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  1. *Deep breath* Okay... after an RP Rip Van Winkle (and taxes), I'm back... but I'll need to play catch up again, figure out what the heck Bran is doing(!), so on and so forth. Technical Difficulties Please Stand By (Sorry for the wait!)
  2. Anyone catch Maoyuu lately, by any chance? Should be on Crunchyroll still, and.... in a few words, it's Dragon Quest meets Spice and Wolf. (Same director and team I believe? If you liked Spice and Wolf, you'll probably enjoy it. If you hated Spice and Wolf, but will brave anything that hints at Dragon Quest, try the first episode.) Basically, economics and a 'What if...' scenario, between the Demon King and Hero. It screams Dragon Warrior 1 and 3, right from the start. Some bits are cringe worthy. MY GOODNESS... poor Demon King. Thinking about that particular design aspect makes my back ache. Some of the 'monster' designs that Hero encounters were also facepalm worthy. There *were* parts that made me smile; the Demon King's horns, for one, but the Demon King has other items in the inventory that I do not want to spoil! The Hero in his 'alternate' armor. Fire Dragon Lady and DAT TAIL! (I mean, her actual, fat red dragon tail.) Give it a shot or not... but I'm just going to leave one of the caption contest winners from the crunchyroll forum, as a final thought.
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  4. Ahhh! Work on a birthday--- hang in there, get some cake time in! Have a happy birthday, Ruesen!
  5. Waterfaller, just letting you know Brangwen dragged Gabriel into the chaos.
  6. 'Wait---what was that just now?!' Brangwen was still parsing the scream as she watched Wolfgang bolt down the hall, before her own feet started to move into a run. "H-hey!" She shouted after the mercenary lamely, rushing to catch up. 'Not good, not good---this is all sorts of not good.' The words stuck in her head, she saw Melrath fly past her in a purple blur towards the war room, and she could already see the commotion was spilling out from the war room into the main hall. She could hear Rosa following not too far behind, and up ahead she saw Gabriel to the side, regaining his footing after stumbling---or possibly knocked aside by Wolfgang in the mad rush to the war room. She ran to her cousin, lowering an arm to get him to his feet quicker. "Come on! Let's catch up to the others!" It wasn't long until they beheld the chaos of the war room; Wolfgang spitting orders as guards rushed about to their duty, and Junker was spitting nails at Elijah and Lukas, with Arjak running over to calm down the distressed merchant. Relieved as she was to know Junker was alright, the sense of dread in the air was not dispelled. She caught a brief glimpse of Melrath's horrified face, and followed his line of sight to the body on the ground. She bit off a scream, her teeth clamping into the fist she raised in front of her face in shock. An unfamiliar gasp behind her suggested Rosa had seen the same unnerving scene. Hissing in a few breaths, Brangwen let go of her hand a moment later, and making a sign of the goddess, stepped further into the room. From what she could see, it the man was too long gone for anyone to help; she was almost certain that nothing could be done, but still she whispered aside to Gabriel. "I know what little magic I have can't help here..." She muttered as she watched Wolfgang walk over to the body, crouching down to take a closer look. "But---" she turned to Gabriel. "How about you talk with him, see if your magic can't be of aid here in some way, before we call for the priest?" Glancing up at Melrath, she saw the imp was still in some shock. "Melrath, sit down for a moment... then maybe we'll join to help Gabriel, eh?" She then called out to Junker. "You doing alright over there?" She gave a sympathetic wave, beckoning him and Arjak away from the body. 'Speak for yourself, Bran. You're not looking too good at the moment, you know!...' ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Roric wasn't completely suprised when he saw Lukas run off ahead down the hall, the younger noble's attention called off elsewhere. It happened more often than he cared to admit, and he rubbed at one of his weakened ears in irritation. Two of the castle guards rushing down the hall back to him a minute later, brought him to full alert quickly enough. "Soldiers! What is going on here?" He curtly stopped one, placing a hand on the man's shoulder. "We're on orders to put the castle on high alert--" To Roric, the young lad before him was shaking in his uniform. "There's been an assassination on the ambassador in the war ro--aaaAH!" The soldier yelped out in pain as Roric's grip tightened. "You. Take me there. Now." The retired guard captian growled, and a brief glare to the side sent the remaining soldier running once more.
  7. Thank you all for the well wishes! Had an awesome day, and thirty candles on a cupcake!
  8. As long as you make time to celebrate one day or another, that's what matters---have a happy birthday!
  9. Saving the day before bedtime...

  10. Looking at the younger man before him, Roric wasn't sure if he wanted to take the man by the shoulders and shake until some sense returned to the young king, or laugh and try to hold onto the balcony railing for dear life. 'To see no path but to live or die as a hero...' He opted for neither laughter nor rage in the end, hoping that the 'cooler heads' that Aeronwy was always prodding him about, would prevail here as well. 10...9...8...7... Roric bowed to Lukas, with the practiced ease of his years as a guard. "My apologies then, my king." Straightening up, he gestured to Lukas, pointing the way down the hall. "Shall we go then? We're to meet with representatives from all over Torland--- best not to keep everyone waiting then." --------------------------- Rosa's remarks served as a catalyst, prompting the assembled group to finish off their meals. Already, Arjak had left to make way to his room to prepare for the meeting ahead. It wasn't long after that Brangwen stood up, and made her way to the doors leading out to the main hall. Giving them a gentle shove aside, she is surprised by the sight of Wolfgang standing by in the hall, arms crossed in waiting. "Wolfgang! What are you doing here?" She asks the mercenary.
  11. To be continued...soon! Husband has a chest cold... nasty little bug, but not a full on flu. Everyone else doing alright this weekend?
  12. Happy!.........*snaps fingers* Happy belated birthday!
  13. Happy----!! *Looks around* Happy...belated birthday.
  14. Eh, I'll take it! Though, be a little kinder (I'm looking at you, Democrobot... ) ((j/k )) to those that didn't figure it out before the extension date, or didn't have time work on it! I only just squeaked by on this one with the extension date and the free time I had. Feel free to make fun of me for that fact as you will! XD I am curious though, as to how other people were tackling these puzzles, whether or not they led to dead-ends. Believe me, for one of these puzzles, I was trying to look up RGB/color codes, to see if that had anything to do with the clue provided. And how many times I tried to chop up that Full Monty song every which way. Both the cut-up mp3 provided, and the full song on youtube.
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