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  1. That Gamegear "DQ" game looks horrible. Then again the Gamegear was horrible overall.
  2. Did they do this because the you can select the gender of the MC and they thought it was would be interesting if you could select the gender of the final boss?
  3. Links don't last forever and archive.org is not reliable for old images. If the Japanese are so sensitive about their fanart, they should watermark it with their names/websites or not post it online. It would be a different story if people were claiming the fanart as their own or altering it without the artist's permission but in most cases they just want to share the art.
  4. Is there a script dump for it? If the language is really simple, you'd probably be able to translate it with Google and consulting some Japanese item FAQs for the items. Does the game have a story mode or is it like Mario Party where the boardgame IS the story?
  5. I don't think someone's uploaded it to a website yet because nobody has expressed interest in translating the RAWs yet. You can buy the whole set from eBay for $50 if you want to own it.
  6. Great, more stuff I don't need. I hope there's a repeat of the pirate gear soon. I missed the hat TWICE. And when is wedding week going to arrive? I'm getting impatient.
  7. That's a nice collection. I have a few myself and I was surprised by the good quality of the tiny figures.
  8. I guess it's good that there's a repeat of Halloween week for some people. I doubt that they'll recycle Pumpkin Heads that often so it's good that people get another chance for it.
  9. Here's what's left of the DQVC exclusives that have yet to be released as of Oct 25, 2010. Everyday Items: Block O' Choc Info: Heals a little HP Cost: 500 Gold Choice Chocolate Info: Heals lots of HP, Valentine's Theme Cost: 3,000 Gold Festive Feast Info: Heals lots of HP, Christmas Theme Cost: 2,500 Gold Christmas Cake Info: Heals lots of HP Cost: 4,800 Gold Weapon: White Bouquet Info: Fan, 92 Attack Cost: 50,000 Gold Head: Tip-Top Topper Info: Male Only, 22 Defence, 12 Magical Mending Cost: 20,000 Gold Silken Veil Info: Female O
  10. This week seems okay. It gives the people who missed out on the skeleton gear a second chance and there are some new DQVC exlcusive items available. Basic and Posh Biscuits and Pumpkin Head. Too bad I didn't get either of those today.
  11. I'm guessing no DQVC exlcusives this week?
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