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  1. Signed it, emphasizing my desire for all DQ games to be localized. Edit: This was SE reply. "Thank you for contacting SQUARE ENIX support, We appreciate your support for Dragon Quest X. We are glad to hear your feedback for the game and we will be forwarding it to the appropriate department. We look forward to hearing from you in regards to our other titles. Please take care! Thank you for contacting the SQUARE ENIX Support Center."
  2. It all looks good. Just keeps reminding me that it'll probably be a year or more before people outside Japan get to play it. And I have to somehow coax my PC only friends into not only trying out an evil console game, but a Japanese game to boot. Or else I'm going to have to play the game solo and find new friends in the game itself.
  3. I agree with some of the people in this thread. I think Murdaw is one of, if not the toughest bosses in DQ. Simply because you are forced to use only the skills the game allows you to learn at that point and grninding for levels doesn't help. It also doesn't help that Barbera (Ashlynn) goes 'lol I'm not gonna fight guys' right before you get to his castle. Its basically the exact same scenario as the Dharma Temple in Dragon Quest VII. You are limited to set skills and a string of really hard fights right before you can learn your classes. I spent most of the game aiming to do this exact setup mostly to have her get the 15% Luminary bonus in the best dressed contest. Then I learned once I got there that both the Hero and Milly have much better gear than she can and it was all pointless. I just used the hero in the hero class and pretty betsys to win the final contest.
  4. No offense, but I doubt a bunch of facebook replies will make SE and Nintendo bring games over to the west. Also, as I keep trying to tell everyone, we usually get DQ games 9+ months after they come out in Japan. Slime Mori Mori and DQM: Terrys Wonderland 3DS came out less than 9 months ago in Japan and people are already using terms like 'never coming to the US'. Why? When did they ever say this? Did 2013 come and I didn't notice? Let's also look at the track record in this last gen. Pretty much every DQ game came over to the west except Battle Road Wii and the 25th Anniversary Wii games. Heck, Nintendo even brought over and heavily advertised one of the Idadaki Street games. Just relax people. If its summer 2013 and we still haven't seen these games come here, then we should be worried and start petitions. I also think its sad people are causing such a big stink over not getting the 3DS games but hardly anyone was this vocal about not getting Battle Road Wii.
  5. Finished Dragon Quest VI.

    1. Mou-rie-SHOU-rie


      congrats, good luck facing nokturnus there yo,

    2. Kenryoku_Maxis


      Unfortunately I don't think I want to do that, at least right now. I'm reading I'll have to grind another 20+ levels just to fight him....I'll save that for another day.

