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  1. It's my personal theory that the Ultimate Magic Zeppel was searching for in VII was somehow linked with the Secret of Evolution from IV, and that the Lefans are descendants of the Zenithians.
  2. A while ago, some dedicated fans used Google My Maps to make a map showing real-world places in Terranigma. This inspired me to do something similar with Dragon Quest III. So...here it is, or at least what I've done so far. https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1iR34saV4YL-xHYH9mLtJNqA94lPAdcvh&ll=43.04208693582048%2C7.068989106250001&z=6 Any comments, suggestions, or corrections are welcome.
  3. I hope that the 3DS Dragon Warrior VII remake isn't localized, so that the English series can die with the one remaining shred of dignity it has.
  4. Funny thing, that's why I prefer the male hero in #4.
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