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  1. Hey all, I've found some more magazine articles for SFC Dragon Quest VI  

    The earliest ones I've seen so far are from The Super Famicom No. 16  - September 16, 1994.



    More here https://archive.org/details/thesuperfamicom1995no.23/page/n71/mode/2up  issue No. 23 - December 22, 1995

    And, Superplay (UK)  issue 29 - March 1995





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  2. Now that we have been given the sad and unfortunate (and perhaps, infuriating) news that 3DS DQXI will not be released outside of Japan, I guess the conversation now shifts to the possibilities for an English fan-translated patch.  -- As well as the right 3DS emulation to be able to play it (3DS emulation exists but I haven't really looked into that yet).

    While I am more than a little bummed about Square Enix closing the door on 3DS DQXI coming to the west, the writing is on the wall and there's probably little point in trying to ask them to do otherwise.

    I imagine its now upto the community and fans to make it possible to play 2D/3D Dragon Quest XI 3DS in English.

    What do you all think - Please use this as a springboard for discussion.




  3. While I'm glad to see English gameplay of  PS4 DQXI, I'm very upset that they won't be releasing the 3DS version in the west.

    I'm assuming the yet-to-be-seen Switch version of DQXI will be based on the PS4 version with paired down graphics & resolution.

    If that's the case, I will only be interested in DQXI on PS4.

    Damn'it, SquareEnix, give us the 3DS DQXI as well. Nintendo has seen fit to keep 3DS going through 2018 and into 2019.

    Will Operation Rainfall help us?



  4. Volume 2 Issue 10 (the first pic)







    Volume 4 Issue 2


    I'm kinda miffed that I can't find their review (if they actually indeed did one) in any of the Volume 4 (1996) issues.

    It seems just about every issue of GameFan has been uploaded to archive.org     


    Is anyone willing to help me look through these magazines?  Thanks!


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    Dragon Quest XI introduces battle system, new characters Martina and Rou


    Command-based battles on both platforms.
    The latest issue of Weekly Jump has new details on Dragon Quest XI, introducing the game’s battle system and latest two characters
    Battle System
    * The PlayStation 4 version uses a “Free Movement Battle†system where you can freely move the character and viewpoint. There is also an “Auto Camera Battle†system in which you can enjoy immersive battles.
    * The 3DS version has a “2D Mode†featuring familiar 2D pixel graphics, and “3D Mode†featuring 3D characters and monsters.
    * Both the PlayStation 4 and 3DS versions use command-based battle systems. The “Falcon Slash†and “Thwack†options can be seen in use in screenshots of the PlayStation 4 and 3DS versions, respectively.
    * You can preemptively strike enemies (PlayStation 4 screenshot).
    * There is some sort of new element in which the protagonist is surrounded by a blue aura (PlayStation 4 screenshot).
    * Two new monsters, Mandra and Ocobolt, are pictured.
    *Martina – The high-spirited female martial artist. “With you, I’ll protect everyone… That is my fight!â€
    * Rou – A mysterious old man with a white mustache. “I’ve been waiting for you all to arrive.â€






  6. http://gematsu.com/2017/03/dragon-quest-xi-japanese-release-date-presentation-set-april-11












    Dragon Quest XI Japanese Release Date Presentation set for April 11


    Watch it live on YouTube and Niconico.


    Square Enix will announce the Japanese release date for Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time during a Release Date Presentation on April 11 at 14:00 JST, the company announced. It will be live streamed on YouTube and Niconico.

    The event promises various other new information in addition to the release date. It will be hosted by Joy and feature actress Tsubasa Honda as a guest, as well as Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii and others.
    Dragon Quest XI will launch for PlayStation 4 and 3DS in Japan in 2017. A Switch version is also planned.



    So it begins.





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  7. At the “Dragon Quest The Real opening event at Universal Studios Japan, Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii teased a Dragon Quest XI-related announcement coming soon.

    “All of the staff are currently working really hard making the game,†Horii said regarding Dragon Quest XI. “I think that we’ll be able to make an announcement of some sort soon, so please look forward to it.â€
    Horii has previously said he wants to release Dragon Quest XI before the series’ 30th anniversary year ends on May 27, 2017. The window for that potential release is closing, and it’s possible this “some sort of announcement†is the release date


  8. zb7crN6.jpg





    The latest issue of Weekly Jump reveals another new character set to appear in Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time, as well as two new monsters, and some details about the camping system.

    Get the information below.




    â–  New Character


    “It is my mission to make the people of the world smile!â€

    A character who seems to be a traveler, but his tone is…

    â–  New Monsters


    A monster that carries a huge needle that can fill anything with holes!

    Lantern Kozou

    A lantern that was thrown away and became a monster in its resentment against humans.

    Caption next to 3DS screenshot of the protagonist, Camus, and the Lantern Kozou behind them: “Some monsters, including Lanter Kozou, only appear at night.â€

    â–  Loads of New Systems

    Caption below 3DS screenshot of the protagonist talking to a character wearing yellow: “People with a purple speech bubble mark may have some sort of request.â€

    Caption below the PlayStation 4 screenshot of the protagonist talking to a character wearing red: “As you approach people, you can hear their voices through the speech bubbles that appear over their head.â€

    Caption below PlayStation 4 screenshot of the protagonist riding a horse / to the right of 3DS screenshot of the protagonist riding a horse: “Adventure with ease while riding a horse! In the PlayStation 4 version, you can blow away monsters by hitting them with the horse’s body.â€

    Camping (Red Box)

    On the field, you can make a bonfire. This should prove useful when you have a long way to travel!

    Caption to the right of PS4 screenshot: “In addition to resting and healing, and writing in the adventure log (Editor’s Note: this is how you save your game in Dragon Quest), you can also enjoy conversations with your party.â€

    Caption to the left of 3DS screenshot: “At camp, you can buy items at the shops opened by traveling merchants.â€



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