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  1. That Gamegear "DQ" game looks horrible. Then again the Gamegear was horrible overall.
  2. Did they do this because the you can select the gender of the MC and they thought it was would be interesting if you could select the gender of the final boss?
  3. Links don't last forever and archive.org is not reliable for old images. If the Japanese are so sensitive about their fanart, they should watermark it with their names/websites or not post it online. It would be a different story if people were claiming the fanart as their own or altering it without the artist's permission but in most cases they just want to share the art.
  4. Is there a script dump for it? If the language is really simple, you'd probably be able to translate it with Google and consulting some Japanese item FAQs for the items. Does the game have a story mode or is it like Mario Party where the boardgame IS the story?
  5. I don't think someone's uploaded it to a website yet because nobody has expressed interest in translating the RAWs yet. You can buy the whole set from eBay for $50 if you want to own it.
  6. Great, more stuff I don't need. I hope there's a repeat of the pirate gear soon. I missed the hat TWICE. And when is wedding week going to arrive? I'm getting impatient.
  7. That's a nice collection. I have a few myself and I was surprised by the good quality of the tiny figures.
  8. I guess it's good that there's a repeat of Halloween week for some people. I doubt that they'll recycle Pumpkin Heads that often so it's good that people get another chance for it.
  9. Here's what's left of the DQVC exclusives that have yet to be released as of Oct 25, 2010. Everyday Items: Block O' Choc Info: Heals a little HP Cost: 500 Gold Choice Chocolate Info: Heals lots of HP, Valentine's Theme Cost: 3,000 Gold Festive Feast Info: Heals lots of HP, Christmas Theme Cost: 2,500 Gold Christmas Cake Info: Heals lots of HP Cost: 4,800 Gold Weapon: White Bouquet Info: Fan, 92 Attack Cost: 50,000 Gold Head: Tip-Top Topper Info: Male Only, 22 Defence, 12 Magical Mending Cost: 20,000 Gold Silken Veil Info: Female Only, 19 Defence, 15 Magical Mending Cost: 30,000 Gold Santa's Hat Info: 25 Defence, 7 Magic Might, 8 Magical Mending Cost: 12,000 Gold Monarchic Moustache Info: 10 Defence, 7 Magical Might, 7 Magical Mending Cost: 15,000 Gold Swashbuckler's Bonnet Info: 23 Defence, 10 Magical Might, 8 Magical Mending Cost: 30,000 Gold Torso: White Tuxedo Info: Male Only, 48 Defence Cost: 50,000 Gold Wedding Dress Info: Female Only, 45 Defence Cost: 90,000 Gold Santa's Suit Info: Male Only, 52 Defence Cost: 18,000 Gold Santa's Little Helper Suit Info: Female Only, 50 Defence Cost: 24,000 Gold Captain's Coat Info: 53 Defence Cost: 35,000 Gold Legs: White Tuxedo Trousers Info: Male Only, 18 Defence Cost: 15,000 Gold Santa's Slacks Info: 19 Defence Cost: 12,000 Gold Pirate Pantaloons Info: 20 Defence Cost: 28,000 Gold Feet: White Wing-Tips Info: Male Only, 4.0% Evasion Chance Cost: 20,000 Gold High-Class Heels Info: Female Only, 4.0% Evasion Chance Cost: 30,000 Gold Accessory: Wedding Ring Info: 6 Defence, 10 Magic Mending Cost: 50,000 Gold Wedding Week can't come soon enough.
  10. This week seems okay. It gives the people who missed out on the skeleton gear a second chance and there are some new DQVC exlcusive items available. Basic and Posh Biscuits and Pumpkin Head. Too bad I didn't get either of those today.
  11. I'm guessing no DQVC exlcusives this week?
  12. Out of curiousity, did you get the Chest Timer to work for you?
  13. For Wardrobe fanatics, here is a list of items that haven't been released yet through WiFi on Oct 8/10. ^Everything else is available now.
  14. I would say the majority of those names are either racial slurs, sexually obscene, or cuss words. And it includes slurs/swears in different languages. I spotted a few French/Spanish ones and I assume some of the Chinese sounding names are probably the same. I was surprised to see kaffir on there. It's Arabic for infidel. Btw, King Zenith. I noticed your characters changed. You met Alena and decided to do the cat quest, hmmm?
  15. Wow. Congrats on your patience. I plan on doing the same thing but right now I'm levelling all of my monsters. Yes, I caught ALL of them. I'm trying to get them to atleast max or level 30 and see how useful each one of them are. I'm surprised at how good both of the Apples are. At level 20, they both get 300 HP and have pretty good skills. Rotten (Red) has more magic based skills and Bad (Green) has attack based skills. Both are good mid game monsters, as are Wax Murderer and Mudraker.
