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  1. I just beat Calasmos and watched the ending cut scene for the game. What does this mean? How is our hero related to Erdrick from Dragon quest 3? From my understanding, Erdrick isn't a person. I believe that Erdrick is a title. Anyone else have thoughts? 


    Also for anyone looking for a good way to grind fast in the late game.

    Use the pep power "haulelujah", you need Jade, Hero, and Erik to be pepped up. This sets a multiplier for gold, exp, and loot. I went to the Manglegrove whaleway where you can frequently find hardy hands which offer around 30k experience. 

    After you use the first pep power, you need to get Jade and Hero pepped up again while also pepping up Sylvando. This will let you use Electric show which will turn the battle into 3 metal enemies. The monsters will scale with your level. But when I was around level 60 I was getting about 1 million experience per successful battle and jumping about 10 levels. It takes some luck and patience but when it's successful boy does it pay off. Calasmos was a breeze with a maxed out team.

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