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  1. Hey all, I've found some more magazine articles for SFC Dragon Quest VI The earliest ones I've seen so far are from The Super Famicom No. 16 - September 16, 1994. More here https://archive.org/details/thesuperfamicom1995no.23/page/n71/mode/2up issue No. 23 - December 22, 1995 And, Superplay (UK) issue 29 - March 1995
  2. Well guys, it's been awhile, but I managed to find an answer to the lack of a full DQVI review, in GameFan Volume 4 Issue 7's letters section. (highlighted in lime green)
  3. Now that we have been given the sad and unfortunate (and perhaps, infuriating) news that 3DS DQXI will not be released outside of Japan, I guess the conversation now shifts to the possibilities for an English fan-translated patch. -- As well as the right 3DS emulation to be able to play it (3DS emulation exists but I haven't really looked into that yet). While I am more than a little bummed about Square Enix closing the door on 3DS DQXI coming to the west, the writing is on the wall and there's probably little point in trying to ask them to do otherwise. I imagine its now upto the community and fans to make it possible to play 2D/3D Dragon Quest XI 3DS in English. What do you all think - Please use this as a springboard for discussion.
  4. Damn'it, SquareEnix, give us the 3DS DQXI as well. Nintendo has seen fit to keep 3DS going through 2018 and into 2019. Will Operation Rainfall help us?
  5. While I'm glad to see English gameplay of PS4 DQXI, I'm very upset that they won't be releasing the 3DS version in the west. I'm assuming the yet-to-be-seen Switch version of DQXI will be based on the PS4 version with paired down graphics & resolution. If that's the case, I will only be interested in DQXI on PS4. Damn'it, SquareEnix, give us the 3DS DQXI as well. Nintendo has seen fit to keep 3DS going through 2018 and into 2019. Will Operation Rainfall help us?
  6. Volume 2 Issue 10 (the first pic) ________________________________________________ _________________________________________ Volume 4 Issue 2 I'm kinda miffed that I can't find their review (if they actually indeed did one) in any of the Volume 4 (1996) issues. It seems just about every issue of GameFan has been uploaded to archive.org https://archive.org/search.php?query=GameFan Is anyone willing to help me look through these magazines? Thanks!
  7. https://www.resetera.com/threads/square-enix-dq-xi-and-octopath-traveler-are-fy18-titles-starting-april-2018.21441/ https://twitter.com/mochi_wsj/status/960794964450922496?ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fs9e.github.io%2Fiframe%2Ftwitter.min.html%23960794964450922496
  8. Same here. I love how Dragon Quest VI (and DQ III remake) looks on Nintendo's 16-bit console.
  9. Edit: adding two smaller previews from GameFan December 1994 and another 94 issue. GameFan Volume 4 Issue 02 - February 1996.
  10. http://gematsu.com/2017/03/dragon-quest-xi-introduces-battle-system-new-characters-martina-rou
  11. Probably includes the launch trailer for Japan. Not unlike how Zelda: Breath of the Wild got its launch trailer on January 12th at the Switch presentation.
  12. It must be really close to getting released in Japan. I'll bet that it's before the end of May, as they planned.
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