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  1. *Deep breath* Okay... after an RP Rip Van Winkle (and taxes), I'm back... but I'll need to play catch up again, figure out what the heck Bran is doing(!), so on and so forth. Technical Difficulties Please Stand By (Sorry for the wait!)
  2. Anyone catch Maoyuu lately, by any chance? Should be on Crunchyroll still, and.... in a few words, it's Dragon Quest meets Spice and Wolf. (Same director and team I believe? If you liked Spice and Wolf, you'll probably enjoy it. If you hated Spice and Wolf, but will brave anything that hints at Dragon Quest, try the first episode.) Basically, economics and a 'What if...' scenario, between the Demon King and Hero. It screams Dragon Warrior 1 and 3, right from the start. Some bits are cringe worthy. MY GOODNESS... poor Demon King. Thinking about that particular design aspect make
  3. unabletowatchmits

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  4. Ahhh! Work on a birthday--- hang in there, get some cake time in! Have a happy birthday, Ruesen!
  5. Waterfaller, just letting you know Brangwen dragged Gabriel into the chaos.
  6. 'Wait---what was that just now?!' Brangwen was still parsing the scream as she watched Wolfgang bolt down the hall, before her own feet started to move into a run. "H-hey!" She shouted after the mercenary lamely, rushing to catch up. 'Not good, not good---this is all sorts of not good.' The words stuck in her head, she saw Melrath fly past her in a purple blur towards the war room, and she could already see the commotion was spilling out from the war room into the main hall. She could hear Rosa following not too far behind, and up ahead she saw Gabriel to the side, regaining his foo
  7. Saving the day before bedtime...

  8. Looking at the younger man before him, Roric wasn't sure if he wanted to take the man by the shoulders and shake until some sense returned to the young king, or laugh and try to hold onto the balcony railing for dear life. 'To see no path but to live or die as a hero...' He opted for neither laughter nor rage in the end, hoping that the 'cooler heads' that Aeronwy was always prodding him about, would prevail here as well. 10...9...8...7... Roric bowed to Lukas, with the practiced ease of his years as a guard. "My apologies then, my king." Straightening up, he gestured to Luka
  9. To be continued...soon! Husband has a chest cold... nasty little bug, but not a full on flu. Everyone else doing alright this weekend?
  10. Roric turned to face Lukas, mulling over the king's words. "Aye, Elijah probably did tell you about me, though I can say I've not recieved the same courtesy. In all fairness, I am but an old, retired guard captain." He raised a hand to his chin, scratching it in idle thought. "And all dear respect cousin, but stop wasting our time. This 'royal blood' business has already caused a row in Lianport amongst the townsfolk there, and it won't be the end of it. The pebble has only just struck the pond in this matter, and to imagine otherwise is foolhardy at best. With the recent loss of yo
  11. Not to worry, though I was curious what was going on! XD And Ruesen hopefully is back from MAGfest, so there's that too.
  12. Brangwen choked on her food for a moment and let out a loud guffaw, as she saw the woman bearhug the suprised imp. It was hard to tell Melrath's reaction from her point of view, but she was certain she heard a squeak. Embarrassed by her own behavior, she did her best to stow her laughter, raising her hand to her mouth. Luckily, Junker took the initiative to converse with the elf, and Brangwen regained some of her composure in the meantime. 'Certainly different than my own first meeting with Melrath, hahaha!' "Ahhh ha ha!...." She wiped away a tear, and latched onto Junker's last statem
  13. It's close to the new year, and not much is going on, except for new npc introductions. We'll get this going!
  14. Hoping to have Roric meet up with Wolfgang in the hallway, unless life happens and Crolley can't get to it in the next few days. Then it might be Lukas or someone else completely. Or someone misses this post, and writes ahead anyway, I'll roll with it.
  15. Brangwen blinked at Gabriel's choice of words, then shut her eyes as she gave a sheepish smile, shaking out her now free hand. "Eeeyah! Sorry---sorry!" She sat down, and briefly gave her hand a more thorough look, before her attention returned back to the food set before the group. A hunk of bread, a slice of ham, a bit of honey; she chewed thoughtfully as she enjoyed the sweet flavor, then glanced aside as she noticed Melrath flying above the table... towards a newcomer to the dining hall. By the make of the sword alone, it was a fair guess to mark the woman as a noble. The blade
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