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  1. I don't know about that device in particular but I do know that NDS Adaptor plus is supposedly incompatible or fussy with Windows 10 particularly the 64 bit one. I ordered this one https://www.nds-card.com/ProShow.asp?ProID=271 which should work and doesn't have the compatibility issues. I am just waiting for it to arrive from China but if it works,I will be sure to let everyone here know.
  2. I just found out about this and I am waiting until the exploit for 3.69\3.70 is released,then I would like to do this for my Vita mostly for SD2Vita. Since I really feel that Sony insistence on digital downloads over physical media combined with a proprietary memory format which was under produced,prohibitively expensive and low in capacity in comparison to the size of games,really hurt the Vita.
  3. I have to look into this some more,but for a while I have been considering learning to build 1 or 2 of these.But I have a couple of question regarding them. 1.I can build 1 or 2 of them and use them as multi system emulation stations? 2.Since its using emulators I can run games that can't actually run on physical hardware like Final Fantasy III NES using the Chaosrush translation on my TV with a controller if I wanted to? 3.If I wanted build 1 or 2 of these which would be the best base to start with for maximum storage and performance especially when including games and emulators for multiple systems and the frontend for ease of use? 4.Around which generation of system emulation does it cut off around in terms of performance? 5.Can anyone recommend a good beginners guide for either building and using a RetroPi or reliable person to buy a premade from ? If such a thing exists.
  4. So I know that years ago Nintendo shut down the Wifi network for DS games which makes accessing the content the requires wifi inaccessible except for the fact that all of it is already on the cartridge and the wifi stuff just unlocks it.So I know about the existence of the save editor and the various tools used to extract the save data so it can be edit or other means of unlocking the content,but my question is. Which option is the best and safest to do with risking bricking my game,system or PC ? Keep in mind that I am running on Windows 10 64-bit. I would hate to have to buy another copy of the game and hope it has the content unlocked,not to mention that wouldn't help with some of the other stuff.On top of that I don't know off any other DQ fan near me here in Rhode Island plus I don't many options or opportunities to venture far from home anyway.If I have to use a computer that doesn't use Windows 64 Bit,I can probably try at my city's Public library if I have to but I don't to brick a PC.
  5. That's the best explanation for the connection between IV,V,and VI that I have heard of.I look it like this IV,V,and VI all take place in different universes or worlds that Zenithia serves the role of guardians for. VI would be the first in the timeline explaining the origins of the Zenithian Equipment and the birth of the Zenith Dragon,now as to where IV and V lie is another matter entirely. My belief is that it goes like this VI,IV and V.The reason I put IV ahead of V is that Estark existed in the past of IV's world and has been defeated and sealed away,where as in V he is in Nadiria,which could also be all three universes or worlds version of Hell and the home of monsters.
  6. Now if we could an enhanced port or remake on 3DS,Switch or anything other than mobile than that would be amazing cause I can't stand mobile controls.
  7. Oh boy I can't wait to play Dragon Quest 1&2 and 3 SNES with the current translation especially since Square has not seemed to indicate we are ever getting the ports they released on PS4 and 3DS in Japan and I despise mobile controls.
  8. In regards to the FF Ports and Remakes(1-6 only since I have yet to fully play the others) and Chrono Trigger here is imho the definitive versions of each. FF1:PSP Version,if you don't like the graphical style GBA FF2:PSP Version if you don't like the graphical style GBA FF3:PSP for the 3D remake since its graphically improved over the DS plus you can still access all the content unlike the DS due to the shutdown of DS Wifi,there is no sprite based remake unfortunately,I would love if someone would make one,but for that your only choice is NES. FFIV:PSP or ROM of the EU GBA version since the NA has bugs that were never fixed for sprite based and DS for 3D FFV:Unless we somehow get another remaster,remake or port preferably in the style of 1,2,4 on PSP then the best version is the GBA since the Mobile\PC ports has awful sprites and in the case of the PC Version,tons of bugs,a bad mobile based UI,and the terrain is tiled due to not adjusting for the typical pc resolution compared to mobile,also partial controller support.The Battlebacks,and monster art is fine though.GBA is what I would recommend though I would say V has never gotten a true definitive release though GBA has the best translation,and is the most feature complete,least buggy and isn't ugly as sin. FFVI:GBA by and far is the best version of this game available unless you actually like the Woolsey translation,the PC and Mobile versions is a disgrace. Chrono Trigger:For me the definitive version is the DS Version since it takes the SNES version,adds the new stuff from the PS1 version,adds so new stuff on top of that and uses a new translation,which is good if your not a fan of the Woolsey translation.The PC version has made great strides but it still lags behind the DS Version. I feel that Final Fantasy V and VI never got the remaster,remake or port they truly deserve. AustNerevar,I feel the same way I would love to replay Dragon Quest I,II,III on version besides the GBC but I don't like the current translation of the SNES Remakes,I like the current and canon translation on mobile but I can't stand the forced landscape mode and touchscreen only controls.So I would love for us to either get those ported to PS4 and 3DS\Switch or the new translations be applied to the SNES Remakes.I also wouldn't say no to doing IV PSX,V and VI SNES and V PS2 using the DS Translation.
  9. So its after 10PM here going into Labor Day tomorrow and I still haven't been charged nor has it shipped nor does it even say preparing to ship all the while still say arriving Tuesday.So are the gonna pull of the impossible and ship it on not a business day or is it like coming from Springfield,MA,Fall River,MA or Nashua NH and they're gonna ship it the at 12:01 AM on Tuesday since if a package is not at my post office at like 6 in the morning then it sits there for a whole day.This is all I can think of right now.
  10. Yeah they have been pretty solid in recent memory the only two games I can think of that had release date delivery and they flubbed was Metroid Samus Returns and relevantly Dragon Quest VIII 3DS,plus I was born to worry.
  11. Yeah I do have Prime so I can get the benefits of two day shipping,release date delivery,the 20% pre order discount on the stuff I pre-ordered before they ended that.Its also helps that where I live is pretty much a day or less away from quiet a few of their warehouses.
  12. Still doesn't say shipped or preparing to ship on mine from Amazon,but it still says it supposed to arrive on Tuesday.Then again they could ship tomorrow if its coming from anywhere in NE or the upper half of the Mid-Atlantic and still get to post office on time to sit there on Sunday and Monday then delivered on Tuesday.I guess that is one upside to living in the most compact part of the US but boy does it play havoc with my anxiety.The Fulfilment center it would come from most be one of the closer once's if they are playing it this close.
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