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    pokemon, music, magic, charmed, linkin park, flashpoint, life :3

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  1. what is your fav crime serie? for me its law and order svu & flashpoint i bet lots of you know SVU, its like one of the most well known crime series for a long time now i think its freaking epic and better than all the other law and order shows great actors, great storylines, great guest stars just everything is great in my opinion xD about that show then flashpoint <333333 its originaly from canada but its gone worldwide , got quite popular but it has come to an end last year unfortunately, only 5 seasons..... its really sad cause it was heck of good quality tv show REALLY good the action ... just amazing, great actors as well, awesome stories not just a regular cop show, no way it was more than that , really, i recommend it! its about a SWAT team, so not just regular cops you see on rookie blue and stuff like that
  2. well the trick didnt work at slime hill but it does work in bowhole not sure if im doing it right but the way i do it in there, i get a liq metal slime everytime i walk in, as first monster spawn its a bit sad cause its only 1 and they often run off i tried it in a grotto to get more at once but not going so well but again, really, slime hill aint so great unless people actually get that trick to work so still dont get what the fuss is about xD
  3. dont mean to spam but how is this going? just curious
  4. i think any music video by linkin park is freaking epic
  5. wow thats a lot of stuff i wonder how much its all worth
  6. how about these then? http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/3190-ibr-skin/ http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/6324-v5bulletin/ would be cool to see new/more themes also maybe one with a more specific dragon quest banner at the top? if feel like it maybe good idea to look through the lists to find one or so, thats to your likes a 100%?
  7. thanks! well i did the stuff and didnt work at all besides, the map thing, changing maps at the bottom i only get 2 different map options , at the bottom so fail?
  8. alright well i think these are pretty nice, clean looks http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/3188-comfy/ http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5145-fenix-ipb-skin/ http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5153-fenix-cyan-ipb-skin/ here you can find more yourself , all free to download, from their official website http://community.invisionpower.com/files/category/110-skins-templates-themes/?dosort=1&sort_key=file_updated&sort_order=desc&num=20&filter_key=free
  9. hey there i was thinking, as i know its possible on this type of forum software, how about if this forum gets more forum themes? maybe like 2 more or so?? with different colour scheme, obviously?? maybe something more bright? or pick popular colors like blue , green, white having Multi theme option is Always a good option to have on a forum unless the admin doesnt want to put time in it??
  10. okay thanks for the links can i do this on a normal NDS? cause just reading the first steps and im already confused if somebody can explain this a little bit more i dont get what they mean with ''map menu'' if i open menu, there is no map? on the above screen you see a map but thats it am i a total noob or am i missing something again?
  11. haha i guess thats fair this forum is not highly populated right, so i guess there is no need for it after all
  12. maybe a good idea to let the forum have global moderators? just a thought
  13. i dont find this abnormal at least the cops are taking their work serious for a change no matter if the guy was joking around or not in the end, its not funny, in any way
  14. to play DQ music on the forum?
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