  6. Finishing up Dragon Quest VI

  7. I've posted how I feel about DQVII in previous threads. Suffice to say, I think it is the only game in the series that needs a remake. Specifically, I feel the major issues with the game are: 1) The linear focus on story -The loss of certain characters for a large number of hours, which in turn makes them near useless compared to other characters because of loosing hours of potential class levels. 2) The shards and pieces of the world limiting where you can explore -A sense of having to grind because if you are unable to defeat a boss or too weak for a certain area, you have no alternatives for leveling. This is because there is almost no side quests and extra content to do outside of the single story based quest you are on until well into the later stages of the game when the world is complete (80+ hours into the game). 3) The skill system is very open, but also restrictive -You can essentially let any character have any skill, but some of the requirements for getting those skills take so much grinding it is rediculous. And it is concevable for a character to go the entire game without ever reaching the third tier classes like Hero or Teenidol -Pirate and Monster Tamer are essentially dead end classes that are a waste of time and don't lead to a third tier class. Now, with all those negative views out of the way, its not that I hate the game. I actually think the game had a great story and tons of potential. And I don't think the game is too long, as I played DQVIII for 150 hours. I think they could remake it into an amazing game. Problem is, it would take quite a lot for them to do it, and a lot of people might be mad with my suggestions. Basically, I think they should: 1) Replace the skill system from something like DQVI classes to something more like DQVIII with set skills you add points to. 2) Remove the forced plot points where characters are forced to leave your party and instead do what DQIV and VI did, having them 'in a wagon' following your party. 3) Better hints on where to get the shards and possibly less shards. 4) More exploration options and more side quests on the indavidual parts of the world in the past. Of course, this is all guessing they even remake the game. And just based on my experience of the game. I know some people liked the game just fine the way it is, and your opinion is perfectly valid. More than likely the game will not have such drastic changes in a remake, just like DQVI DS remake didn't.
  8. Hero from DQVIII, Alena, Bianca, Princess Moonbrooke Mostly because they're my favorite characters. But all of them except Bianca are also functional as end game team members. If we're talking about pure functionality in battle, I'd have to pick: Hero DQVIII, Alena, Hassan and probably my Sage/Paladin hybrid I made in DQIX.
  9. VIII, so I could have a huge world to explore. ...and because nearly every girl in the world is hot.
  10. I agree. But I don't even think its the characters fault. Its the focus on story that limited the characters ability to grow. You only really get to know characters like Telah, Edward, Edge, Palom and Porum for a few hours before they are killed or leave your party for story reasons. As for Cecil, I'd actually say he's one of the few legitamitely strong protagonists in the FF series and the plot point of him neing a 'nice guy forced to be a Dark Knight who kills people' was a good one. It was actually pretty good symbolism that they turned him from a Dark Knight into a 'white' Knight. The problem is, pretty much everything after that point is weak storytelling of 'go to point a, kill boss, go to point b, repeat'. And you have very little character development for Cecil again until pretty much 5 hours before the end of the game. I guess what I'm trying to say is, the characters in FFIV aren't overhyped, the story is. And I definitely think the chapter based story for DQIV, which focuses on the characters, is much better. Even when I think Psaro is one of the weaker antagonists in the DQ series. And that's because Psaro is not really an antagonist to me, more of a chaotic neutral.
  11. I really think its just a misunderstanding. If I understand your view, you seem to be saying that because some FF games had similar customization and eventually allowed you to explore the whole world that they weren't entirely linear. And in that way, I would agree with you. But to me, there's a difference between a game opening up in the last 10 hours with an airship and a game which is focused entirely on NPC interacton and exploration. To me, most DQ games have a lot more exploration the entire game. You had a lot more interaction with NPCs, searching for items, ability to explore outside a set path and freedom to do side quests than in most FF games. And that this was built into the very core of Dragon Quest games. While in most FF games, the opposite was true and they focused on the story with a more linear progression. Note, I'm not saying one is better than the other and I'm not saying all FF games did this. Again, I feel FFVI and VIII broke from this tradition and had a lot of exploration/NPC interaction as we discussed. And likewise I agreed that DQ7 was super linear with tons of characters leaving your party and little exploration outside the main story, like the average FF game. The reason all these comparisons came up is because the thread is comparing FF4 to DQ4, which I feel FF4 is one of the prime games that focuses on the linear FF style with characters dying, go from point A to point B and 'plot twists' every other hour.
