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  1. Probably November 2018 or sometime in 2019. I think it depends on how quickly they commission it. If it's like previous ones it may end up taking roughly a year but if it's like DQ7 & DQ8 3DS, it may take longer.
  2. Here's my screenshot of my copy. Just got it today. Hope this works.
  3. Dang it, I preordered but I missed that contest (haven't been to the Den in a while unfortunately). Oh well, here's my 3DS running DQ7 (and my username).
  4. Yeah, it's hard when all three of the Zenithian trilogy games are quite good, but I'd have to say V is my favorite too but just barely above VI (I love games with good class systems, which probably explains why FFV is my favorite game in that series). But the chapter system of this game is really well done and I enjoy it a lot. I truly felt as though the characters were very well fleshed out and not merely random people who joined you (like I felt with DQ2), especially since each one had their own motivations and backstories. To Megalosaro, I agree with you that the DS version seemed tou
  5. Sent him an e-mail. It seems as though he's merely being polite to try and appease his fans, but I still hope that all the e-mailing will finally get them to wake up and realize how much we fans care about the series.
  6. The legend of Erdrick/Loto was over with Dragon Warrior 3 and a new trilogy had begun with Dragon Warrior 4: the Zenithian trilogy! The story wasn't the only thing that changed with this game and though the chapter system was the defining feature of the game, numerous upgrades were done to enhance the gameplay experience this time around. So now I ask you this: when was the first time you ever played it? What were your initial reactions? Do you still feel the same today? If not, why? Which version is your favorite to play? How would you put it against the other games in the series? Do you st
  7. Wow Enix, that's an amazing collection. Here's my meager collection: NES: Dragon Quest (Famicom version) Dragon Quest II (Famicom version) Dragon Quest III (Famicom version) Dragon Quest IV (Famicom version) Dragon Warrior Dragon Warrior II Dragon Warrior III Dragon Warrior IV SNES: Dragon Quest I + II (with custom made case) Dragon Quest III (complete in box) Dragon Quest V Dragon Quest VI (2 copies) Game Boy Color: Dragon Warrior I + II Dragon Warrior III (with guide) DS: Dragon Quest IV (with guide) Dragon Quest V (with guide) Dragon Quest VI (with guide)
  8. The first Dragon Quest was DW1 back on the NES. I remember it was the early 90s (I was around 7 or 8) and I was at my cousin's house. We were sitting around bored and he asked if I wanted to play a NES game that he loved. I agreed and he popped in DW1. I was used to playing Mario and Kirby and had never seen anything like it. I was incredibly confused but he explained it and after playing for a little while I fell in love. We must have played for hours that day. Every time I came over we played that game, eventually beating it and moving onto 2 and 3. I remember always asking for those
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