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  1. I just beat Calasmos and watched the ending cut scene for the game. What does this mean? How is our hero related to Erdrick from Dragon quest 3? From my understanding, Erdrick isn't a person. I believe that Erdrick is a title. Anyone else have thoughts? Also for anyone looking for a good way to grind fast in the late game. Use the pep power "haulelujah", you need Jade, Hero, and Erik to be pepped up. This sets a multiplier for gold, exp, and loot. I went to the Manglegrove whaleway where you can frequently find hardy hands which offer around 30k experience. After you use the first pep power, you need to get Jade and Hero pepped up again while also pepping up Sylvando. This will let you use Electric show which will turn the battle into 3 metal enemies. The monsters will scale with your level. But when I was around level 60 I was getting about 1 million experience per successful battle and jumping about 10 levels. It takes some luck and patience but when it's successful boy does it pay off. Calasmos was a breeze with a maxed out team.
  2. i fixed the problem with a new plugin i found called P.E.Ops graphics plugin therefore my dragonquest is running at about normal ps1 graphics
  3. got any suggestion for graphics plugins?
  4. yeah i have those moments to i just discoverd my first island btw i have another emulation problem the chat bar is suppost to be transparent correct? well mine is black and when im in a battle my whole screen is black does anyone know how to fix this when i press f7 it fixes all these problems but it make the resolution or (graphics) look terrible and blurry its playable but very annoying so please help?
  5. meh i just fought my first fight yknow against the 3 slimes but it always takes me a while to get threw the beginning cuz its boring
  7. i ended up tinkering with the settins a little and i beefed all my settings up and got the sound lag and the black screen problem fixed but thankyou for all the emulator choices i will be trying these out and getting back to you on this topic :-)
  8. I ended up installing epsxe on my pc and downloading DQ7.My problem is that whenever i talk to someone my screen goes black ive looked around a little but i couldnt find anything so i would appreciate if someone helped me here.
  9. im just gonna go buy the game im not gonna have a 6 hour download u know that right so it will only take up like 20 mb plus i added some flash drives so now i have 10 gigs
  10. to late i already got the 4gb and i dont know what ur talking about call of duty mw3 is running fine ;3
  11. Alright i know im a little bit behind in the gaming consoles considering i dont have a ps3 or a xbox but in a week im getting an 4 gb xbox 360 slim but i really donw want to get the system and a year later they announce that the xbox 720 is coming out so basicly i got no use out of the system and no one will be playing xbox live anymore......so what should i do.
  12. why doesnt anyone like zoma cmon! hes my absolute favorite.
  13. I first played DW 1 then 2 then 3 then 4,5,6,7,8,9 i was HOOKED from the begining i couldnt stop playing i would love to watch my dad play and get some strats from him!

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