  12. I don't know what to tell you. My answer is going to be mostly the same. DQIII also focuses on NPC interaction, tons of item collection and exploration. And the things I liked most about it was the near total freedom of being able to complete one 'story' event, then literally being left to your own devices to find your next objective. So you end up going off to explore a whole new part of the world you haven't seen yet, find a hidden villiage of faries with a short side quest, stumble upon a cave with some nice armor, explore a town you don't need to be at yet that has some nice attribute books and gear, find a fun guy in a random house in a forest, and after all that is done, you will happen upon the next castle which is the next 'story trigger' you needed to actually find. Where, once again, in most FF games, you would just be told 'go to X town and see Y person'. With maybe a cave and a random house along the way, which you are usually required to visit before proceeding.
  13. Are you serious? There's tons more to do in most DQ games besides just finding mini-medals. Most DQ games are built entirely on exploration, item collecting and talking to NPCs. So much so, sometimes you have to go out of your way to find the trigger to advance the story because there's so many secondary objectives and extra content to explore. As for which game I think did this the best, that would be DQVIII. A huge open world to explore, dozens and dozens of side quests, huge towns you could spend hours exploring, spending hours just searching chests/knapsacks/cuboards/bookshelves/pots/barrels/wells for secrets and items, tons and tons of NPCs who fleshed out the world and story beyond just the main story trigger NPCs, a simple but deep alchemy system, super fun casino and monster collection systems, etc. Honestly, mini medals are kind of an afterthought for me and I usually only bother with collecting them near the end of the game to get unique items like Orichalcum/Dangerous Bustier/Metal Equipment/etc.
  14. We have no word if it will have an online fee for America/Europe. Heck, we haven't even heard if its coming out in the west yet. I think we need to stop crying doom and gloom before the game has even bee announced. Its just like those people who claimed FFXIV would be the best MMO ever simply because it was a sequel to FFXI. We all know how that turned out. Your perceptions of a game based on hype and theories is not what the final release will be. Again, let's stop counting the chickens before they've hatched. And the thing that has held back the DQ series over the years isn't some negative bias against DQ in America, its a lack of marketing. DQM: Joker 1 sold pretty well, because it got actual commercials and hype following DQVIII. DQM Joker 2 sold horribly because it got absolutely no marketing and no hype following years of SquareEnix ignoring Dragon Quest in America. People in America buy tons of Pokemon games because it has had 15+ years of long term, heavy and sustained marketing. It probably has one of, if not the largest marketing campaigns for a video game series in history. On the flip side, Dragon Quest has had very inconsistent marketing in America for only a select few titles, namely Dragon Warrior NES, Dragon Quest VIII, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker and Dragon Quest IX. Most of the other games in the series have had limited internet advertising or no advertising at all. How is a series suppose to get popular if people don't know about it? And only advertising one major game every 5 years doesn't make a series popular. Whereas series like Final Fantasy and Pokemon, they get major hype and advertising every new game. Also, if your friends aren't going to play this simply because its an 'MMO', then that's their problem. But you should probably point out to them that Pokemon plays essentially like a single player MMO that focuses on multiplayer in the end game. Which is quite similar in concept to Dragon Quest IX and DQX. The only difference is, DQX allows you to play multiplayer durring the whole game and doesn't force you to complete a 'main game' to get to the multiplayer portion. In the end, the thing most people are mad about is the 'pay' part of the equation, not the 'MMO' part. And if people like any game enough, they'll 'pay' for it. For example, if Nintendo announced a Pokemon' MMO' tomorrow, you can bet the farm all your friends would be signing up that night to 'pay' anything to play it.
  15. Well, I thought I explained it before, but maybe since you said you haven't played FFVIII you didn't quite get my whole point. I felt that FFVI had more 'open' aspects because, while the WoB has a pretty set story, there's multiple things you can do outside the3 story that are optional. A lot of NPCs you can talk to and items/side quests you can complete that you can outright skip, which is somewhat uncommon in Final Fantasy games. But both FFVI and VIII did this a lot and it made both feel a lot more open, almost like Dragon Quest games, where exploration had purpose. Whereas in games like Final Fantasy III, IV, VII and XII, I would spent hours talking to every NPC, look at every side area and explore every part of the map out of habit...and pretty much find nothing for my trouble. The worlds felt empty, like large narrow corridors where I only needed to talk to a select few key NPCs to progress the story and if you're lucky, find a rare hidden chest behind a wall with an ether or phoenix down in it. Whereas in FFVI, I would find a random chainsaw behind a wall or in FFVIII, I would be rewarded with a whole random 5 hour side quest and a GF boss fight, because I bothered to explore outside the main boundaries of the story. Do you kind of understand what I mean now?
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