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  1. I posted a chart I made for DWM2 previously and got some requests to make one for the first game too (I've also updated the DWM2 chart too). Do let me know if you spot any errors. For anyone like me that dislikes shuffling through .txt guides when playing these games, hopefully these will brighten things up a tad! I had no idea that the personality names were almost completely different between the two games either; makes it a tad confusing jumping from one to the other. Woodus - Since you asked before, I'd be happy to let you host these on the Den should you wish! https://
  2. Just another reference chart I made after replaying DWM2 and realizing I hated scrolling through TXT documents for details. Please let me know if you find any mistakes or inaccuracies, thanks!
  3. I've been replaying DWM2 for the umpteenth time and I decided to make a bit of a chart to summarize some of the basic information to minimize my time reading through TXT guides. I wanted to confirm something regarding breeding with bosses; When you breed with a boss as the base, is the resulting monster the same as the boss base (outside of specific breeding combinations)? E.g. If I breed a Slime Family member with a BOSS I get a King Slime, but if I breed a Boss with a Slime Family member what do I get? The same boss again?
  4. Is it bad if I liked Dragon Quest VI specifically to how unlinear it is? It's a linear game that doesn't enforce the linearity. Sounds good in principle, until you go to towns where people speak with the assumption that you've already been to other towns and finished other stories, thus making the game disjointed and seem badly planned. It's also, ironically, the game that upon giving you the boat, realized that it wasn't actually ready to give you the boat, and instead kept you trapped in a small ocean until it was ready.
  5. DQV is probably my favourite game of all time, so I completely agree. I will say that whilst the rest of the Zenithian trilogy are good (as are the rest of the main series games), none of them come close to V for me. Do check out the Monsters spin off series, because it's the only place they continue the fun mechanic of recruiting monsters.
  6. I posted this to Reddit a while ago but realized that people on this forum might find use for it. Whilst playing through DQV recently I had to refer to guides a lot for recruitment rates and such, so I made a chart. http://imgur.com/HXJf5sV
  7. I did enjoy the story of the first game better, but I hated the Incarni. Making a single monster of great importance to your own party really annoyed me, and the fact that it had something like 8 forms made it even worse. You didn't *have* to use it, but it felt stupid story wise that you wouldn't. Not to mention Joker 2 improved the mechanics and UI so much that going back to Joker 1 is a chore. Joker 2 also balanced out the god awfulness of Double Trouble, though Metal slimes were still ridiculously unbalanced in tournaments.
  8. I think I'd just like to see more Monster games. Small features or tweaks don't matter when we cant even play the games. With that said though, I'd say my main gripe is balance issues and online play. Patch the games on 3DS or later if you need to rebalance, but don't just leave them. Double Trouble was stupidly OP in Joker 1, and hacking with online play is just too prevalent - it's no fun. Gem/metal slimes with full health and defence? Square Enix plz. I realise its a complex breeding and stat system, but stop making it so broken.
  9. Dragon Quest III (GBC) was the first DQ game, and RPG, that I ever played. Being very young and having no experience in the genre, I was terrible at it - so bad I could never get off the first continent. That only pushed me on though, and added to the fun. With time I learned of more DQ games and enjoyed experiencing each one. Dragon Quest is one of my favourite gaming franchises, and one that I can buy into with faith of any new game release. The formula is fun and consistent, while the spin off games always manage to also capture my interest. The universe of DQ is a very familiar place,
  10. Done. This is one of very few chances we get for this kind of thing so don't waste the opportunity.
  11. At this point I'd be grateful for any localisation. You'd think that the new Theatrhthym Dragon Quest game would be very easy to translate, and no risk to Square Enix with a digital only release, but we cant even get that unfortunately.
  12. I'd signed Operation Hero's petition a while ago, but only just sent out an email to Square Enix regarding localisations (though I covered all 5 of the 3DS titles, any of which I'd love to get ported over here). Thanks for the email links!
  13. I actually quit playing Pokémon games after I realised Dragon Quest Monsters was coming out again (Joker 1+2). Once playing those I couldn't really go back to it. Its a nice franchise, but unlike DQM it gives you little to no real incentive to catch more types of monsters. Also the breeding system is nowhere near as fun. Also, it's been, what? 20 years? Why haven't they found a way to make HM's not a burden on everyone's game?
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