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  1. I'm starting to think the unacceptable name list is global on Wii/DS. I couldn't name myself "Naoshi" in some games like The Conduit, TvC and now DQIX. :/
  2. The games I've been playing lately have been Metal Slug 2 and 3, Tatsunoko VS Capcom and Left 4 Dead 2. All awesome games! I also need to finish up NSMB Wii...
  3. I am cool

    1. DarkWizard


      No you're not...

    2. Naoshi


      ur just jeloussss

    3. Mireia


      Happy birthday, Megumikarp!

  4. you still need to make your first post :P

  5. metridtheme.mid

  6. I do. But I haven't been playing it as often as I used to. I should get back into it sometime.
  7. Hiya Nao! Its cloud, crazy who escaped the mad house the other day,... well yeah, just wanted to say hi :)

  8. I've been playing MadWorld and Warcraft 3 recently. Both are excellent games!
  9. My first DQ game is DQIV for the DS. Rebel suggested it for my Christmas wish list (from last year...yeah) and I was like "oh what the heck, it'll probably be awesome!" and what do ya know, I became a DQ fan since then! However, I still need to finish that bonus chapter but I've been busy with DQV. And I plan on to play at least most of the series!
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