low fantasy with elements of comedy to it. If you like that sort of stuff, check out my website, my prologue is up. www.theeighthrenewal.com Like I said before I'm gonna try and slip some dragon quest easter eggs into the writing, hopefully Squeenix doesn't object! Thanks! wlll check it out
  9. So recently I bought a whole bunch of Dragon quest cards from Japan (I live in the United States) and I havent been able to find any forums to trade with people, I wondered if anyone here would trade, or knew of a place to go to besides Japan :) Been a huge fan oif the series since I got my first game with Nintendo power, and I'm currently in talk with Square Enix to allow me to put Dragon Quest Easter eggs in my books! Nice to meet everyone.
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