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  1. Looking for DQ V and VI articles in Nintendo Power. So far, I found a 4-page spread on DQ VI in issue 81 - February 1996 - Killer Instinct 2 cover.
  2. DS - DRAGON QUEST IV: CHAPTERS OF THE CHOSEN $9.00 https://store.na.square-enix.com/product/283078/dragon-quest-iv-chapters-of-the-chosen-ds DS - DRAGON QUEST V: HAND OF THE HEAVENLY BRIDE $12.00 https://store.na.square-enix.com/product/281971/dragon-quest-v-hand-of-the-heavenly-bride-ds
  3. Griever, I completely agree with you on the original Phantasy Star games and that Phantasy Star is associated with PSO in more recent times.
  4. Hey, Griever - It's been a great 24 hours for RPG fans, right? Phantasy Star on the Master System was my introduction to the genre and Phantasy Star II went in a new direction for a new generation. I remember playing PSII a week or so after it came out here in the U.S. Great memories. I remember being fascinated by Lassic's Celestial Castle in the first game. With that in mind, naturally I became interested in Dragon Quest's Zenithia / Castle in the Sky trilogy. That's what led me to the series .
  5. Now I do have more hope that the 3DS version of XI will make its way stateside, along with the PS4 version.
  6. Oh my God, awesome ! ! ! ! ! ! ! It finally really did happen. Some screen captures, directly from the Direct:
  7. Watching the trailer for the PS2 version made me try it in PCSX2. The low quality of the video (240p res) does not change the fact that the visuals are absolutely gorgeous and amazing.
  8. Update: August 4 - 4:00am Square Enix issued a comment to Kotaku regarding the NX release, attempting to clear up confusion as a discrepancy between the event announcement and the press release. Square Enix tells Kotaku, “Our press release contained the official statement that had been originally planned, and there is no reason to believe any changes were made mid-way to the content of the official announcement. The comment made during the event was not based on the official statement, so please allow us to correct our statement at this moment. We regret any confusion this may have caused.†It's all kind of confusing, so maybe best to read the whole, updated thing: http://kotaku.com/these-are-the-first-nintendo-nx-games-1720545061
  9. During the brief interview, Horii discusses his role on the game, its theme, the Dragon Quest I-esque logo, the platform choice, and more. We’re providing the transcript in both English and Japanese. Interview Please tell us your role in Dragon Quest XI, Mr. Horii. Horii: “I took on a supervisor-like role starting with Dragon Quest X, but I’m back on the scene in full force for Dragon Quest XI. I’m really shepherding it from start to finish, beginning with scenario creation. I want to also be involved in the final optimizations of the battles, etc.†What’s the theme of this game’s story? “This time it’s also the 30th anniversary of Dragon Quest, and we have the subtitle “In Search of Departed Time.†We’re putting a heavy emphasis on that 30th anniversary. The story itself has the theme of “time.†So, we’re hoping that people who have followed the series all along will have that sense of nostalgia, and that new players will have a sense of fun and excitement. The same may be said of the supported platforms. It’s already been announced, but Dragon Quest XI will be released on two: PlayStation 4 and 3DS. Furthermore, on 3DS, we you can enjoy both 2D and 3D. You can choose to play in either old pixel-style 2D graphics or fleshed-out 3D. Of course, you can switch [between modes] in the middle of the game, as well. Including the leading edge PlayStation 4, with 2D, quasi-3D [Editor’s Note: he’s talking about the chibi 3D from the 3DS version], and full 3D, we’re giving you various types of Dragon Quest so you can follow its historical evolution.†You guys also revealed the logo… “The logo gives off the impression that we’re turning back to Dragon Quest I, but the dragon in the background is actually facing in the opposite direction from the Dragon Quest I logo. It’s been a long time since we had the number behind the title, as well. [Editor’s Note: The last Dragon Quest title to have the number behind the logo was Dragon Quest III.] In many ways, it is a sign that we’re returning to our origins, while still evolving. It takes the idea of Dragon Quest I, but we’re beginning anew with Dragon Quest XI.†What’s the reason you’ve chosen to make Dragon Quest XI for these two platforms? “Well, we knew wanted as many people as possible to be able to play it. We’d like people to be able to really settle in and play on a console, but at the same time it was great to have so many people playing Dragon Quest IX when it came out on a handheld, so we were really torn over which system to put it on. In the end, we just said, ‘Well, why don’t we just make it for both platforms?!’ and kicked off the project. We thought about what style would be best for each platform, and the results are what we have now. It’s pretty interesting that you can play the latest game in 2D pixel form, right? Of course, you can fully enjoy the story of Dragon Quest XI even in this mode.†When do you think the game will be released? “We’re working hard with the goal to release it before the Dragon Quest 30th anniversary year ends, so please look forward to it.†What other things are in store for the 30th anniversary? “Actually, we’ve been planning a lot of events. Most of it still has to be kept secret, but I want to stir up even more excitement than the 25th anniversary. We’re thinking about various projects, and a lot of games are coming out, so please look forward to the future of Dragon Quest.†Comments Horii on the PlayStation 4 Version “The beautiful images, the sense of space… it’s all just amazing. For example, you can clearly see people and monsters who are still way off in the distance. The idea is to give players the sense that the world is there, and in motion.†Horii on the 3DS Version “At the start of the adventure, there will be 2D classic events on the bottom screen, and 3D events that unfold on the top screen. Taking full advantage of Nintendo 3DS’s capabilities, we’re pursuing a sense of fun that is unique to Nintendo 3DS.†Horii on the Protagonist “His background and everything has already been decided, but…the full details are still secret (laughs). But…he’s a cool hero, you know. You have Toriyama-sensei’s design, so use your imagination.†http://gematsu.com/2015/07/dragon-quest-xi-first-interview-yuji-horii-translated#biKTrwAXPdkez2GU.99
  10. DQXI PS4 scan from latest issue of Jump showing a battle scene: http://gematsu.com/2015/07/dragon-quest-xi-ps4-battle-screenshot-featured-jump
  11. I am also in the camp that thinks DQXI on PS4 looks amazing.
  12. Hmmm...It sounds like DQ XI and DQ X are not actually confirmed for NX, but only under consideration. Update: Square Enix has provided IGN with a statement saying Dragon Quest X and XI are only under consideration for Nintendo NX, and the news has not been confirmed. "It is under consideration, but we don’t have further information to share at the moment,†it reads. http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/07/28/the-first-games-announced-for-the-nintendo-nx-are
  13. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1085666
  14. OMG Dragon Quest XI will be on Nintendo NX as well! Their next dedicated game system.
  15. Dragon Quest XI for PS4 and 3DS, it's official. PS4 version will use Unreal Engine 4.
  16. The 3DS rumor contradicts what Yuji Horii said about XI being for home console, even if XI is also being made for PS4.
  17. Totally agreed. All indications for DQXI thus far are: -for consoles -offline -not on dedicated handhelds, mobile devices or Wii U -traditional single-player, turn-based RPG
  18. http://gematsu.com/2015/07/dragon-quest-xi-logo-leaked-ahead-reveal
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