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  1. Search for my Dragon Quest Photos! They get great hits, including the photos of my Dragon Quest IX Poster, the Dragon Quest IX stuff, and my recent acquisition of the last chapter of the Zenithian Trilogy!
  2. lmao at ur sig. surprisingly, i can recite the whole whacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man infommercial. thought u might find that funny lol

  3. is exploring lotsa grottos, in the hopes of finding one with Darkonium Slimes.

  4. I guess "Poo" isn't acceptible, if "Ass" isn't.
  5. Here's mine. I also included the NP Magazine, and the TCG Cards (Great Sabrecat, Aira, and Meowgician included). Oh, wait. It's a STRONGER Variant of the Meowgician. The Meowgician wears yellow.
  6. I'll showcase MORE than just Dragon Quest IX in my photo. I'll show off all the cards I got (including the Meowgician), the newly-aquired Dragon Quest IX issue of Nintendo Power (with the cards blocking my address), the Soundtrack, AND the game. I was more concerned about getting a Classic Amy Rose plush from Amazon to even be concerned about DQIX. I just hope the weather is tolerable enough for me to make like the Dragon Quest Heroes of the Past, and WALK to the GameStop, and take the scenic route, if I have to.
  7. I'll go for the badge. It would add to the stuff I managed to get in honor of Dragon Quest IX. The poster, the Soundtrack, the T-Shirt, and the good number of Dragon Quest TCG Cards, thank you very much, Chichi.
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