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  1. sorry I had to edit a few times, quoting always messes up posting for me with how certain message boards work - so I'm not very good at it! Anyway, Dragon Quest XI Cometh!
  2. Event times! http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=173063528&postcount=1126 http://www.dragonquest.jp/news/detail/1394/
  3. My best bet is also for DQXI on PS3 + PS4 because it's supposed to be for home consoles. Won't be on Wii U since that console is on life-support and will likely be phased out after 2016.
  4. I totally agree with what you said,, King Zenith. I'm awaiting localization of 3DS DQVII, and if the future DQ XI and XII come to the western world, I'll take them on any platform they're on. I remember after the Japanese launch of the Sega Saturn in late 1994, for a time it was actually outselling the PlayStation there for awhile. I don't know if it was true, but there were at least rumors that Enix was going to make DQVII for Saturn. After the PS1 caught up and overtook Saturn (probablt because of the announcement that Final Fantasy VII was going to be on PlayStation) Enix announced DQ VII would be on PlayStation. I know it was not released in Japan until after PlayStation2 was released in March 2000. Anyway, while I'd love DQ XII to be made for PS4, I'll be happy if it comes to any platform in the west. Either way, it'll be years from now before XII comes out even in Japan since XI hasn't even been announced yet. DQ IX was announced for DS in 2006 and DQX was announced for Wii in 2008. We all know how long it took for those two to be released in Japan. As for PS2 DQVIII, I've been enjoying this one the most of any DQ game I've played so far. It's absolutely beautiful too!
  5. I'm betting Dragon Quest XI is a 3DS game, will get announced this year and be released in Japan within the next 14 months, by no later later than March 2015, if even that far off. Looking even further out, while nobody can say at the moment since PlayStation 4 has not even been released in Japan yet, but if it does well, I could see Dragon Quest XII being a PS4 game, years from now. I am just starting to play through the PlayStation2 version of Dragon Quest VIII for the first time. It is quickly becoming my favorite in the series. I did not grew up with the DQ / DW series, even though I knew about since Electronic Gaming Monthly started talking about it in 1989. I grew up with SEGA and the classic turn based, single player Phantasy Star series. Over the last year or so, I've been getting into many of the Dragon Quest games, starting with the english translation of Super Famicom DQVI. I bought the three DS remakes, IV, V, VI. and figured out how to apply the translation patch to the PlayStation 2 remake of DQV. Just yesterday / this morning, I started really playing PS2 Dragon Quest VIII. I gotta say, I am in love with the game. I'm still holding out hope that the 3DS remake of DQ VII gets localized. As for DQ XI, I'd put money on it being for 3DS. Then I hope Dragon Quest comes back to Sony-land, for PS4, in the same vein as DQVIII on PS2.
  6. 62% of Japanese Gamers Want Next Dragon Quest on PS4, 8% on WiiU, 1% on Xbox One According to Poll The popular Japanese IT magazine Weekly ASCII asked its readers on what platform they’d like to play the next Dragon Quest game, and the result were only partly predictable. Here’s a breakdown: PS4: 62% Wii U: 8% iPhone: 8% PC: 5% Tablets 3% Android Smartphones: 3% Xbox One: 1% SH-01F Dragon Quest: 1% Other: 9% Note: the SH-01F Dragon Quest is the special Dragon Quest themed smartphone to be released this December by docomo. The PS4 got the lion’s share of the votes, with the Wii U following for home consoles with a meager 8%. 5% is actually surprisingly high for PC, and confirms the trend that PC Gaming is slowly taking a foothold in Japan, even thanks to Final Fantasy XIV and Dragon Quest X. Also interesting is that all mobile platforms combined just reach a 20%. Considering how popular mobile gaming seems to be in Japan, I expected a much higher result there. The sizable 9% for “other†should not surprise, since the poll did not seem to have a specific option for 3DS, PS3 and PS Vita. 1% for the Xbox One…well… No one’s surprised there. It’s Japan, after all. Source: Weekly ASCII Magazine http://www.dualshockers.com/2013/11/05/62-of-japanese-gamers-want-next-dragon-quest-on-ps4-8-on-wiiu-1-on-xbox-one-according-to-poll/ I am all for it. Neither DQIX on DS nor DQX on Wii / Wii U / PC appeals to me. Would love another totally offline DQ like VIII on PS2.
  7. Super Famicom DQVI (via emulation) was the first one I played. I grew up playing Phantasy Star I, II, II and IV during 1989-1995. Heh, my name is after a dungeon in Phantasy Star II not very far into the game. I didn't even own a Nintendo machine of any kind until the SNES in 1991. Even though I knew of Dragon Quest / Dragon Warrior since 1989, I had never payed much attention to the series, let alone played one during those years. In late 1994 I was thumbing through the latest EGM and saw this preview of Dragon Quest VI for the Super Famicom. I thought, DAMN this looks like an incredible game. I had hoped it would make its way stateside to the SNES, but as we all know, it never happened. Years later around 1999-2000 when emulation was becoming very popular, I got into playing hundreds of games for many different systems. I thought back to those DQVI screens I had seen years earlier. So I wanted to see if I could find the Japanese ROM and try it out. Sure enough I did. I don't remember if at that time, around 2000, if there was even a primitive english translation or not. So I might've been playing it with Japanese text. Fast forward 4-5 more years and by that time I'm pretty sure there was some sort of translation out there. I played more, advancing through several towns and scenarios, even into the Dream World and back. Didn't get that far but I loved it. I tried out various other entries in the series on NES and SFC including the remakes for SFC. I really loved the look of IIIr, though I didn't enjoy them as much as my first experiences with VI. Flash forward to 2012, I picked up the entire Zenithia trilogy of remakes for DS. I'm playing in order, about halfway through IV now. When I'm done with IV-V-VI on DS I plan to play through VI and then IIIr on SFC. I'm really hoping that VII for 3DS gets localized but I don't expect that to happen until late 2014 or sometime in 2015, if ever. Also, I recently saw videos of the PS2 remake of V. I need to get a proper PS2 setup and everything patched since I've heard that it's MUCH better than going the emulation route.
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