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  1. Honestly, I hope a translation & release of 3DS DQ XI in the west happens before a 3DS remaster / remake of DQ IX.
  2. July sales of 3DS were very strong in NA, even beating PS4 console sales. July NPD hardware 1. Xbox One (winner) 2. 3DS (2nd place!) 3. PS4 (lol what ?!) Hopefully that makes the chances of 3DS DQXI getting localized a bit better
  3. Video Games & Computer Entertainment reviews of Dragon Warrior II and III. November 1990 November 1991
  4. I have an iPhone, so I guess iOS users are left out :/
  5. Yeah exactly. I don't believe for a second that Nintendo is coming out with a single device that is some sort of "hybrid" between a home console and a handheld system. I think NX is the home console, and it will work closely with the next gen handheld more so than Wii U - 3DS or Wii - DS, yet the next console and next handheld aren't going to be 'one and the same', or 'one in the same'.
  6. I'm just really happy this game is getting a domestic release, and physical release here in the U.S. & North America. I hope sales are good, and, I hope this leads to the 3DS version of DQ XI eventually getting a domestic release as well. The 3DS itself is still doing well, unlike Nintendo's current console which is obviously being phased out and replaced entirely with NX. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is Wii U's last hurrah, and NX's first hurrah, much like Twilight Princess on GameCube & Wii. And hopefully the PS4 HD version of DQ XI does indeed make its way to NX, as SE indicated when they jumped the gun with that official semi-announcement, one year ago this month.
  7. I'd love to see the SNES CD version of Secret of Mana!
  8. This are from EGM and Super NES Buyer's Guide. And this is another from Super NES Buyer's Guide.
  9. It's from Super NES Buyer's Guide (March 1993 issue) by Sendai Publishing, the same people that worked at EGM. https://www.retromags.com/magazines/category/usa/super-nes-buyers-guide/#.V3629fkrKM8 Super NES Buyer's Guide was EGM's SNES magazine just like Mega Play was EGM's all-Sega magazine.
  10. These gorgeous screenshots are what got me hyped for the game we all know as Secret of Mana!
  11. I didn't search extensively, but should add these to the sightings page as well Posted before, but not the complete pages and side-column comments. EGM #64 November 1994 -page 86: EGM #40 November 1992 -pages 68 & 76: EGM #21 April 1991 -page 60: Edit: a few other things.... EGM #16 November 1990: EGM #13 August 1990: EGM #2 July/August 1989:
  12. The only reason I ever saw that SFC DQ I・II article in GamePro, is the other page of their Overseas Prospects column had a look at the newly released Phantasy Star IV (as of December 1993 in Japan) on the Mega Drive. Proper title: Phantasy Star: Sennenki no Owari ni (ファンタシースター åƒå¹´ç´€ã®çµ‚ã‚Šã«) - Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium. Interestingly, EGM International Outlook column, Dec. 1993 - their take on the Japanese console RPG market:
  13. Definitely both. I own a PS4 and a New 3DS XL. Fingers crossed both games get translated and released in North America & Europe.
  14. I'm fine with DQ VIII getting pushed to 2017, but I want to know that we're still getting a physical retail release of DQ VII.
  15. Late to reply, but yeah, extremely disappointing 30th anniversary conference. So I'm not expecting the PS4 version to be released in Japan until Q2 2017 (which would include May) and then, assuming there will be an English version (I'm sure there will be) not until 2018 at the soonest, or 2019, which could be close to the end of PS4's life cycle and the year PS5 comes out. Of course I am worried about the west getting the 3DS version.
  16. Okay that's the July 1993 Nintendo Power. What DQ game was featured in the original prints?
  17. I downloaded the Nintendo Power with Mickey as a fireman. That's issue 44 - January 1993. Looked through it quickly, nothing on DQ5, and there's no way that issue could possibly have anything on DQ6, given that Jan 93 is way, way too early. DQ5 only released in Japan (in Sept ? 1992) and the first information on DQ6 from EGM was in their November 1994 issue (the preview in my OP) and wasn't released until December 1995. Retromags is extremely useful, not just for downloading magazines, but also (usually) to see what games are in each issue https://www.retromags.com/magazines/category/usa/nintendo-power/#.VpMD2_krKM8 https://www.retromags.com/magazines/category/usa/nintendo-power/nintendo-power-issue-44#.VpMDqvkrKM9
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