  16. kingmetal, Yup. You need the Catas Trophy to get the event but since Bakanethe got Bjorn without finishing the museum, then I guess it isn't required. Bakanethe, I hear you about Bjorn. A useless character for the majority of the time. Starkers atleast gets some good skills despite his crappy MP. I imagine I would need several million more exp before Bjorn could become even remotely usable. Once you level up Starkers and Bjorn, the exp needed to gain levels changed to about 100k each time. No idea if that stays up unti level 99. The max level for Barbatos/Hell Battler seems to have changed too. Instead of 15 max for the SNES version, he can level up to 99. Same for Arch Demon, but according to the gamefaqs boards, Barbatos and Arch Demon need 6 MILLION exp to max out. Luckily, Arch Demon and Barbatos have good stats and skills for low levels, so they are useful. And Barbatos has some of the best spells and skills in the game available pretty early.
  17. Hmm, well I've now beaten Estark and still nothing happens when I check the pot. It just says something about Rodrigo managing to seal Bjorn away again. I've finished the first three T'n'T boards. Even the one in Faerie Lea gave me a bit of grief. Having to land exactly on warp tiles even if they're dead ends is a right pain. At one point I was just going backwards and forwards at the top of the screen. Ended up finishing that one three times due to having my stats lowered by the "!" tile, which I definitely was not going to put up with. Skipped straight to Estark's board afterwards and was just completely lost. This may seem annoying but try to beat the last TnT board and check the pot with Starker in your party. This is the point where I got Rebjorn but I wasn't 100% sure that it was required. And if that doesn't work then the only thing left to do would be beat Estark in 15 turns and complete the Knick Knack museum and receive the event at the museum. If you are worried about stat reductions, then have a monster that you don't really use lead your party for TnT. The stat reduction is pretty insignificant in the long run because the "!" and "?" tiles also give stat increases ranging from +1 to +2. Stat reductions are always -1. Bjorn is not worth it in the end. He is completely unusable until he reaches his stat surge. Starker on the other hand has decent base stats before his stat surge but he also takes a long time to level. Just to give you an idea of how bad Rebjorn is, I'll show you the stats I got for mine so far: Rebjorn Level 27 Total Experience: 1,993,649 HP: 36 MP: 33 Strength: 52 Agility: 11 Resilience: 25 Wisdom: 32 Luck: 0 Skills Learned: Buff, Focus Strength, Inferno, Lightning, Frenzy And here is Starker: Starker Level 27 Total Experience: 1,990,453 HP: 305 MP: 20 Strength: 147 Agility: 124 Resilience: 159 Wisdom: 71 Luck: 99 Skills Learned: Kafrizzle, Meditation, Disruptive Wave, Scorch, Holy Protection
  18. Zoom to Mt. Zugzwang and walk south into the swamp, you'll enter it from there.
  19. Yeah, just beat Estark once (it doesn't matter how many turns). You don't need high levels either. Just remember to Insulatle and bring an elfin elixer for the Son.
  20. If you have access to the bonus dungeon, grind on the floor right before Estark. There will will find Deathsquad, Mechan-o-wyrm, Billhaw, Barbatos and Soul Spawn. The experience there ranges from 1000 - 3500 exp with the average experience gained per battle being a little over 2000. You can also find Metal King Slimes on that floor who sometimes even appear in twos. So bring along some characters that can use Poison Needle, Hela Hammer, Demon Spear in the wagon and stock up on Holy Waters just in case. Before the beating the game I just levelled up in the Nadira overworld hoping to recruit either a Gold Dragon (1/64) or Killer Machine (1/256) and ended up getting the Gold Dragon. Luckily you don't need an insane level to beat Nizmo the first time.
  21. I don't think so. I got him right after I beat the final TnT board but I think you can get him once you beat the game. All you have to do is go back to the temple where the red pot was and try to open it. If the lid comes off, Bjorn will say some stuff and then join your party. I have no idea if you have to even beat Estark once to do it but judging from Bjorn's dialogue I would guess not. Rebjorn sucks anyways. Takes forever to level and at level 13, he's got HP and MP in the TEENS. His stats are probably the worst in the game at this point. I imagine once you train him at a high level he gets ridiculous stat boosts, but I don't know what level you have to get him to before you start to see some results. Dwight the Dwarf is also recruitable. Just go back to the cave west of Faerie Lea where his dad lives and talk to him. Dwight counts as a "monster" and not a "person" for some reason. I finally maxed out my other two Golems and I beat Estark in 14 turns in my first try. I'm going to try to do a best out of 10 and see what my results are. I also managed to capture a Metaly AND a Metababble from the first floor in the bonus dungeon
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