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  1. I'm still at it. The next area will be more straightforward, though there are still some what-ifs and sidetracking available. More than half the areas in this section are done. Currently working on monsters. There are still a few tunes to make as well. Here are a few screenshots: Also, here's a tune: https://soundcloud.com/foxfirenelli/deathfight-extended-dragon-quest-ii-famitracker/s-b3iIu
  2. I updated the demo file to fix minor glitches I have found so far. Saved game files wouldn't be negatively affected, though "Journey Journal" entry will remain incorrect if game was saved after a certain point. I had to leave the font as "Times New Roman" for the time being. Garrick Bold had boxes instead of arrows in the status window, so I thought I better keep test playing it. (Edit: I fixed this and updated. Also had to remove the "flying" aspect of the return spell and wing of wyvern.) Of every frustrating thing I've encountered in any RPG Maker I've used, that takes the cake. I figured it was font size related, but my oh my. Kudos to your dedication for detail! You did a fantastic job because I would have never known any different.
  3. I agree! Fortunately, I found the issue after looking at troubleshooting threads on Reddit, RPG Maker Central, Steam Community, and RPG Maker Web. I was using the filename rather than the name of the font. The DS font is off and the NES fonts behave oddly. I'm guessing this is related to the font size, but I haven't done any experimenting. Garrick Bold, as suggested by @Erdrick The Hero, works great! It's too early to say for certain, but it doesn't look like I will have to adjust any message windows with it either. DS: Dragon Warrior 1: Dragon Warrior I: Garrick Bold:
  4. I have tried out the various fonts and had the same trouble as before, unfortunately. I'm placing the files in the "font" folder and use the following script lines: Font.default_name = ["dragon-quest-ds"] Font.default_name = ["dragon-warrior-1"] Font.default_name = ["dw-font"] Result: Font.default_name = ["nimzo"] Result: The other version of "nimzo" looks similar. Additionally, I installed them on the computer after trying them only in the font folder. I tried placing the font script before all other custom scripts and after. I looked into this and found that it was infinite use.
  5. For anyone interested in the side quests, I'll put them in spoiler tags. Next one goes together with the above. Not a sidequest, just info:
  6. Thanks Hawkeye! I hope you will enjoy it when you get the chance! I will definitely try all fonts. If I can make one work, I'll use it. I'll look for yours here on the den, Woodus. Erdrick the Hero, I would like to try your NES version too. I used the travel scroll name due to their one-time use. Thank you for passing this information on to me! (With thanks to Choppasmith for the discovery.)
  7. Thank you ChrystalChameleon, Erdrick the Hero, and Woodus! I'm glad you took the time to try it out. Erdrick: I will check out that font when I get home. I was unable to get the NES DW font to work and I didn't spend any time trying to figure it out. I like the idea of using the font of the later games. I appreciate you sharing this information and look forward to trying it. Woodus: I apologize that you didn't get the end of demo message. I had forgot to re-enable before uploading it. I should have updated my post here when I fixed it, but thought I got it before anyone saw it. It allows you to go back before the previous scene to continue playing and not lose progress. Also, the fifth party member is okay. I didn't work on making them appear in the top window out of fear causing a crash from my novice ability to edit scripts. Thank you all again. You made my day!
  8. I have a demo available: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xtvxgt2bn5aimf1/FMDDW.exe?dl=0 If you need the run time package to play games made with RPG Maker VX Ace: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages Credits note file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dt8jl3ql0c7els2/Delusional Dragon Warrior Credit.txt?dl=0 Advance thank you to anyone who wants to try it out. To explore everything it took me 1 hour 45 minutes. To rush through the story it only took a mere 15 minutes. If you run into any problems or have questions, please let me know!
  9. Woodus, I don't mind at all. I can get more too if you would want them.
  10. I have a folder with a few DQ3 SNES backgrounds. I added the boss troll room. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nyqcueq7r6ehcl6/AADRlttBRa89b8dTZ12MGFDza?dl=0 Pyramid, Arena, Boss Troll, Desert, Dungeon, Field, Forest, Mountains, Phantom Ship, Tower, Zoma Good luck!
  11. Thank you! I appreciate you checking them out. I was able to listen to several of the arrangements on your channel as well. Bravo! I like that you arrange many songs that I've never seen arranged before such as "What?" from FFVI. "Mines of Narshe" arrangement was satisfying too. I forgot to ❤️ them, so I just went back to do so. Will definitely be listening to more. Thank you Woodus! I learned by using the NSF import version of FamiTracker to see exactly how the NES songs were arranged. I don't use the instruments properly as I've seen in FamiTracker tutorials. I just type out the volume and effects controls myself, then a lot of copy/paste. It took me years to understand what was happening on-screen. This tutorial helped me the most: https://www.vg-resource.com/thread-19262.html
  12. Plattym, Hawkeye, thank you! Happy Humming did not give me much trouble as I already had it stripped down to use with my old method. I plan to release some form of demo at some point sooner than later as I am closing in on a good end-of-demo point. I'd be surprised if it was sooner than early next year. Good old glitches and bugs. Side note: Love the streams I've seen Hawkeye and I'll keep keeping my eye on your twitter feed.
  13. I'm creating a fan game and I have made several Dragon Quest songs in FamiTracker for it. I realized this is a more appropriate place to share them than in my original topic. Some of these are for the game while others I just made for fun. I'll post them by game, then by order of creation. I mixed all of them outside of the program, so it doesn't make them 100% accurate. The songs from the original NES game are extended. People (GBC arrange) - Dragon Quest Château (Extended) - Dragon Quest II Prophecy (GBC arrange) - Dragon Quest II Love Song (GBC arrange) - Dragon Quest II Battle Theme (Extended) - Dragon Quest III Town Theme ~ Night - Dragon Quest III Rondo ~ Night - Dragon Quest III Difficult Enemy - Dragon Quest IV (Remakes) Frightening Dungeon (Extended) - Dragon Quest IV Friendly & Peaceful - Dragon Quest V Country Living - Dragon Quest V Saint's Wreath - Dragon Quest VI Happy Humming - Dragon Quest VI Courageous Fight - Dragon Quest VI Murdaw's Castle - Dragon Quest VI Aboard Ship - Dragon Quest VII (I remade this one with Pirates of the Sea below) Relaxing Corner - Dragon Quest VII Aboard Ship ~ Pirates of the Sea - Dragon Quest VII War Cry - Dragon Quest VIII Majestic Castle - Dragon Quest VIII Chatting - Dragon Quest VIII Stella's Theme - Dragon Quest IX With My Companions - Dragon Quest IX Buildup To Victory - Dragon Quest IX I have many more completed, but they are not on soundcloud because almost all of them are extensions of NES songs like the ones at the top of the list.
  14. Hello! It's been over a year since I posted and I thought I should do another update to prove I'm still working on this. Most of my work has been on events and music, so not much to screens to actually show. As for music, after receiving some encouragement from Hawkeye and Erdrick the Hero, I dove back into FamiTracker. I had trouble figuring it out on and off for years, but I had no trouble this time. I was able to remake every song I had done for the game so far. I mixed them outside of FamiTracker because I wasn't too good with volume levels at first. I'm getting better though! Here are the FamiTracker versions of songs in my original post: Battle Theme (Extended) - Dragon Quest III Banquet Plaza - Dragon Quest VII Happy Humming - Dragon Quest VI I haven't remade Pub Polka yet because I'm not at that point in the game. So here's a different track from IX: Stella's Theme - Dragon Quest IX Some other songs from games after the NES: Chatting - Dragon Quest VIII Country Living - Dragon Quest V I will post a more extensive list in the art & music forum.
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